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Welcome to the Wiki for Salem: The Crafting MMO

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Best way to get wrong or missing content fixed, is creating an account and editing by yourself. ;o)
In Reason of hints to the content you can also use #wiki in Discord or the Wiki General Update Reports at Forum.
Remember not to post anything about witchcraft, it will get deleted!
A bit History:
This wiki has been created by a copy of the original in February 2018. Thank you Sabinati for your all years caring for the old wiki.
For old User who have no access yet it is necessary to PM Kralith in Discord or Forum to get their Accounts back.
And for History icon.png History Reason i would be glad if people try to collect the old stories in there! *point on the page at the beginning of the line*

May the wiki help you! Good Luck! And remember: Never trust anyone!