Gardening Pot

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Gardening Pot icon.png Gardening Pot
Skill(s) required:
Size: 1x1
Object(s) required:
Needs lighting?: No
Liftable?: Yes
Repaired with: Clay
Required by:
Required by: ... further results
Gardening Pot


An Unburnt Gardening Pot icon.png Unburnt Gardening Pot must be fired in a Lit Kiln icon.png Kiln for about 20 minutes to produce a Gardening Pot icon.png Gardening Pot. Clicking on the fully fired Gardening Pot to remove it from the Kiln, will cause you to automatically Lift icon.png Lift it.

Gardening Options

Option Main Difference Notes
Gardening Pot icon.png Gardening Pot
Gardener's Pot icon.png Gardener's Pot Plants grow faster. Store bought.

How to Plant in a Gardening Pot

  1. Select 1x Humus icon.png Humus and left-click it onto your Gardening Pot icon.png Gardening Pot.
  2. Select a Vessel with at least 1 liter of Potable Water icon.png Potable Water and left-click it onto your Gardening Pot.
  3. Select the Potable item you wish to plant and left-click it onto your Gardening Pot. Planting in Gardening Pots lowers Insanity.
  4. Wait 3 days. Learning the Horticulture and Green Thumb Skills, as well as using the Store bought Gardener's Pot icon.png Gardener's Pot will reduce the time for plants to ripen.
  5. Once ripe, the plant's model will change. The Yield for non-bushes and Trees is two, unless you had the Store bought Garden Shovel icon.png Garden Shovel equipped when planting in which case the default Yield is 3. When planting you will receive a bonus Yield which is determined by chance and your Herbs & Sprouts icon.png Herbs & Sprouts Proficiency. You will see your bonus Yield pop up in green as you add your Potable plant. At any point you may check the current Yield by right-clicking on your planted Gardening Pot.
  6. Ripe plants can now be picked by right-clicking the Gardening Pot and selecting "Pick". Bushes and Trees which have sprouted can be planted by Lift icon.png Lifting the Gardening Pot and then right-clicking the ground and selecting "Plant".

Stages of a Garden Pot

Gardening Purity

Three factors influence Gardening Purity. The Purity of the Humus icon.png Humus, the Purity of the Plant, and the Purity of the Gardening Pot icon.png Gardening Pot. The Harvested Plant will be the average Purity of these three factors weighted towards the Humus. The formula is: Resulting Plant = ((Humus*2)+Pot+Initial Plant)/4. Any time the Resulting Plant's Purity is higher than the Gardening Pot's, the Gardening Pot's Purity will permanently increase by up to 2.56%. You may check your Gardening Pot's Purity by right-clicking it.


A Gardening Pot icon.png Gardening Pot can't be Destroyed by normal means, Pests can instead be applied to Gardening Pots by selecting a Pest and right-clicking it on the Gardening Pot. Each Pest added will reduce the Gardening Pot's Purity until it reaches reaches 0, then each additional Pest will do damage instead, at 100% damage the Gardening Pot will break.

Pest Purity Damage
Beetle icon.png Beetle 1
Caterpillar icon.png Caterpillar 1
Giant Willow Aphid icon.png Giant Willow Aphid 5
Slim Stickbug icon.png Slim Stickbug 5

Game Menu
Craft (C) ⇒Tools (T) ⇒Pots & Pans (P) ⇒Gardening Pot (G)