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This is a list of updates as found on the forums and a summary of their effects. Additional information, if applicable, can be found under the page of each update.

This Page contain all update from 2012 to 2015 until the Release Patch V1.0

Update Name Date Details Link
Game Hints & Childish Things April 27, 2012
  • Resolved the hotkey conflict between Movement and Combat in the root menu
  • Resolved the hotkey conflict between Wander and WASD-movement in the Movement menu
  • Added Childish Things
  • Added 8 formal Game Hints
Claims & Cupboards May 1, 2012
  • Adjusted Lime influence and Iron Bar payout from Ore Smelters
  • Claim-owners can now send knocked out trespassers home
  • Trespassers who are passed out on a claim are logged out & sent home after 24hrs.
  • Players are now allowed to travel with silver in inventory.
  • Added Cupboard and Glass Pane.
You Have Been Summoned May 5, 2012
  • Added Summoning, Evidence, evidence comparison feature
  • Criminals without homesteads can now be summoned at Player's homestead
  • Players who are in Boston can now be summoned as if they were offline.
  • Added Inheritance


  • Blazing Braziers made less effective individually when clustered together.
  • Players can longer heal from food with open fighting relations or with Crime! debuff
  • PvP no longer causes stat reductions on knock-out.
  • Buildings made to snap to whole tiles by default, can be fine-tuned by holding Ctrl
  • "Split-rail Fencing" renamed Simple Fences
  • Destroying objects on others' claims now costs 250 Black Bile per thwack. (To clarify: You start with 5,000 in all Humours. 250 Black Bile would be presented as 0.25 Black Bile by the Humour Meter)
  • Lime boulders can now be quarried from the limestone tiles
  • Added Stone Hedge unlocked through Simple Fences and Quarrying
  • Added Game Hints on entering Darkness, getting knocked out, and dying.
Hammer Time May 8, 2012 [4]
Hooked on a Feeling May 11, 2012
  • Added Fishing. Some areas of the map are more abundant in fish than others. Which areas shift somewhat over time, but they have a permanent factor to them, so if you find a good spot it will probably never be entirely useless.
  • Personal Claims no longer need spacing
  • Villages can now Invoke Eminent Domain to remove claims under their authority.
  • Coal Clamps and Composts can be destroyed.
Sturdy Sled May 15, 2012 [6]
Back to the Grind May 29, 2012 [7]
Cleaning Day May 31, 2012
  • Cleaned up the Actions menu of hotkey conflicts
  • Fixed bug where you carry objects to the edge of a claim and lift them out without larceny
  • Stealing items from claimed ground now requires Larceny, draws Black Bile, and leaves Scents properly
  • Loom-riding fixed
  • Map purity fields axed awaiting proper purity mechanics
  • Chests no longer liftable when there are items in them
Fearsome Creatures of the Lumberwoods June 28, 2012
  • Attacks no longer initiated primarily via an attack cursor. Instead they are executed immediately upon activation from the hotbelt in the direction of your mouse cursor.
  • Attacks can no longer be arbitrarily cancelled. If an attack has been initiated, you will remain in position until the attack is finished.
  • Killing other players is now done via a special Killing Blow
  • Animals now fight back
  • Stomp is now cancelled if damage is received during buildup
  • Stomp now has a cooldown after execution, and stomping repeatedly will not restun animals.
  • Added debuffs Imbalance, Reel, and Fear
  • Added Wooden Sign and Barrel
  • Graphics updated
Bunny Rabbits July 6, 2012 [10]
Snakes on a Game July 13, 2012 [11]
Brave New World August 1, 2012 [12]
Gobble Gobble August 10, 2012 [13]
Nonsense August 14, 2012
  • Buffed Nine Men's Morris (H&N), Deviled Beaver, Stuffed Leather Ball, Decorative Woodcarving, Lumberwood Figuring, Acorn Indian
  • Tutorial updated
I'm on a boat, *and*... September 24, 2012 [15]
Porta-alts September 25, 2012 Summoning a criminal who does not have a homestead will now instantly kill the criminal [16]
Zero Hour November 5, 2012 [17]
T+24 November 5, 2012
  • E-mail address can be added to account for lost password retrieva and logging in.
  • Added Pumpkin Masques
  • Fixed mesh bleed with hat/hair
  • Earthworm Pythom compostable and feedable to turkeys
Boarded up Feelings November 14, 2012 [19]
Criminally Thanksgiving November 22, 2012
  • Limited time Thanksgiving items in store
  • Release of Colonial Relief Package
