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A shot of a player in the darkness

The further one ventures from Boston, the more untamed the wilderness; mountains spring forth, water pools in great lakes, and forests sprawl miles wide. Eventually light itself is quelled by the lack of civilization, and the land becomes gloomy. In this land man's presence is despised by nature itself, and she moves to snuff him.

Humour drain

Far from Boston, light levels begin to drop. Venture far enough into the darkness and humours will begin to drain. A pilgrim with stats of 25/35/34/29 will see the drain in their blood humour first, and closer to Boston. The weakest of explorers will see drain in areas with only a visible gloominess. The further into the Darkness this character moves, the more extreme the humour drain, and the higher their humour cap will have to be to resist it. The factors that affect this drain are:

  • Distance from Boston

This is most easily measured by thickness of the darkness
The drain will be more severe the further from civilization one travels

Humor drain begins immediately on entering darkness, but a higher humor level does allow less chance of darkness KO.

  • Food consumption

If the healing rate of food eaten exceeds the drain of the darkness, the result will be a net gain.

  • Light sources

Light sources have no effect on darkness drain

  • Being Indoors

Being inside a house or mine has no effect on darkness drain.

  • Advancing civilization

Churches counteract the Darkness by creating a radius of civilization approximately 400 tiles in every direction.
Within the radius, the world behaves as it does near Boston, with no darkness spawns and no drain.


Between darkness and light, there is a middle ground called 'Twilight' inhabited by witches and pilgrims alike where the drains are not as severe but do occur for the both of them.

Rats make their habitat here frequently, chances of Rabbits turning to March Hares are slightly increased with Quetzalcoatls seen to spawn at rare cases in Badlands. Should a pilgrim have the dare to live there, he shall do so with walls built around him as a source of safety from what lurks outside.

In development

  • Unique creatures

It has been confirmed that the darkness will be home to unique creatures that new players should not have to deal with.
Thus far, the Argopelter, March Hare, Rat, Wishpoosh, Hydrukey, LumberLord, Quetzalcoatl, Furfur, Darkenbear and Squonk have been added as darkness only creatures, with more said to be on the way.

  • Unique item spawns

It is rumored that unique items will spawn in the darkness.