Stuffed Turkey

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Stuffed Turkey icon.png Stuffed Turkey
Skill(s) required:
Object(s) required:
Weight: 0.50
 Second Stage:
Object(s) Required:


Crafting a Stuffed Turkey icon.png Stuffed Turkey will make an Unbaked Stuffed Turkey icon.png Unbaked Stuffed Turkey which can then be baked in Any Stove icon.png Any Stove to produce a Stuffed Turkey. Right-clicking a Stuffed Turkey and selecting "Cut Up" will give you 2x Domesticated Turkey Breast icon.png Domesticated Turkey Breasts, 2x Domesticated Turkey Wing icon.png Domesticated Turkey Wings, 2x Domesticated Turkey Drumstick icon.png Domesticated Turkey Drumsticks, and 2x Domesticated Turkey Thigh icon.png Domesticated Turkey Thighs. When Cutting Up a Stuffed Turkey there is a chance to also receive a Last Wish-Bone icon.png Last Wish-Bone, The Elusive Last Bone icon.png The Elusive Last Bone, Turkey Gizzard icon.png Turkey Gizzard, Turkey Heart icon.png Turkey Heart, Turkey Liver icon.png Turkey Liver or Turkey Neck icon.png Turkey Neck. A Stuffed Turkey has a higher chance of receiving these rares than a Stuffed Wild Turkey icon.png Stuffed Wild Turkey.

Game Menu
Craft (C) ⇒Food (F) ⇒Poultry & Fowl (P) ⇒Stuffed Turkey (Y)