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This is a list of updates as found on the forums and a summary of their effects. Additional information, if applicable, can be found under the page of each update.

Updates in 2015

Update Name Date Details Link
RELEASE! *Salem 1.0.0*: Greener Pastures June 19, 2015

Start of the first Expedition with Server Popham.

  • Animal Husbandry
  • Statues
  • Cannons
  • Booby Traps
  • Cheese Making
  • More Witchcraft
  • Several other things
*Salem V.1.0.1*: Nubfood Tweaks June 22, 2015
  • Food Balance: some buffs and nerfes on Noobfood
  • Some other balance things
*Salem V.1.0.2*: Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered June 25, 2015
  • New NPC in town on Popham who sells Piglets.
  • Thornbush Flowers can now be visually seen if they are on a Thornbush.
*Salem V.1.0.3*: Popham Witchery July 12, 2015
  • A Ritual has been added that will allow Witches to learn their trade on Popham.
  • Turtles can now be poisoned with a diet consisting of Flame Azalea.
  • Other Animals are now for sale from the Popham Vendor.
  • Several Fixes and minor changes
*Salem V.1.0.4*: Hide Yo' Kids, Hide Yo' Livestock August 16, 2015
  • Players may now build an Ark on Popham.
  • Animal Sickness Rebalance & Bugfixes
  • Changes to Rubble and Gem Hardness
  • Stamp Mills have been further buffed and are now extremely quick.
Don't be a fool - Wrap your Authority Object September 09, 2015

The forgotten patchnote

  • Authority objects under Trial By Fire are destroyable regardless of there being silver in the bell.
*Salem V.1.1*: Passive Prof Gains October 22, 2015
  • New Mechanic: Passive Proficiency Gains
  • Insanity Rebalances
  • New Skill: French Tickler - Players may now tickle each other.
  • New Skill: Wrangling - Players may now Wrangle each other (and animals).
  • Store Updates: Two New Hats in Mystery Hat Box; Peacock Masque is now a legacy item and can no longer be obtained via Hat boxes or in game.
Remember, Remember.... November 05, 2015
  • Players may now begin crafting Pagan Masques. Currently these are just inspirationals. However, we spent a fair bit of time working on the possibility of Paganism and what more we could do with it.
  • Players now require the skill "Bullying" to push other players.
  • New Mini-map Graphic has been added to the radar for all animals
  • KOing in the stocks will now cause permadeath.
*Salem V1.1.1*: Mo Ballin' Snow Ballin' December 15, 2015
  • Players may now throw snowballs at each other, gathered from snow piles which can be found around Providence.
  • A handful of goodies from the Inspirational contest have been pushed. I will leave it to Marp to alert the winners and hand out prizes.
*Salem V1.1.2*:Tick Tock The X-mas Clock December 16, 2015

Tonight our patch will be re-implementing some familiar questing from last year with some small differences.
Pilgrims will once again have the opportunity around town to be either Naughty or Nice.
Once a Pilgrim becomes Naughty or Nice they will receive a buff to that effect.
Players may not get both buffs.
The buffs should last until X-mas and will determine the gifts that Santa gives you.

  • Players may now hide ticks in clothing. Ticks carry diseases.
  • Players with Bullying may now interrogate Gingerbread Men
  • Cooking over a fire Passive Proficiency Gain now 3 up from 1.
*Salem V1.1.3*:& All through the house... December 22, 2015
  • Sleeping Overhaul: Changes to Beds with maximum inspiration gain, New Item Category: Pajamas
  • Aggressive Insanity: New Building: Crab on a spike
  • Minor Changes: adjusting some spawnrates of animals
*Salem V1.1.4*:Jingle Bombs December 24, 2015

Raiding Changes: Massive Changes to Raidsystem. Stage 1 - read forumpost for more information.

