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Carpentry icon.png Carpentry
"Carpentry allows you to construct sawbucks and to use them to make boards."
Skill(s) required:
Proficiencies required:
600 Arts & Crafts icon.png Arts & Crafts
1375 Hammer & Nail icon.png Hammer & Nail
Skills Unlocked:
Crafts Unlocked:
Builds Unlocked:
Others Unlocked:

In-Game Text

"Sure if they cannot cut, it may be said His saws are toothless, and his hatchets lead."

-Alexander Pope, Epilogue to Satires

Few skills are as important in the early days of a colony as that of carpentry. The noble art of molding, shaping and forging the prime timber of the New World into objects and items useful for the further advancement of faith and civilization is an essential skill for almost any would-be colonist. Carpentry allows you to construct sawbucks and to use them to make boards.

How to Make Fresh Boards

  1. Using Any Axe icon.png Any Axe Chop down a Tree icon.png Tree to get a Log icon.png Log.
  2. Lift icon.png Lift the Log and right-click on the Sawbuck icon.png Sawbuck to load in the Log. You cannot load Hollow Log icon.png Hollow Logs onto it.
  3. With Any Saw icon.png Any Saw equipped, right-click the Sawbuck and select "Make Boards". A single Log will yield 30x Fresh Board icon.png Fresh Boards, an immature Tree will produce a smaller Log which will yield fewer Boards. The yield of a Log can be increased by your Hammer & Nail icon.png Hammer & Nail Proficiency. When Chopping Fresh Boards you may receive a Coffin Plank icon.png Coffin Plank by chance instead.

Woodworking Skills

Skill Benefit
Whittling icon.png Whittling Unlocks simple wood crafts.
Carpentry icon.png Carpentry Cut Fresh Board icon.png Fresh Boards.
Joinery & Finish icon.png Joinery & Finish New ways to process Board icon.png Boards.
Simple Fences icon.png Simple Fences Build Fences for Base Defense.
Humble Abodes icon.png Humble Abodes Unlocks new Buildings.
Ample Storage icon.png Ample Storage Build Stockbin icon.png Stockbins to store materials.