Clay Pot

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Clay Pot icon.png Clay Pot
Skill(s) required:
Object(s) required:
Weight: 0.50
Alternative Acquisition:
Object(s) Required:


To make a Clay Pot icon.png Clay Pot, an Unburnt Clay Pot icon.png Unburnt Clay Pot can be fired in either a Fireplace icon.png Fireplace with a chance to fracture into a Pottery Shard icon.png Pottery Shard, or fired with certainty in a Kiln icon.png Kiln. A Clay Pot is a Vessel generally used to Boil items. A Clay Pot holds up to 5 liters of liquid and has nine spaces for Boiling.

How to Boil Over a Fireplace

  1. Fuel and Light your Fireplace icon.png Fireplace.
  2. Fill your Clay Pot icon.png Clay Pot or Copper Pot icon.png Copper Pot with Potable Water icon.png Potable Water.
  3. Select the pot and right-click it onto your Fireplace icon.png Fireplace to hang your pot over the Fire.
  4. Click on the pot and select "Open", and put the items you wish to boil into the pot.
  5. When the item is done boiling, its icon will change.

Storage Vessels

Storage Vessels are Vessels that can hold Any Liquid. To fill a Storage Vessel select your Storage Vessel and right-click on a Liquid Container or on a Body of Water. NOTE: When filling from a Body of Water, make sure to NOT left-click otherwise you will lose your Storage Vessel! You can transfer the contents from one Storage Vessel to another, or into Liquid Container, by selecting a Storage Vessel and right-clicking it on the object. You can also purge the contents of a Storage Vessel by right-clicking it and choosing "Empty". An empty Storage Vessel, or one containing the same liquid must be in your Inventory when Draining any Animal Hearts, Honeycomb icon.png Honeycomb, Leech icon.png Leeches, Cracking Any Poultry Egg icon.png Any Poultry Egg, or Melting Packed Snow icon.png Packed Snow otherwise the liquid will be lost. Liquids of the same type can be combined so long as there is room in the Vessel, but generally, liquids of differing types cannot.

Vessel Carrying Capacity Primary Function Notes
Glass Vial icon.png Glass Vial 0.1 liters Dehydrating
Barkcup icon.png Barkcup .2 liters Drinking
Flask icon.png Flask 1 liters Drinking
Goat Horn icon.png Goat Horn 1.5 liters Drinking
Golden Goblet of Concord icon.png Golden Goblet of Concord 2 liters Drinking Item from Developers.
Clay Pot icon.png Clay Pot 5 liters Boiling
Copper Pot icon.png Copper Pot 10 liters Boiling
Bucket icon.png Bucket 10 liters
Pale icon.png Pale 15 liters Store Bought.

Game Menu
Craft (C) ⇒Tools (T) ⇒Pots & Pans (P) ⇒Clay Pot (L)