  • New Siege & Defensive Structure: Mortar
  • New Skill: Long Range Bombardment
  • KOing while under the crime debuff now causes permadeath. (please refer to V1.1.5)
  • New Building: Players may now build Iron Walls
  • New Building: Barrel of Tar. Can be launched out of Long-Range Mortars.
  • New Building: Baby Brazier. Fires extremely fast. Extremely short range. Can be carried and moved to the side of your base under attack.
  • Torch Posts have been nerfed and now fire slightly slower
  • New Combat Debuff: Concussion. Players may receive head trauma from being too close to blast radius from mortars.
  • The distance one has to run to run off crime debuff is now dramatically less. Approx half the distance of a trial by fire
  • Tea now recovers your SOFT humours, not your HARD humours. But more importantly not allow regeneration of biles when your regen is halted.
  • Whipping a criminal now does a MINIMUM of 5 Bile Drain per whip.

Misc Changes & Content

  • Livestock that died to sickness or combat should no longer keep attempting to eat out of troughs when dead.
  • Savage Charms now take a full hour to despawn when thrown on the ground.
  • Sifting Pan now unlocks with mineralsifting instead of mining.
  • Crab On a Spike, Braziers, and Torchposts now all decay when not on a claim.
  • Players may now put Rattler Serums in Potion Racks.
  • Players may now put Quetzalcoatl Serums in Potion Racks.
  • Players may no longer sleep in beds which are on the providence town claim.
  • Fix'd a bug where Night Stands wouldn't display the item on them until the tile loaded again.
  • Turkey Droppings & Fertile Turkey droppings now add influence as a fertilizer as well.
  • New Item: Guano. Works as fertilizer
  • Players may no longer lasso a KO player
  • Players may no longer lasso a dead player.
  • New God command that lets me disease players simply by clicking on them.
  • Added additional safeguards against livestock changing from dead behaviors to sick behaviors.
  • New Decorative Object added to Providence: Kegbarrels.
  • New 2D art added for Pinata Pole.
  • Steel Pickaxe now weight slightly more than regular pick axe.
  • Harvesting a field now uses more phlegm.
  • Harvesting a field now takes slightly more time.
  • 2D art for Lunar Cape has been modified (Y1Q2), Loyalty Reward Item.
  • Fix'd a bug that caused server crashes with Darkenbear Eyeballs.
  • Plucked Wild Turkeys now compost for 4.0 down from 7.0.
  • Waxen Candle inspirational has been nerfed into the ground.

Store Changes

  • New Mystery Tool Added to Mystery Toolbox: Scythe. A Scythe will dramatically speed up the time it takes to harvest a field.
  • A new hat has been added to the mystery hat box.
  • A new cape has been added to the mystery cape hanger.
  • Apothecary Kit from store now has a Serpent Serum in it in place of one of the snake oil potions.
*Salem V1.1.5*:Jingle Bombs Adjusted December 27, 2015


  • Crimes no longer permakill the raider.
  • Whipping Damage has been adjusted down.
  • Running off Crimes has been re-written to be adequate to a world without raid-tea.
  • Standing around on an enemy claim now drains significantly more black bile.

Other Stuff

  • Honey now boosts biles closer to 25% up from 10%.
  • Royal Jelly now spawns in 1-3 down from 2-5.
  • Royal Jelly is now a fairly good inspirational.
  • Draining Honey from a Bee Skep now takes significantly less time.
  • Plucking a Turkey has been Buffed to 15 Flora & Fauna
  • Cracking an Egg has been buffed to 5 Flora & Fauna
  • Players may now put their Amethysts inside their Iron Walls.

Mini Update #1

  • There is now a sound effect when 'locking' onto an object to give an audible queue you have done so.


  • P-Claims that are out of silver are now lootable without leaving crimes or scents.
*Salem V1.1.6*:The Crows Are Coming! The Crows Are Coming! December 28, 2015

New Store Item: Harvest Pack: With Scarecrow and cornucopia. Seasonal Storepack for 5$


  • Crows are largely cosmetic creatures when found in the wild.
  • Crows will accompany new technology that will let us choose to spawn animals on claims.
  • Should a crow walking around inside your base manage to get to your fields and stay there pecking them for too long he will ruin them by dramatically increasing the upkeep for the next plant cycle.
  • Crows can be shoo'd away by either running at them and scaring them away, or by a scarecrow.