  • Declaiming now asks for confirmation
  • Jorb coins phrase "fat-fingered, trigger happy nabbly-boos"
  • Opened store packs now have alternate inventory icons
  • Main GUI town button is now grayed out if you're not a member of a town
  • Updated Crime! debuff so criminals must walk away from the site of their last crime to reduce the time the debuff lasts
  • Humours can now regenerate in the Darkness despite Crime! debuff
  • Added Plank Wall
  • Stone Axe moved from Colonial Tradesmanship to Survival Skills
  • Buffed Taste of the New World, Seaweed Masque, Smooth Stone, Devil's Wort, Woodknot, Gameboard, Rock Maracas, Lean Rabbit
  • Stuffed Turkeys now baked in Stoves
  • Stove crafting recipe altered
  • Stove now burns for a full RL 24 hours
  • Cook time for Stuffed Turkeys increased to 12 hours
Rooting thy Native Oak December 1, 2012
  • Developed Tree-planting industry
  • Added Forestry
  • Claims now require upkeep of 4 silver + (Claimed Area / 300)silver per day. Previously existing claims charged to last one month. One week moratorium provided for players to declaim for 75% return of invested silver, deposited into bank.
  • Animals no longer attack in Boston.
  • Fixed Fluid tooltips in crafting window now present correctly.
  • Stoves can now be used to light torches
  • Added Cabbage Crush Salad, Cornmash Gobbler
  • Baby Corn & Pumpkin Flesh now count as "Any Plant"
  • Windy Pooh & Bluebeary now require Game Meats
  • Plymouth Frock now checks for inputs in proper order
  • Graphics update
  • Included Statue of the King in Boston instead of Town Bell
The Rest of What's Around December 21, 2012
  • Gardening Pots can be placed on sleds and in boats.
  • Timber Piles now destructible.
  • Character plots can no longer be used to destroy authority objects
  • You can no longer log in on village plots if you are not a member of the village.
  • You can no longer log out from a place where a login would be forbidden, for example in a village you are visiting.
  • Silver can no longer be refunded from personal claims.
  • Added new items in Salem Store
Merry Christmas December 25, 2012
  • Added Christmas Stocking
Artifacts and Artifice January 16, 2013
  • Developed Artificing Industry
  • Most clothes now have one or more artificing slots.
  • Artifice slots hold Artifice items
  • Artifice items and slotable equipment both have proficiency alignments, and intrinsic difficulty spans
  • All existing attacks have been given a type:
    • Common Combat Power/Defense (includes all other types)
    • Concussive Power/Defense
    • Blunt Power/Defense
    • Impact Power/Defense
    • Piercing Power/Defense
    • Feral (animal) Power/Defense
  • Fixed Christmas Stockings holding Christmas Stockings bug
  • Increased HP by ~10x on houses, Windmill, Ore Smelter, Stampmill, Bread oven, Kiln
  • Increased HP by ~3x on Torchpost and Blazing Brazier
  • Increased HP by ~4x on all walls
  • The effect of clustered turrets now scales asymptotically towards the effect of fifteen freestanding towers, as opposed to previous five
  • Torchpost made cheaper
  • Corpses now turn into skeletons after 30 minutes. This is a temporary fix until we make bodies carryable
  • Players can now only summon in positions from which you can draw an unobstructed line to the homestead object
  • Summoning now only possible on walkable tiles
  • Players can now walk through authority objects
  • Clay Troughs made destructible
Early Game Fixes January 23, 2013
  • Slotting now indicates chance of success
  • Tutorial adjusted
  • Upon learning new skills, buttons added in action menu tree blink green
  • Wilderness Guides no longer requires Player to learn Survival Skills
  • No longer possible to purchase additional wilderness spawns from the Wilderness Guides for silver
  • Early game learning speed increased
  • Invariance timer now resets while in Gluttony mode when eating a new food.
  • Grimthorn, Snakeskull nerfed
  • Grass Whistle buffed
  • Stuffed Rabbit moved to Hideworking
  • Autumn Delight moved to Colonial Tradesmanship
  • Fireplace only costs 10 stone
  • Simple Cooking requires Fishing + Nuts & Seeds
  • Firearms and Fencing require The Rights of Englishmen
  • Pilgrim's Hovel moved to Carpentry and is cheaper
  • Bar of Bubbly Soap now requires Settling and Simple Cooking

Lore of the Lumberwoods, Whittling, Fishing, Indian Tracking, Mushroom Hunting, Hill Climbing, Hiking, Mountaineering, Exploration, and Carpentry are now cheaper.

