Timber Rattler

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Timber Rattler icon.png Timber Rattler
Where found:
Skill required: Small Game Hunting
Blood (health): 7.5
Liftable or Inventory?: Inventory
Item(s) gained:
NOTE: Items and quantities depend upon skills known.
Item(s) on pickup:
Item(s) gained:
Rare item(s):
Timber Rattler


A Timber Rattler icon.png Timber Rattler is an aggressive Creature which can be found in nearly all the biomes of the New World, but is most commonly found in the Badlands icon.png Badlands and Crag icon.png Crag biomes. Rarely Timber Rattler can be found underneath when Lift icon.png Lifting Hollow Log icon.png Hollow Logs. Timber Rattlers avoid all Bodies of Water icon.png Bodies of Water, even The Shallows icon.png The Shallows. Timber Rattlers don't like Rat icon.png Rats and Rabbit icon.png Rabbits and can often be found attacking them. Timber Rattlers are usually found in groups of three.

Combat Behavior

Attack Blood Damage Effects
Bite icon.png Bite 0.4-.0.5 Imbalance icon.png Imbalance Timber Rattler Poison icon.png Timber Rattler Poison

Timber Rattlers are aggressive; they will attack any pilgrim who wanders too close. Bite icon.png Bite is a Timber Rattler's only attack and while it is not particularly powerful, Timber Rattler Quetzalcoatl Poison icon.png Venom is powerful and will drain your Phlegm if not cured with Rattler Serum icon.png Rattler Serum.


A Timber Rattler, once killed, can be picked up and stored in your inventory as a Dead Timber Rattler icon.png Dead Timber Rattler. When picking up a Dead Timber Rattler there is a chance to receive a Rainbow Scales icon.png Rainbow Scales. NOTE: Butchering a Dead Timber Rattler with any levels of Madness runs the risk of being forced to temporarily wear Snake Whiskers icon.png Snake Whiskers.

With the Hideworking Skill, Butchering a Timber Rattler will yield 1x Raw Snake Skin icon.png Raw Snake Skin.

With all relevant butchering Skills learned, butchering a Timber Rattler will always yield:

There is a chance to get various rare items from Butchering. This chance is much higher with the Viscera & Bits Skill learned.