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Psychotic Episodes icon.png Psychotic Episodes
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WARNING! Pilgrims who reach Level 10 Madness will Permanently Die!


Insanity is gained slowly over time is called Passive Insanity. Insanity that is gained through doing insane things is Active Insanity, and Witnessed Insanity is gained when viewing insane things. All types of Insanity are combined when calculating your overall Insanity. Unlike Madness levels, Insanity cannot be viewed, however once you have accumulated enough Insanity you will gain a Madness level and your Insanity will reset to 0. Insanity can be lowered by doing calming things.

Passive Insanity

All pilgrims slowly gain Insanity whenever they are online. Being online for roughly 30 to 50 hours without dealing with your Sanity at all will definitely cause you to reach level 10 Madness. New arrivals to the New World do not accumulate passive Insanity for 48 hours.

Method Effect Notes
Drinking Milk icon.png Milk Reduces Drinking 1 liter reduces Passive Insanity by 100%.
Being Online Increases
Being online during a Blood Moon icon.png Blood Moon Increases

Active Insanity

Active Insanity is Insanity which is gained by doing insane actions.

Method Amount Added Method Amount Added
Checking Mr. Puggles's Leaderboard. Tiny Getting Tickled Tiny
Pulling the Stinger from any Bee icon.png Bee. Tiny Being Whipped in the Stocks. Small
Building a Crab on a Spike icon.png Crab on a Spike Tiny Dissecting a Frog icon.png Frog or Toad icon.png Toad. Small
Feeding Royal Jelly icon.png Royal Jelly to dead Creatures. Small Sniffing Smelling Salts icon.png Smelling Salts. Small
Studying a Blood Shard icon.png Blood Shard. Small When a Daisy icon.png Daisy terminates on "she loves me not". Small
Wringing the Neck of a Squirrel icon.png Squirrel or Turkey icon.png Turkey. Small Blinding a Turkey Poult icon.png Turkey Poult. Good Bit
Butchering or Skinning Creatures with your bare hands. Good Bit Cutting a Caterpillar icon.png Caterpillar out if its Cocoon icon.png Cocoon early. Good Bit
Diving into a Pile of Excrement icon.png Pile of Excrement Good Bit Eating Rotten Fruit icon.png Rotten Fruit or Spoiled Food icon.png Spoiled Food. Good Bit
Finding a Mischievous Gnome icon.png Mischievous Gnome in a Rotten Log icon.png Rotten Log. Good Bit Gulping Snake Oil icon.png Snake Oil. Good Bit
Killing a Baby Animal. Good Bit Opening a Trapped Chest icon.png Chest. Good Bit
Passing your Disease icon.png Disease to another pilgrim. Good Bit Pulling Salamander Tail icon.png Salamander Tail off a Salamander icon.png Salamander. Good Bit
Finding a Little Jack Horner's Thumbnail icon.png Little Jack Horner's Thumbnail in your pie. Great Deal Sniffing Satan Salts icon.png Satan Salts. Great Deal
Attempting a Killing Blow icon.png Killing Blow. Huge Robbing a Grave. Huge
Licking Frozen Toad icon.png Frozen Toads. Huge Licking Moldy Board icon.png Moldy Boards. Huge
Naming a dead Domesticated Animal Huge Removing a pilgrims Scalp icon.png Scalp. Huge
Spawning a LumberLord icon.png LumberLord. Huge Tickling a pilgrim to death. Huge
Witnessing a Hangman Tree icon.png Hangman Tree. Huge Being online a the start of a Blood Moon icon.png Blood Moon TREMENDOUS

Witnessed Insanity

Witnessed Insanity is Insanity which is gained by doing insane actions. When witness insane things you will gain Insanity each time you come into range of that thing. This means the same event can cause you to gain a lot of Insanity if you continue to leave and come back to the same area without dealing with the thing causing you to gain Insanity.

Method Amount Added
Witnessing a Darkness icon.png Darkness Monster. Tiny
Witnessing a Crab on a Spike icon.png Crab on a Spike Tiny
Witnessing a Stillborn icon.png Stillborn Moderate

Ways to Reduce Insanity

Method Method
Casting your Fishing Pole icon.png Fishing Pole. Catching Any Butterfly icon.png Any Butterfly.
Catching Any Moth icon.png Any Moth. Cooking Food over a source of Fire icon.png Fire.
Finding a Cross-Shaped Wood Splinter icon.png Cross-Shaped Wood Splinter. Finding Any Raw Gem icon.png Any Raw Gems in your Rubble icon.png Rubble.
Listening to Music. Planting Plants in a Gardening Pot icon.png Gardening Pot.
Playing Notes icon.png Notes on a Instrument. Preparing Foods on a Baking Table icon.png Baking Table.
Sending Back a Wayward Starfish icon.png Wayward Starfish. Whittling on a Whittler's Bench icon.png Whittler's Bench.
Studying Inspirationals. Tickling another pilgrim.
When a Daisy icon.png Daisy terminates on "she loves me".


When your Insanity gets high enough it will push your Madness up one level and reset your Insanity back to 0. Once a pilgrim reaches level 10 Madness they will Permanently Die. The higher your Madness the more likely Bat icon.png Bats will spawn when when Mining. Additionally as your Madness increases you will begin to hear voices. Try not to listen to them.

Adds Madness Levels:

Method Amount Added
Being online at the start of Blood Moon icon.png Blood Moon 2
Sleeping with a Cursed Teddybear 1

Removes Madness Levels:'

Method Amount Removed Notes
Puffing a Hookah icon.png Hookah 1 Can be done once per 23 hours.
Sleeping 8 hours in a Bed with a Teddybear icon.png Teddybear 1
Smoking Shredded Tobacco icon.png Shredded Tobacco. 1 Madness reduced by chance.

Psychotic Episodes

Psychotic Episodes, also known as "PE"s, are events which can cause your character to act out, see things that shouldn't be there, or gain undesirable objects. A Psychotic Episode CAN happen at any Madness level above 0 but are far more likely to happen the higher your Madness is.


Players may experience a Psychotic Episode where they are entirely positive that they are a turkey. Bats spawn while mining tiles in a mine as a result of a Psychotic Episode. This means bat spawning on the whole should be less. Players may experience a Psychotic Episode where they find the world's largest Salami. Players may experience a Psychotic Episode where their own blood is found all over the cloth produced from a loom.