I Saw Metric Perspective January 23, 2013
  • Default client developed Isometric camera
  • Wilderness spawns can be rerolled
  • Added "+" buttons next to the proficiencies to better indicate that they can be increased
  • Added Plant Fibres, Jute Cap, Jute Shirt, Jute Pants, Enforced Seam, Makeshift Fence, Joinery & Finish
  • Crafting inputs now display help-text on mouseover
  • Fireplace UI is now always available
  • Graphics update
  • Woven Basket is now 3x3
  • Dross can be used to crack crabs
  • Sawbuck now only costs one nail
  • Adjusted nail tooltip

Mushroom Hunting and Flowers & Berries cheaper Carpentry requires Colonial Tradesmanship Brown Pants can now be slotted

Time Enough for Love January 30, 2013
  • Waste Crimes now require a waste claim on village and personal claims.
  • Added A Subtle Warning
  • Added Trial by Fire
  • Essential Mineralology, Mining, Agriculture, Kiln Construction, Gardening, Turkey Farming and Aristotelian *Logic now cheaper
  • Coffermaking now requires Joinery
  • Gardening Pot now requires Gardening
  • Stuffed Turkey now requires Turkey Farming
  • Stove now requires Humble Abodes
  • Wild Salad now requires Hiking instead of Flowers & Berries
  • A Walk on the Wild Side now requires Big Game Hunting
  • Buffed Stray Chestnut, Grass Whistle, Singing Old Log, Stuffed Rabbit, Coffin Plank, Rock Maraca, Snake in the Grass, Perch Filet, Trout Filet, Mudsnapper Filet, Grimthorn, Abandoned Cobwebs, Filet on the Rocks, Gameboard, Nine Men's Morris
  • Nerfed Cabbage Leaves, Rabbit-in-Cabbage, Crab Meat
  • Buckskin Inlays now require Big Game Hunting and can be made with any plant fibre
  • Kiln now only costs 30 clay
  • Baked dishes requiring grass now only require 2 grass each
  • Conquistador's Helmet now requires Exploration & Fencing
  • Spanish Sabre now requires Fencing
  • Planter's Pouches now require Agriculture
  • Meat Smoker now requires Masonry
  • Added tooltips to Large Urn & Gardening Pot explaining that they need to be burnt in a kiln
  • Jute Gear slightly cheaper and artificing buffed
  • Abandoned Cobwebs can be used for equipment slotting
  • Coal can now be harvested from coal clamps without Coaling
  • Added stirring animation for mixing clay, digging animation
  • There is now a digging animation when digging away paving
Love Redux January 31, 2013
  • Removed A Subtle Warning
  • Waste Crimes now possible on personal claims
  • Walls and turrets are restored to 15x power for turrets, 4x health on walls
Welcome, Have a Seat February 7, 2013
  • Added toggle-able pointer to Player homestead
  • Proficiency-element can be clicked to level, also blink when full
  • Skills link when possible to buy, as does Buy button.
  • Game Hint texts shortened
  • Proficiency reset requires confirmation
    • If Proficiencies reset in creation room, switching genders provides it again
  • Chop speed/Digging speed are now Artificing effects
  • Added Simple Table, Simple Chair
  • Graphics update
  • Buffed Misshapen Clay, Crown of Thorns

