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Wander icon.png Wander
Skill(s) required:
Object(s) required: None


Wander icon.png Wander is a Foraging Movement which, when toggled on, drains Blood and Phlegm, but increases your Movement speed and the amount of Foragables your will find in the wild.

Foraging Movements

Foraging Movements are Movement Actions which increase the amount of Foragables that you will find in the wild. Toggling on a Foraging Movement will drain the corresponding Humour until it is toggled off again. A Foraging Movements will automatically turn off if any of the Humours it drains gets too low.

Action Extra Foragables Speed vs Walk Drains
Forage icon.png Forage High Slower Yellow Bile and Phlegm.
Wander icon.png Wander Moderate Faster Blood and Phlegm.

Game Menu
Movement (M) ⇒Wander (w)