New Stock Bin

  • Players may now stockpile dross in quantities of 1,000.

Beauty & The Balance

  • New Psychoatic Episode. Players will now sometimes create questionably effective nails.
  • Royal Jelly buffed slightly
  • Players now passively gain 10 Flora & Fauna for each piece of honey drained from a skep.
  • Les Fleurs du Mal now gives 5 uses and requires 2 more bones and a piece of beeswax. Values have been tweaked.
  • Coin collection now has 5 uses and has had its values tweaked.
  • Steel shovel now digs slower on clay.
  • Phlegm use to dig in clay has been raised from .15 phlegm to .6 per piece of clay.
  • Leather, Cotton, Egyptian, & Sea Isalnd Seed Bags now display how many seeds they can hold in their Craft-Menu Tooltip.
  • Cotton Swabs now weigh .13KG When cleaned they weigh .11KG, and when turned into a cotton cloth it weighs .85KG
  • Booby Trapped chests now require different subset of skills for unlocking each chest:
    • Grenade Chests now require Boobytraps & Handheld Explosives
    • Snake Chest now requires Boobytraps & Small game hunting.
    • Plague chest now requires Boobytraps & Folk Medicine.
  • Fix'd a typo in Feline Pajama pants in the craft window.
  • Potion Racks and Book Shelves may no longer be locked.
  • Fix'd a bug where chests and containers would play their sound effect even when you were unable to open them (locks or crimes).
  • Extracting Honey from a Bee Skep now costs Phlegm.
  • Dross now has a new ground graphic when dropped.
  • Players now gain 7 Stocks & Cultivars for each item crafted on a Grindstone.
  • Grindstone now has a custom animation
  • Grindstone now has a custom sound effect
  • Grindstone speed has been buffed
    • Note: We are aware this probably works dumb with copper grinder and will make adjustments in the future to try to seperate these structures with their own unique sound effects and animations.
  • Crafting with a Crucible now provides a passive gain of 7 Sparks & Embers.
  • Crab Meat can now be thrown in compost bins as well as acts as an decent food for turkeys.
  • Feeding Grubs to Turkeys has had the value buffed.
  • Beetles may now be thrown in compost bins and work as the same quality of food for turkeys as grubs.
  • Working a Trip hammer, be it for pounding raggy pulps or for working blooms now requires phlegm.

Mini Update #1

  • Players may now stock pile Clay.
  • Players may now stock pile Metal Bars
  • Bricks may now be stocked into quantities of 600.
  • Trees now shatter to blocks when DIRECTLY falling onto things. Players standing directly under a tree will also take blood damage. I reserve the right to cause falling trees to damage your walls, houses, and bases in the future. Plan accordingly as if one day I do.

Mini Update #2

  • Salamanders may spawn on Claims.
  • Houses can now be locked under the same lock & Key mechanic used for chests.
  • Porting to and from your homestead is now 20 seconds, down from 40.
  • Crows spawn slightly less.

Mini Update #3

  • Players may now load up their Stock Bins with Cotton Cloth.
  • The inventory size of all tables has been significantly buffed.
  • Fix'd issue with cotton swab weight where recently posted values were actually reversed.
  • Repaired some memory leaks involving the stockades.
  • Players may now carry Piggy Banks even if they are full of coins.
  • Stampmill Inventory size has been doubled.
  • Roasted Pumpkin seeds now provide 50% more heal value.
  • Concordant of Worms now has 5 uses, up from 3.
  • Crows now spawn slightly less.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing scarecrows to scare in a smaller range than their radius was suggesting.


  • Playing with baby animals is now significantly more effective.
  • A Player must be signficantly closer to the event of a baby animal dying to gain insanity.
  • The amount of insanity gained when witnessing a baby animal dying has been lowered.
  • The Amount of insanity gained when naming an animal that has already died has been increased.
  • Players now Passively gain 20 Flora and Fauna when playing with baby animals.
  • There is now a sound effect when you successfully attach a lead rope to your animal.