Virginian Shellroast moved to Slug Hunting

Home is where I Hang my Hat February 13, 2013
  • Decoratives can now be hung on wall
  • Added wallpapers
  • Added Archibald the Philanderer
  • Vandaism now immediately awakens defensive towers
  • Defense towers can now deal critical hits
  • Defense towers can now deal permanent damage to humours
  • Walls cause splash damage on other walls close to them when destroyed
In the Shadow of Pixels February 20, 2013
  • Darkness drain increased heavily
  • Civilized areas increased in size
  • Market Stand owners can no longer withdraw items at no cost and must set a price before putting goods in stand slot
  • Market Stand goods can only be adjusted ±50% of original cost
  • Market Stands can now sell batches of items
  • Weekly Market Stand rent increased to 1,000 silver
  • No longer able to teleport home with mounts (chairs, boats, etc)
  • Fields built beneath objects or otherwise stacked have been destroyed and can no longer be abused.
  • Claim stones can be destroyed within 5 minutes of a spawn near it.
  • One minute cooldown on claim stones after each spawn.
  • Collapsing walls no longer deal splash damage to walls tougher than themselves but can traverse weaker walls
  • Waste Claim is in the action menu of characters with appropriate skills
  • Woven Baskets can be repaired with tinder
  • Windborne Kites and Five Nations' Dreamcatchers can be hung on walls
  • Hunting Trohpy requires fewer boards
  • Locksmithing required for Mechanics
  • Locksmithing made cheaper
  • Mechanics made more expensive
A Prayer in a Dark Place February 28, 2013 [32]
Gunpowder Plot March 6, 2013
  • Muskets now require Gunpowder and Musket Balls and deal more damage
  • Added Slingshots
  • Animals now run from character that are too near
Pistols at Dawn March 13, 2013 [34]
Shenandoah March 20, 2013 [35]
Wells Go Far March 27, 2013
  • Added Fifi La Våtslidan and her wares
  • Woo Woo Wand can now find well points on which to build Wells.
  • Herbs become rarer in the Darkness
As Above, so Below April 3, 2013
  • Developed Alchemy Industry
  • Fish, Herbs, Animals, Quarried Minerals, and Water have slight natural alchemical properties, varying over different areas in ways individual to each type of animal, herb, fish, etc.
  • Each generation of potted plants now have alchemy values randomized slightly mixed with alchemy values of Gardening Pot, Humus, and Water.
  • Humus used to prepare fields now modifies purity of crop produced.
  • Alchemy of humus determined by materials determined by materials used in compost modified by alchemy of compost bin (Boards are more important than nails).
  • Certain proficiences now cap purity of items acquired in the wild
    • F&W caps Fish
    • H&G caps Herbs
    • M&M caps Quarried stone and foraged minerals
    • P&P caps Dug-out, natural clay
  • Added Theology, Priestly Tunic, Priestly Shoes, Priestly Stole, Priestly Shirt, Priestly Pants, Bishop's Mitre.
  • Church now requires Theology to be built
Under Pressure April 10, 2013
  • Added Colliquative Pressure Cooker.
  • Compost Bins no longer take alchemy of items put into them when producing Humus.
  • Humus alchemy now a function of compost Bin's Alchemy and Alchemy of worms in the compost bin.
  • Worms can be placed in any container and will eat most plants placed next ot them; as worm eats, its alchemy will shift to the alchemy of the eaten item.
  • More pure items put into the Compost Bin will be turned into humus faster.
  • Trial by Fire can now be used by anyone, not just members of the village that built it.
Theatrum Chemicum April 17, 2013
  • When leveling a proficiency, all other filled proficiencies increase by one point and the one you clicked increases by two points.
    • Except Perennial Philosophy which only raises one point at a time and never as a side effect of leveling another.
  • Invariance increases slower in Gluttony Mode but now has a more powerful effect.
  • Added Alchemy Table, Conjunctive Retort, Coagulative Alembic, Rectificative Test Tubes
  • Trial by Fire reduced to half Hit Points and has less soak.
  • Walls reduced in HP and soak
  • Screenshots with Alt+S can now be published to public feed on main website
  • wallpaper, Furniture, and Decoratives made cheaper
Nickels and Dimes April 24, 2013
  • Mining risks triggering cave-in.
  • Added Mine Support, Copper Mine nodes
  • Alchemy equipment no longer risks exploding or incuring accidents if there is no longer material gain for item within.
1UP May 1, 2013
  • Waxing Toadstools are now poisonous and give the 'Shroom Poisoning debuff.
  • Some Waxing Toadstools are Waning Toadstools. Higher values in Hunter & Gathering helps tell them apart.
  • Waning Toadstools are more poisonous than Waxing Toadstools and Witch's Hat Mushrooms are more poisonous than both.
  • 'Shroom Poisoning temporarily reduces the max cap to Humours and disappears over time (ticks down while offline as well)
  • Added Berrymash Laxative which increases speed of recovery.
  • Poison can be removed by boiling them in a pot or Cauldron
  • Recipes using unboiled mushrooms are poisonous.
  • Graphics udpate
  • Fixed Follow Exploit
Project Mayhem May 8, 2013
  • The type of item used in Food recipes now matters. Using higher tier items (Leaf of Green Cabbage instead of Green Colewort, for example, in a recipe using Any Leaf of Cabbage) yields different elemental results.
  • The higher tier foods used in place of lower or generic counterparts, the better the recipe's outcome will be.
  • Resources effected are:
    • Meat
    • Cabbage
    • Corn (Oil, meal, and seed)
    • Grains
    • Mushrooms
    • Garlic
    • Berries
  • Mushrooms now indicate if they've been "Boil'd"
  • Cornmeal now has purity
Every Little...+ Development Thoughts June 5, 2013
  • Send Home can no longer be used in combat
  • Small animals can now be dropped in water
  • Player corpses can be carried and destroyed
Is That a Rocket in Your Pocket...? June 23, 2013
  • Additional inventories (ie. backpack) are now integrated with main inventory.
  • Added slottable pockets for extra space.
  • Resolved minor hotkey conflicts
Waterworld August 28, 2013
  • Graphics update to water
  • Wells can be destroyed
  • Snakes now offer to end fight relations after some pursuit
  • Added cam console commands
  •  :cam sucky
  •  :cam follow
  •  :cam ortho
Another Brick in the Wall October 13, 2013 [46]
A Fortunate Providence February 20, 2014 [47]
A Cartload of Fun February 24, 2014
  • Fixed several bugs related to most recent patch.
  • Added Cart capable of carrying 8 objects.
Game Development: Fixes & Stuff March 12, 2014 [49]
A Brave New Salem and The Winds of Change June 5, 2014

