Oiled Board

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Oiled Board icon.png Oiled Board
Skill(s) required:
Object(s) required:
Weight: 2.50

How to Make Planed and Oiled Boards

  1. Using the Plane Board icon.png Plane Board action and a Carpenter's Bench icon.png Carpenter's Bench plane your Dry Board icon.png Dry Boards. If successful you will create a Planed Board icon.png Planed Board. If unsuccessful you will receive 2x Wood Choppings icon.png Wood Choppings instead. Your success rate can be increased by your Woodworking Artifice Bonus. When creating Planned Boards there is a chance to receive High Notes of Amber Resin icon.png High Notes of Amber Resin. This chance is also increased by your Woodworking Artifice Bonus.
  2. Select a Vessel of at least 2x Liters of Vegetable Oil icon.png Vegetable Oil and right-click it onto an Oiling Trough icon.png Oiling Trough.
  3. Right-click on your Oiling Trough to open it and place up to 8 Planed Boards inside.
  4. In about 2 days the Planed Boards will become either Oiled Board icon.png Oiled Boards or Warped Board icon.png Warped Boards at about a 50/50 chance. Each Board will consume 2x Liters of Vegetable Oil. Warped Boards can be re-planed back into Planed Boards to try again.

CAUTION: An Oiled Board counts as a Board icon.png Board in recipes, when crafting make sure the correct item is selected. An Oiled Board can be stored in a Stockbin icon.png Stockbin.