Updates in 2016

Update Name Date Details Link
*Salem V1.1.7*: Couch Potato January 06, 2016

New Store Item: Classic Sofa

  • Restores yellow bile over time and restores small amounts of inspiration while being used.
  • Has a chance to proc 1,000 inspiration.
  • This first piece of furniture is being priced at $9.99.

Sound Re-Write

  • Some core ways that we play sounds have been rewritten.
  • Washing Ragballs now makes a sound.

Beauty & The Balance

  • Lean Rabbit now requires less carrots, a regular game cut, and no colewort to create.
  • Berry Bar now provides more humours for gluttony, requires only 1 turkey egg, and restores poultryfood slightly
  • Barley Cakes now require only 1 turkey egg and restore poultryfood slightly
  • Crickebab now requires 1 bug and no longer requires a morel
  • Capacity of finery forge has been increased.
  • Running bellows now requires phlegm.
  • Cutting Cloth into rags no longer brings up a flower menu. Beware it will now instantly cut your cloth into rags.
  • Cutting cloth into cloth now yields 3 rags per piece of rags.
  • The passive gains to Thread for cutting cloth into rags is now 12, up considerably.
  • Brown Pants now require 2 Hides, up from 1.
  • Rye Bread no longer requires salt.
  • Rolling various doughs at a baking table now makes a unique sound effect.
  • Using a Rolling pin when rolling doughs more than doubles the chance to get a Gingerbread Man and also allows in rare cases two gingerbread men to be obtained.
  • Face in the dross has been buffed.
  • Drying Frames in Mortars have been nerfed.


  • Players now require Pig Keeping to gather lard from Pigs.
  • If players have prayed to a statue, when trying to pray again the system message will display how much time is remaining before they can do so.
*Salem V1.1.8*: Windmill Revamp January 08, 2016

Windmill Revamp

  • WARNING: JC decided to leave legacy windmills and they "SHOULD" work like they did before more or less.
  • To gain the functionality of the new Windmills you will unfortunately need to build it again.
  • Windmills are now 3 stories with more generous allotment of tiles inside.
  • Windmills now have their own music while inside.
  • The Windmill grindstone now acts in 3 parts. The bottom holds 1 Thousand kg of flour or cornmeal in a similar fashion to a barrel. The middle part is simply for looks and to get in your way when traveling to the 3rd floor. The top piece is where you load your grain. The interaction with the top floor is the same as before with the difference that the flour does not go in your inventory but instead fills up the bottom windmill grinder. The speed of all this is 50% ticks so processing large chunks of flour is now faster on average.
  • There is no safeguard if you overspill. If you attempt to put more than 1000 KG of grinding in a session the flour will just spill out onto the floor and be wasted. If you are doing a massive session on an already nearly fill windmill it is best to have a friend watching the bottom and emptying it.
  • Windmill Theory now requires stocks and cultivars in place of mines and mountains.

Networking & Lag Fix

  • Implemented new server technology that will flood out clients who send too many requests to the server. This will decrease both harmful and unfortunately non-harmful activities that have caused server lag in the past. For the record you will need to do quite literally thousands of messages to the server in a second to trigger this, so it is quite impossible to accidentally do this unless you have a malfunctioning or misbehaving custom client, or are attempt malicious things.

New Stuff

  • New Building: Questionably Effective Scarecrow. Works like regular scarecrow, but worse radius.
  • New Building: Makeshift Table. A wonderous creation unlocked from those who are skilled enough to get to Whittling .
  • New Inspirational: Silver Spoon
  • New Artifice: Silver Platter

Beauty & The Balance

  • Broken Bough now provides significantly more fuel than a branch.
  • Side of Venison now requires one chestnut, down from 2.
  • Walk on the wild side now requires 2 of each cut, down from 3.
  • Hovering over the various influence bars on a field now display what crops add to those bars when planted on it.
  • Hovering over the visual meter in a Bee Skep will now display a tooltip telling you it is honey.
  • Hovering over the visual meter in a Compost Bin will now display a tooltip telling you it is Organic Materials
  • Hovering over the visual meter in a Turkey Coop will now display a tooltip telling you it is Turkey Feed.
  • The Cool kids who hang out in the Den have a sick new beat.
  • Simple Table now has 5x5 up from 4x4.
  • Feasting Table has been Graphically adjusted and now has a unique graphic if it has food set out on it or not.
  • Feasting table has had its build materials adjusted.
  • Feasting Table has had its hit box fixed.
  • System message for pushing another pilgrim no longer assumes the character is a male.