Following several months of relative silence and lack of updates in which it was said the developers had become discouraged by the response to the recent reset and major patch and had gone back to developing Haven and Hearth exclusively, an announcement was made that Salem had been sold to a new company: Mortal Moments Inc. and that development by this new owner would proceed with the assistance of Jorb and Loftar.

[50] [51]
Nice Thing: Seasonal Stall June 6, 2014
  • Added a new stall, the 'Seasonal Stall', in game which will buy one or two special goods each month, to be periodically changed by the Developers.
Salem Independence Day July 4, 2014

The first major patch by the new developers focused on making many small additions or changes that had been long requested by the community.

  • Haystacks added to make Hay.
  • Wild Turkey sometimes is a Fertile Hen, which lay eggs more often.
  • Fertile Turkey Hen Eggs can very rarely hatch into Golden Goose which lays Golden Eggs.
  • 25 Gold Eggs can be made into a Gold Bar which sells for 1000 silver on the stalls.
  • Fertile Turkey Droppings is more valuable than normal Turkey Droppings which now reduce Upkeep.
  • Chemistry skills Folk Medicine, Potions & Poultices, and Pharmacology Formal added to make new potions Fishguts & Rot Refresher, Rubbery Mescaline Refresher, Sweet'n'Thorny Refresher, and Berrymash Purgative, all of which require the new item Glass Bottle.
  • New skill Ceramics & Crucibles needed to make Gold Bars and Glass Bottles.
  • New recipe Unburnt Crucible and the ability to fire it in a Kiln to get a Crucible added as part of the new skill.
  • Executioner Mr. Puggles added. Mr. Puggles will scalp anyone for 150 silver. Players can Scalp a KOed player and hand it in to Mr. Puggles for a reward. 150 is given for anyone with the ability to Murder, and an Executioner's Mask to anyone handing in a scalp with a top 10 score in Humors and Proficiencies combined.
  • New Artifice Spidersilk Weft added.
  • New bonus for Sugar & Spice, for every 3 points earned in a Gluttony session, an amount of time will be deducted from the Full & Fed Up debuff based on that Proficiency.
  • New Law & Lore bonus, a random roll when adding money to a Town Bell or Claimstone can refund some silver, larger refunds possible the higher that proficiency is.
  • Those Rarefied Thornbush Flowers added.
  • New skill Shrub Orchards added which allows planting of Those Rarefied Thornbush Flowers, Blackberries, Myrtle Oak Acorns, and Cranberry in order to grow a bush of the parent type.
  • Variable yield Lime Boulders added, with a better chance to get larger ones depending on Mines & Mountains skill.
  • Phlegm bar colored Blue and Black Bile bar colored Grey. Used to be Grey and Green.
  • Cabbage Leaves added to Any Plant category.
  • Cranberry variable ingredient buff added.
  • Ore Boulder models for ground added along with new models for inventory Ore.
  • Slave Keys made to be assigned only one time, was previously unlimited.
  • Horses added to game as nonpersitant Rental objects, future plans to make them more complex in Animal Husbandry.
  • Skill Requirements of Forestry and Horticulture adjusted.
  • Worms better for feeding turkeys than before.
  • Trial Member status added to Town Bell for towns.
  • Whispering Snake Skull drop adjusted.
  • Phlegm cost for several things adjusted.
  • Kiln fuel reserves made larger so they can burn longer.
  • Regeneration of Berries, Thorns, Maple Leaves increased greatly.
  • KO only reduces a percentage of remaining Inspiration.
  • Hollow Stump and Hollow Log now both spawn items. Variety added to their loot tables.
  • Crickets made easier to kill and Cricket Teams worth less at the vendor.
  • March Hares made more difficult to kill.
  • Rip Up ability added to fields to remove unripened plants.
  • Bushes able to be dug up with a shovel and carried to a new location. Thorn Bushes will cause Blood damage while being carried.
  • Copper Pot sales removed from Wilderness Guide and move to White Stall for higher prices.
