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Mines & Mountains icon.png Mines & Mountains is one of the Proficiencies used to acquire the Skills needed to survive in the New World. Additionally the higher a pilgrim's Mines & Mountains the less likely you are to fall when Climbing and the less Blood damage you take when you do fall or when falling as a result of a Mine-Down. The higher a pilgrim's Mines & Mountains lower the chance of causing a Cave-Ins when Mining, the lower the Hardness of Any Raw Gem icon.png Any Raw Gems you will find when using Sift Rubble icon.png Sift Rubble, the higher the chance of Dig icon.png Digging up a Granite Boulder icon.png Granite Boulders from a Quarry icon.png Quarry and larger Lime Boulder icon.png Lime Boulders from a Lime Pit icon.png Lime Pit. Mines & Mountains can be gained by Studying Inspirationals, doing Passive Mines & Mountains activities, or by chance when Wishing for Wisdom on a Wonderful Whimsical Wish icon.png Wonderful Whimsical Wish.

Passive Mines & Mountains Activities:

Activity Gain
Chipping a Boulder icon.png Boulder. 1
Using Any Pickaxe icon.png Any Pickaxe to Mine icon.png Mine. 1
Unsuccessfully cutting Any Raw Gem icon.png Any Raw Gem. 3
Dig icon.png Digging up a Stone Boulder icon.png Stone Boulder or Granite Boulder icon.png Granite Boulder. 4
Dig icon.png Digging up a Lime Boulder icon.png Lime Boulder. 3 - 15 depending on the size.
Mine icon.png Mineing out an Ore Boulder icon.png Ore Boulder. 10
Successfully cutting Any Raw Gem icon.png Any Raw Gem. 15

Skills which require Mines & Mountains

 Requires Mines & Mountains
Elaborate Gemcutting21,500
I am the Darkness12,250
Tasteful Gemcutting9,400
Ambitious Excavation8,250
Ascent to the Summit5,000
Elementary Gemcutting4,750
Goat Rearing4,500
Igloo Construction4,100
Frigid Journeys3,800
Granite Excavation3,150
Weapon Forging2,550
Mineral Sifting2,400
Iron Amalgamation2,200
Long Range Bombardment1,400
Coffer Making1,250
Hill Climbing1,200
Amateur Sculpting900
Essential Mineralogy675
Indian Tracking500
Bellows Operation400

Inspirationals that give Mines & Mountains

 Gives Mines & MountainsEff MMuses
Iron Pyrite250,00011
Lava Rock5,000125
Darkenbear Eyeball4,7900.38610
Brick of Fallen Gomorrah4,5000.3461
Petrified Wood4,2500.467
Black Pearl3,5500.4135
Shellback Rattle3,1000.293
Tar-Soaked Remains3,0000.510
Scintillating Sand2,5000.277
Vial of Gold Flakes2,2750.4074
Thirteen Colonies2,2450.32413
Blacksmith's Goggles2,1000.3173
Brick of Fallen Sodom2,0000.1541
Stalker Charm2,0000.2241
Silver Spoon1,9500.2211
Leader's Locket1,8500.1674
Mineralogical Survey1,7500.2631
Ghost in the Grain1,7500.2491
A Face in the Dross1,7500.2681
Loyalist's Locket1,7100.1584
Walking the Beetle1,4000.3292
Precious Soot-Flake1,2500.2381
Brick of Fallen Babel1,2500.2141
Lover's Locket1,1000.124
Ghost Rider1,1000.07641
Wood Knot1,1000.1292
Omen of Greed1,00011
Sterling Geode1,0000.2864
Curious Potato9500.1921
Misshapen Lump of Clay9500.1741
Red Trillium9350.2281
Gem Shard9250.3752
Colored Marbles9000.2113
Nine Men's Morris8500.2024
Obsidian Arrowhead6500.3551
Black Sand6500.4551
Lady's Slipper6500.1681
Shell Fragments5200.2211
Bat Fang4900.451
Smooth Stone4750.2011
Goose Feather4600.1981
A Taste of Autumn4350.1222
Cactus Cat4100.1323
A Taste of The New World3600.1643
Obsidian Fragments3500.4271
Rock Maracas3250.2032
Heated Stone2750.3621
Partially Deformed Caterpillar2200.1981
Rusty Coin1700.2281
Fish Skeleton1250.2171
Broken Bough1000.03581