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An Artifact is an item which can be attached to one of the Slots in Clothing and provide a bonus. The purpose of clothing is to hold artifacts.

Each artifact and each item of clothing have an number of Proficiencies that they are associated with. If there is a proficiency-match between an artifact and clothing, then it will be easier (lower chance of failure) to attach the artifact to that slot.

Clothing and Artifacts also have Difficulty ratings, listed as a high and low number. When there is a proficiency match, the low number is used. If there is no match, the larger number is used. The difficulty rating of the Artifact and the Clothing are then added together to provide the Total Difficulty of that particular slotting.

  • More powerful artifacts tend to have higher difficulties.
  • More valuable clothing has lower difficulties, and more slots.

Artifice Bonus Effects

Each Artifact gives a bonus to one or more Artifice types, their effects are as follows:

Allows players to "Push" players with lower Affluence and to enter certain buildings in Providence. The number of seeds obtained form harvesting a Tobacco field is dependent upon the affluence of the Tobacco Farmer harvesting it.
Increases the bar yield when smelting and crafting bars.
Blunt Defence 
Defends against Club, Uppercut and Punch
Blunt Power 
Increases power of Club, Uppercut and Punch
Common Combat Defence 
Similar to common combat power, this affects defense against all attacks.
Common Combat Power 
Affects all attacks the player can make. Highly desirable.
Decreases the amount of Black Bile drain taken when committing crimes.
Enables the bonuses that come from Gobble Points. For every 10 points in this artifice after 100 you are enabled to use the bonus. So if you have 150 Feasting you may able to get bonus humour point from every point 10 to 15 and no bonus if you go further. See Gluttony for more info.
Feral Defence 
Affects defense against all animal attacks.
Impact Defence 
Defends against Cleave, Leg Sweep and Roundhouse Kick
Impact Power 
Increases power of Cleave, Leg Sweep and Roundhouse Kick
Lowers the phlegm drain when mining a mine tile, increases the Purity of boulders that are pulled from the wall and lowers the hardness of rubble.
Piercing Defence 
Thrust defense.
Piercing Power 
Thrust offense.
Adds a pocket to your clothes, an extra inventory space that allows teleporting even when full.
Bonus to all Civilian bonus categories. This includes Alloying, Feasting, Mining, Soil Digging, Weaving, and Woodworking.
Increases the chance for to get double items when foraging. (Official Statement of the Chance by JohnCarter)
Adds a bonus slot to an item of clothing when successful.
Soil Digging 
Increases speed to digging. +10 Soil digging confers approximately a 2% bonus per tick of digging.
Assumed to affect witchery somehow (?).
Reduces the amount of cotton needed to create cloth.
Increases success chance for tasks like Planing boards and the odds of getting Amber Resin.
NOTE: Concussive Power and Concussive Defence don't have artifacts yet, this affects: Bullrun, Leap At, and Stomp.

Artifact List

ItemAffluenceAlloyingBlunt DefenceBlunt PowerCommon Combat DefenceCommon Combat PowerCriminalityFeastingFeral DefenceImpact DefenceImpact PowerMiningPiercing DefencePiercing PowerPocketsProductivityRummagingSlotsSoil DiggingSpellpowerWeavingWoodworking
A Face in the Dross944
Abandoned Cobweb3412
Amber Pin5620
Antler Buttons10955
Arcane Amethyst15104520
Argopelter Beak5206
Badge of Aggression3
Badge of Battery5
Badge of Carnage
Badge of Fyre13
Badge of Intrusion7
Badge of Plunder9
Badge of Ruin11
Beaming-Proud Sunflower7187
Bear Claw616618
Bear Paw735258
Black Pearl50164
Blistersteel Buckle2478
Bone Beadwork3124
Bone Buttons6333
Buckskin Inlays5510
Bull Horn825830
Cabochon-Cut Dravite615
Cabochon-Cut Phosphophyllite615
Cabochon-Cut Rubellite615
Cabochon-Cut Uvarovite615
Chantilly Lace107835
Colored Flagstraps5115
Colored Marbles522
Copper Buckle1235
Copper Buttons844
Crab Claw2425
Dead Silk Runner152
Decorative Lace1
Enforced Seam131
Feather Down6126
Feathered Brooch494
Fine Beaver Teeth3836
Fine Leather101020
Fluffy Stuffing484
Foul-Feathered Brooch710
Fractured Gemstone42
Glass Beadwork7358
Glass Buttons1488
Gnarly Old Crab Shield733
Gold Buckle142458
Gold Buttons201010
Gold Leaf Pin107835
Golden Fleece1101825
Hidden Holdout Pocket1
Indian Arrowhead1225
Indian Feather3412
Inner Pocket1
Iron Buckles513
Lacy Edging5620
Lamb of Tartary4516
Leather-Knot Detail224
Lobster Claw226
Majestic Acorn3814
March Hare Tail10142010
Mary's Ribbon1
Oddly Shaped Pinecone Scale62510
Orange Easter Egg100
Patchwork Pocket1
Pear-Cut Dravite915
Pear-Cut Phosphophyllite915
Pear-Cut Rubellite915
Pear-Cut Uvarovite915
Pig Tail406425
Pinocchio's Nose21111040
Polished Buttons1266
Polished Leather Beadwork5206
Polished Scale Pin3412
Pottery Shard1521
Questionably Effective Nails111
Raggy Hem252
Rainbow Scales67612
Rattle Rattler1155
Rough-Stitched Furpatch242
Runestone Shard7835
Rustic Stuffing125
Seashell buttons422
Serrated Grimthorn337
Shark Tooth2319
Sharpened Stick113
Side Pocket1
Silver Buckle24410
Silver Platter7552520
Simple Crucifix125
Smooth Stone311
Spider Egg Sacs1
Spidersilk Weft56105
Square-Cut Dravite715
Square-Cut Phosphophyllite715
Square-Cut Rubellite715
Square-Cut Uvarovite715
Starburst-Cut Dravite1315
Starburst-Cut Phosphophyllite1315
Starburst-Cut Rubellite1315
Starburst-Cut Uvarovite1315
Sterling Geode45136156
Stringy Sinew3124
Studded Leather8814
The Elusive Last Bone448
Traces of the Lost Colony5620
Tree Trimmings363
Unthrown Argo Branch182777
Whispering Snake Skull1712
Wool Quilting8148
Yellow Rose65118
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