Nice Thing: Nevermind, lets not talk about it. July 26, 2014
  • Added a new place in town, Dock Club. It allows players to fight without dropping combat scents or being murdered. You will leave scents if you decide to loot the fallen, which is possible to do.
  • Additional Change: You may only keep a body KOed in combat for 3 hours.
Let's Get Ready to RUMBLE! August 8, 2014
  • Artifacts & Artifice reworked completely. Huge changes to Combat and Clothing. Several new skills added. Many other changes small and large. Starting here, only summaries will be posted in the comments. For full details of changes, see the forum.
Purely Food September 19, 2014
  • Huge changes to the Gluttony and Variable Food mechanics.
  • Many many new foods added as part of the new food mechanic.
  • New purity system instituted which only applies to food and food related items and maxes out at 2x values for 100% pure food.
  • Additions to Inspirationals, Store Items, Furniture, and Clothing.
  • New herbs and foragables, and many plants and mushrooms made to be pottable.
  • Lots and lots of rebalancing, tears, and bug fixes.
I Saw Some Tools September 24, 2014
  • Mini update with additions to the Store.
  • A few bug fixes and small additions.
Sounds Like Stalls October 3, 2014
  • Player Run Stalls added back into the game.
  • A new mechanic added by which the largest towns receive a portion of all stall taxes, and that share can be challenged and taken away from them by other towns challenging their authority.
  • Many, many new sound effects added to various actions in Salem.
  • More inspirationals and small improvements added.
  • Many rebalances, especially to foods, and some bug fixes.
Witch Tool for the Job October 31, 2014
  • Many behind-the-scenes changes to the code resulted in a somewhat smaller patch than usual but a groundwork laid for many new mechanics in the future.
  • Witchcraft finally added to the game in a limited first implementation.
  • Changes and additions made to Inheritance such that characters who die can now get a percentage of their old Humors and Proficiencies back.
  • New Toolbelts added that allow a character to carry around several tools and automatically switch to the correct tool for the job.
  • Addition of Bleeding, Broken Bones, animal attacks that cause them, and medicinal skills to heal them.
  • Some rebalancing of old skills, a few changes to rebalance the crime system.
  • New Statues showcasing three of the top players on the old servers. More Statues will be added for the winners of the Expeditions in the future.
  • Complete rework of all game animations with the implementation of a new animation software.
  • New ability to sharpen store bought swords and give them purity.
  • Many balances and bug fixes.
New Darkness Mob November 2, 2014
  • Added new darkness mob Wishpoosh, the first animal in the game capable of murder.
Limer's Front and Isle of Nod: Mid-Month Mini-Patch November 14, 2014
  • Added two new towns, outposts of Providence town, which can be teleported to for a fee. Limer's Front is about 4 hours West of Providence and Isle of Nod is about 4 hours West of Limer's Front, in darkness. The purpose being to 'shrink' the map by making it possible to fast travel to more destinations and to test a Fast Travel mechanic that will be expanded upon later.
Stocking up on Tears December 12, 2014
  • Introduced Quaffed & Quenched hydration system.
  • Introduced Rats and Diseases.
  • Complete rework of raiding and crime mechanics. Introduction of Arson, Criminality, Trial By Combat, Revenge, L3WTing Leantos.
  • Turning in a Murder scalp to the executioner will now gives a South Sea Company Stock Certificate redeemable for in-store credit.
  • Changes to Witchcraft; witches take light damage the closer they are to Providence.
  • New items and skills
  • Many balances and bug fixes.
Mine your own business February 06, 2015
  • New Inventory System
  • Additions to the Justice System
  • New System: Burial
  • New Crop: Potato
  • New Skill: Handheld Explosives
  • Changes to Mining
  • Silver Coin Minting & Debasing