  • Checking the Pedigree of your Animal now causes them to make a noise.
  • Highlighting over the bars for your animals now displays what each bar represents for your animals genetic dispositions.
  • Praying at the Piety Statue now shows a number floating above your character representing how much inspiration you gained. This amount is always 10,000 Inspiration for every point of faith and wisdom you have.

Mini Update #1

  • Feasting Table hit boxes adjusted again.
  • Meat Smoker now uses any fuel instead of just only accepting branches.
  • Golden Santa Hat now appears more gold.
  • Home Fries now requires 1 coarse salt, down from 2.
  • Shepherds Pie has buffed status and slightly longer F&F
  • Green Bell Peppers now restore Pumpkin food group instead of slugs & Bugs.
  • The effects of 'anyegg' has been dramatically buffed on a recipe.
  • Recipes made with a Sparrow egg now restore the nut food group.
  • Recipes made with a Turkey Egg now restore the Slugs & Bugs Food Group
  • Recieps made with a Argopelter Egg now restore the Game Food Group.
  • Fish Recipe Iscariot now uses Any Egg.
  • Berry Bar now uses Any Egg
  • Tasty Cakes now uses Any Egg
  • Pumkin Gnochi now Requires Any egg
  • Potato Salad now requires any egg.
  • Shellfish Omlette now requires anyegg
  • Shellfish Omlette now requires 1 egg, down from 2.
  • corn Pudding now requires 1 egg, down from 2.
  • Flesh Covered Gourd has been buffed.
  • Gelatinous Lard now adds less Herbs & Sprouds and more Sugar & Spice
  • Funny Foam now adds Natural Philsophy instead of Sparks & Embers.
  • Really lucky is now slightly more lucky.
  • Ridiculously Lucky is now slightly less lucky but still more lucky than really lucky.


  • Hoof Mouth, Mad Cow, Scrapie, and Swine Flu Suppository have all had their craft menu icon adjusted to their in-game icon.

Mini Update #2

  • Players may now craft Sacks. It is limit to categories related to the gardening profession.
  • Mannequins will no longer take your backpacks or your tool belts.
  • Tool Belts now have more slots.
  • Fixed a bug with Divisionating Slimes that was causing them to divisionate far less than they should.
  • Dropping Wild Sled now makes a sound.
  • Dropping Regular Sled now makes a sound.
  • Dropping a Canoe now makes a sound.
  • Picking up a Canoe now makes a sound.
  • Removing a stashed item from a canoe now makes a sound.
  • Majestic Tailfeather now provides Flora & Fauna in place of Arts and Crafts
  • Justice Points for throwing food at players in the stocks now varies based on what food is being thrown at them.
  • Curious Cabbage now adds more Stocks when studied.
  • Curious Cabbage now mini food restore for Vegetable Food Group.
  • Franklin Bar now has a higher chance to restore all food groups.
  • Franklin bar now restores potato food group.
  • Franlkin Bar now restores fruit food group
  • Franklin Bar now restores domestic meat food group.
  • Fixed a bug in Gingerbread Men.


  • it now requires sheep herding to sheer a sheep
  • Rams now have a rare chance to have a Teasel stuck in their wool when you sheer them.
  • Sheep now provide approx 35% more wool when sheered during a cold snap. Up from 25%
  • Fix'd a bug where female pigs were not butchering correctly and were exhibiting similar bugs Male Pigs had earlier.

