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Windmill icon.png Windmill
Skill(s) required:
Size: 5x5
Object(s) required:
Needs lighting?: No
Liftable?: No
Repaired with: Cotton Cloth
Required by:
Required by:
Finished Windmill
First Floor.
Finished Windmill
Second Floor.
Finished Windmill
Third Floor.


A Windmill icon.png Windmill is a High Soak Specialized Building with 3x floors the first being 8x8, the second 7x6, and the third being 4x4 (122x tiles total) and must be built on Pavement. A Windmill is used as a Grinder which can process Corn icon.png Corn into Cornmeal icon.png Cornmeal and Ear of Cereal icon.png Ear of Cereals into Flour icon.png Flour and is generally the fastest Grinder when processes large amounts of materials. To Use a Windmill climb to the third floor and right-click the spout at the top and use the desired recipe. The processed material will be deposited on the first floor inside the large center wheel. The wheel can hold up to 1000 kilograms of either Cornmeal or Flour. Adding more than than will spill out onto the floor.

Specialized Buildings

Specialized Buildings are buildings which generally must be built on Pavement and can be entered and but don't always not count as "inside". Generally these buildings can be Lock icon.png Locked.

Building Require Pavement? Inside? Floors Floor Size Primary Purpose Unique Structures Lockable?
Barn icon.png Barn No Yes 1 816 Tiles Housing Domesticated Animals Barn Stall icon.png Barn Stall Yes
Crypt icon.png Crypt No Yes 1 18 Tiles Inheritance Yes
Igloo icon.png Igloo No No 1 20 Tiles Hypothermia avoidance ???
Mine Entrance icon.png Mine Entrance Yes No up to 8 Mining Mine Support icon.png Mine Support, Miner's Support Beam icon.png Miner's Support Beam No
Town Church icon.png Town Church Yes ??? 1 63 Tiles Pushing back the Darkness Bench icon.png Bench Yes
Windmill icon.png Windmill Yes Yes 3 64, 42, 16 Tiles Milling Flour Yes


Grinders are structures used to refine raw ingredients.

Option Makes Speed
Copper Grinder icon.png Copper Grinder Moderate
Grindstone icon.png Grindstone Slow
Meat Grinder icon.png Meat Grinder Sausage Links icon.png Sausage Links Moderate
Windmill icon.png Windmill Fast

Legacy Windmill

One floor Legacy Windmills are rare but still exist. Legacy Windmills can also be used to grind Cornmeal and Flour.

Game Menu
Build (B) ⇒Buildings & Structures (B) ⇒Houses & Buildings (H) ⇒Windmill (N)