  • Gem Cutting, New Metal Types and Ingot Casting
  • More Witchcraft Abilities
  • Some Goodies like Glass Blowing to make your own Glass Panes
I got a Fever February 17, 2015
  • Small little Patch
  • Players who KO to a disease while it is max will Permanently die.
  • New Skills: Collector and Hoarder to increase carry weight
Feast your Eyes on this February 19, 2015
  • CULINARY REDEFINITION, Culinary has been renamed to "Feasting" with changes to Gobble Points
  • New Artiface Value: Feasting
  • Diseased bodies of dead players will still have a chance to infect players who get too close to them
  • Some minor changes
Store Credit System is LIVE! February 20, 2015
  • Players who turn in scalps of Murderer's have been and will continue to receive an item called a "South Sea Company Stock Certificate".
  • The Value of each stock certificate will be on the tooltip. Currently all Stocks have been set to a $2.50 value.
  • Right Clicking any Stock Certificate will allow you to consume it. When you do consume it your account will receive Store Credit. When you then go to the Salem Store it will calculate your purchase MINUS the applicable store credit you have. I.E. if you turn in 3 Certs, you will have $7.50 credit. If you then make a $9.99 Store purchase, your paypal balance will be $2.49.
  • These stock certificates can be created by the developers dynamically with various dollar amounts. NOT ALL STOCK CERTS will be worth the same. Thus be sure to look at the tooltip to see how much Store Credit that item will give. We intend on giving these out for the Store Competitions as well as in-game events like dock club winners and frog race winners etc. etc.
Nubs are in Season April 04, 2015
  • The Tutorial
  • The Map / New Mechanic to Play Together
  • Change to Homestead Secret: The Homestead Secret is no longer used to teleport, only to kin. This should mean that traders and others are now safe to homestead their claimstones and that sharing your HS is now much safer.
  • Music and altering Biomes
  • New Artiface Value: Alloying
  • Seasons: Cold Snap, Everbloom and maybe a Blood Moon
  • Players who faint during a Blood Moon will PERMANENTLY DIE
  • Bee Keeping and Butterflies
  • Fruit Orchards
  • Mannequins
  • Voice acting of NPCs
  • New Creatures: Cougar, Bat
The Sky is the Limit April 19, 2015
  • New Poison Mechanic with Blowdarts
  • Mass Storage, Yay!
  • New Civilian Artifice: Rummaging
  • Skybox!
  • New Darkness Creature: Quetzalcoatl
  • Some new Clothing Items
Bringing Balance to the Forage April 24, 2015
  • Tons of new Foragables
  • Rebalancing of Flowers, Peyotes, New World Gourd, Four Leaf Clover, Singing old Log, Cow Skulls and Honeysuckle Kudzu
  • Rare spawn foragables have been adjusted down to counteract the 'abundant' foragables that have been added to each biome.
Legendary Lagfix May 10, 2015
  • Changes to chairs and benches and praying in a church
  • Silk Hanky and Butterbug Refresher
  • Beauty&Balance: on Herbs and rare Foragables and fast travel messages and church floor
  • Players may now construct walls and various other things on lillypad tiles.
  • Players may no longer fast travel out of a mine.
  • The speed in which stamp mills stamp has been increased.
  • New Structure: Potion Racks. Potion Racks can hold large volumes of Potions.
Writing Right Now May 18, 2015
  • New NPC: Nobleman Barnes. Nobleman Barnes will keep track of all Books which are in circulation throughout the land of Salem.
  • New Town Structure: Printing Press: Players may right click a book on the printing press and for 25 silver it will generate a copy of it.
  • New Building: Bookshelf (holds 200 books)
  • New Building: Sewing Frame (Used to bind Books)
  • New Skill: Paper Making
  • New Skill: Scribing
  • Nice Things: Pavement with Geodes and Hay
Insanity! May 31, 2015
  • New Mechanic: Insanity!
  • New Crop: Tobacco
  • New Mechanic: Beds
  • Fertilizer Rework
  • New Pavement: Bone and Darkenbone
  • Players may now throw Rotten Fruit at people in the stocks for more Full & Fed up than tomatos.