Mini Update #3

  • Garlic CLoves now fit in a Garlic Sack
  • Garlic Braids now fit in a Garlic Sack
  • Tables Should now only accept food in them.
  • Prying the face of an oyster and smashing the face of a crab no longer give you a flower menu option.
  • Corn Chowder now takes less crab meat, and cornmeal.
  • Cornmeal Bluegill has had its food debuff values adjusted.
  • Berry Bajiel now 1.5 Hour F&F up from 1 hour.
  • Berry Bajiel now lowers berry foodgroup significantly less.
  • Bottom feeder Bajiel now 1.5 Hour F&F up from 1 hour.
  • Bottom feeder Bajiel now lowers shellfish foodgroup significantly less.
  • Ghost Loaf now has a small pumpkin restore.
  • Empire BLuecakes now has a small mushroom restore.
  • Windy Pooh, Dragonbreath Salad, Pickled Venison, Brown Bread, New England Dinner, has been significantly Buffed.
  • Windy Pooh, DRagonbreath Salad, Pickled Veniosn, Brown Bread, New England Dinner, has had its food group reductions decreased
  • Windy Pooh, Dragonbreath Salad, Pickled Venison, Brown Bread, New ENgland Dinner, has had its F&F reduced.
  • Jelly Roll, Jam Sandwitch, Tamale, Surf & Turf, Jonah & the Whales, Fyne Salad, Sauce Chasseur, WOrtbaked Wortbite, Lillypoultry, Jellypoultry, Tenderbroiled Terraine, has had its F&F Reduced and its food group reductions decreased.
  • New England Dinner now takes Raw Beef Steak.
  • Tamale now takes Raw beef cuts.
  • Tumbleweed now provides slightly less cloak & Dagger.
  • Things with wings now takes only a single cricket.


  • Meat Grinder is now faster on pigs. Same speed for other Pilgrims.
*Salem V.1.1.9*: Superball L! Feb 06, 2016
  • New Skill: Friendly Wagers
  • New Craftable Item: Superball L
  • All users who have recently logged into Salem will find a Gaming Token on their Postmaster
  • Two figures from Far away lands have now arrived in town along with a strange character who seems to govern them. They have announced to the people of Salem that they and their faction will soon be having a tournament of sorts. A grand battle of fiery conflict that dwarfs any and all competitive games, especially those involving small checkered balls kicked around by lesser men. This game is said to be taking place in the following few days and these figures will allow those with the skill Friendly Wagers to bet a Gaming Token on their faction.
  • The factions are The Mustangs Vs. The Cougars
  • Each player may only bet on ONE team. Should you manage to get your hands on multiple gaming tokens and bet on each team the LAST bet will be the one that remains registered to your character.
  • Sometime next week (or late sunday) I will bring the server down again and the Referee standing between these men will then reward a gift to all those who bet on the correct faction that did indeed win.
  • I have made necessary calls to necessary people to make sure that the outcome of Sundays game will be partly determined by how many Salemites with the skill Lucky have bet on each team.
*Salem V.1.2*: Exploring the Bowels Feb 14, 2016

Exploration Events There are now dozens of new items in the game related to special events you can find in the wilderness. Finding these strange, wondrous, or sometimes spooky structures and discovering what they mean is something we're going to leave up to you! This mechanic will most likely need a lot of balance and tweaking that will require use on a large-scale vs. our test server environment. As it stands at launch each season a random number of exploration events will be seeded throughout the world. On Popham that number will be closer to 100 and on Providence that number will be closer to 1,000. The hope is that on each turn of the season the Pilgrims will feel an incentive to leave their base and get out exploring.

Belt Revamp

  • Belts should no longer be thought of as a piece of slottable clothing but instead as an auxiliary equipment slot similar to your purse, keyring, or backpack.
  • Snakeskin Belt, Plymouth Rock Sash, & Highlander Pouch are now known as gadget belts.
  • Tiny Pocketwatch is now a gadget.
  • Wingarangs are now a gadget.
  • All manners of darts are gadgets.
  • Serums are classified as gadgets.
  • Players may now line the entire compartment of their Founding Father's Sash with gold flakes.
  • Players may now store Surveys, Paper, Plotwrits, and Charters in a Pirate Captain's Sash.

Food Changes and New Foods!

  • New Candy: Potootie Stick
  • New Candy: Cream & Cookies
  • New Candy: MarshChirp
  • New Food: Buggy Bajgiel
  • New Food: Nutty Bajgiel
  • New Food: Spore Bajgiel
  • New Food: Butter
  • New Structure: Butter Churn, for making all that butter.
  • New Crafting Submenu: Dairy Foods
  • Players may now bake potatoes.
  • Players may now boil potatoes.
  • New Crafting Submenu: Fruits
    • The Fruit food group is intentionally designed so that it has very limited negative effects to spam it. Primarily to create the appropriate reward to have large fruit orchards while also giving an incentive to gobble up all the fruit you may have become available before it goes rotten.
  • New Food: Players may now craft Berries Jubilee.
  • New Food: Players may now craft fruity salad.
  • New Food: Players may now craft Sweet Jerky.
  • New Food: Players may now craft Delectable Dumplings
  • Garlic mashed potatoes now requires butter and restores Dairy foodgroup.
  • Berry Cobbler now requires less berries, less sugar, takes butter, and restores diary foods.
  • Bush Baby now takes butter and restores dairy food group.
  • Sauteed Shellshrooms now require butter in place of pumpkinseed oil. Restore dairy foods, and no longer require a morel.
  • Johnny Cakes now require butter, less cornmeal, restore dairy, and have had their values buffed.
  • Jalapenos now effect fruit food group and dairy food group.
  • New Skill: Nut Orchards: Required to plant nut trees.
    • Players may now plant Chestnuts, Pine Nuts, Hickory Nuts, and Walnuts directly.
    • Legacy cuttings from these trees have been left intact and will work the way they did but for the time being they are legacy. Chestnuts, Spruce Trees, Hickory Trees & Walnut Trees should no longer offer the ability to strike cuttings as they are now plantable with their nuts.
    • Myrtle Acorn Bushes now replenish in the same manner as all nut trees.
  • The Gluttony Values for Mushroom Frikadels have been adjusted.
  • Fish in the Reeds no longer requires a fire to cook.
  • Bush Baby & Argo Moon have been buffed.
  • Fish in the Reeds no longer requires a fire to cook.
  • Splitting a cabbage now makes a sound.
  • Fruit Foods will turn to spoiled foods after 5 days.
  • Argopelter Variable Eggs benefits now increase only blood but by a larger amount.
  • Argopelter Variable Eggs now restore domestic meats instead of game meats.
  • Argopelter Eggs now yield more yolk.
  • Scrambled Eggs no longer requires the onion.

We Finally Did Something With Fishing! By something. I mean nothing. And by nothing, I mean took massive steps backwards. The general idea was quite simply that no game would be more fun than the current existing minigame. Instead the minigame now exists more in if you can catch the fish, if you have the right combination of bait and pole to catch the fish, and the dynamic sizes of the fish you catch. Most larger fish are indeed harder to catch and will get away etc. etc. It was our opinion that we simply lacked the tools to create this game the way we wanted it. In order to revamp this to our liking we will be implanting more visual HUD overlay bars that you can interact with for things like fishing, archery, etc. But for now, we are taking the approach that this is an improvement in the meantime.

  • Mini Game has been removed.
  • Players may now fish from a longer distance.
  • Each fish caught now has a different weight depending on how long he has lived.
  • The weight of a fish determines the amount of value given when you compost it or feed it to turkeys etc.
  • The weight of the fish now determines how many fish fillets you get.
  • The weight of the fish now determines the gluttony values given when dried.
  • Fish Trap has been renamed to Shellfish Trap and now only catches shellfish.
  • The amount of shellfish collected in a Shellfish Trap has been increased.
  • Alchemy Value & Inspirational values swapped on the Red Herring tooltip.
  • New Cursor Graphic when Fishing.
  • Baiting a fishing Pole now makes a sound.
  • Fish Hooks now have a unique ground graphic when dropped.
  • There is a new Leaderboard for Fishing.

A Couple Things You've Been Waiting for for a Long Time

  • Players may now completely empty a seed bag, or dry goods bag.
  • Herbs can no longer spawn in ridges. The amount of tears being harvested without this will be at an all-time low.

Other New Stuff

  • Players now receive Pinecone Scales when removing scales from a pinecone.
  • New Artifact: Oddly Shaped Pine Scale will sometimes be found in place of a Pinecone Scale.
  • Lumberwood Figurine now takes Pinecone Scales.
  • Base travel time is now 25 Seconds. Up from 20 seconds.
    • New Skill: Sight Seer, decreases travel time to 20 seconds.
    • New Skill: Experienced Traveler, decreases travel time to 15 seconds.
    • New Skill: Expeditious Journeyman, decreases travel time to 10 seconds.
  • Players may now grow Crowberry Bushes and Huckleberry Bushes.
  • Players may now build a toolbox.
  • New Store Item: Night Stands, display the item that you put inside them.
  • There is a new cape for players to craft.
  • A new recipe is now unlocked with Friendly Wagers
  • Coffinplank now has a new graphic when dropped.
  • New Skill: Pajama Knitting for all your pajama knitting needs.
    • Reed Pajamas now take woven reeds instead of regular reeds.
  • New Emote: Hugging
  • New Skill: I Am The Darkness: Players require I am the Darkness to both harvest wingarangs and to throw them.
  • New Skill: Bellows Operation. Players now require the skill Bellows Operation to operate the bellows on a Finery Forge. The idea of this skill and hopefully more skills to follow is that newer players will see an incentive to learn and have the skills required to assist larger towns in labor intensive processes.
  • New Skill: Silversmithing: Silver Spoon, Silver Platter, Silver Circlet, Silver Buckle & Silver Coins all unlock from this skill now.
  • Debasement now unlocks with Arson and Silversmithing.
  • Boomsticks now make in packs up 16 up from 8.
  • New Skill: Plague Handling. Plague Handling allows for the use of diseasing clothes, loading diseased animals into mortars, constructing of diseased booby trapped chests and other mechanics involving disease manipulation.
    • Plague chests now do more than double the disease strength to a player who triggers them.
  • New Creature: Spermwhale
    • Spermwhales will migrate based on the season they are in.
    • Spermwhales can eat a player. Players who spend approx. 1 RL week inside a Spermwhale will die to permadeath.
    • Players who KO inside a Spermwhale will permadie.
    • NOTE: This patch is dropping with his Animations bugged. Marp promises me that we will have fixed animations soon. So yes he looks silly right now when he swims and we plan on having that fix’d soon.

Beauty and the Balance

  • Plague chests now take 30 dead rats, down from 50.
  • Fixed typo with the skill Friendly Wagers
  • All stalls have been reset to 400 silver weekly. In the event NOTHING sells on that stall for the week AND rent was not manually deposited. 2,500 will be deducted from that stalls reserves.
  • A tooltip has been added to both Mannequins and Cupboards to explain they will decay outdoors.
  • Skill Requirements for Compacts has been adjusted.
  • Crucible Bounding box has been reduced.
  • Crucible Now has a sound effect when stirring on it.
  • Crucible Stirring Animation has been redone.
  • Animation for Regain Composure has been redone.
  • Bug fixed with not being able to open smoked oysters.
  • Tea Bushes have gone through a graphical overhaul.
  • New Technology implemented to allow for easier auditing of madness gains.
  • New Technology implemented to allow for easier auditing of disease deaths.
  • Pistols now do an average of 15% damage. up from 5%.
  • Rifles now do an average of 35% damage. Up from 25%.
  • Players may no longer fire guns while mounted.
  • Guns now no longer do % based damage to animals.
  • Slingshots now fire significantly faster.
  • Players may now occasionally find that a snail or caterpillar has eaten one of the vegetables in their pots. If this happens you will get the snail or caterpillar instead of that vegetable. In addition to this the bug will have taken on the purity of the vegetable he has eaten.
  • Players may now put ore in stock bins.
  • Players may now move empty stock bins.
  • There has been a long-standing bug where players who planned their inheritance in a certain way would reflect a lower scalp score than they had in reality at time of death. This bug has been fix'd.
  • The price of a sabre from the store vendor has been increased.
  • Butchering Animals with your bare hands now adds insanity.
  • Removing Pinecone Scales from another players inventory is now a crime.
  • Fix'd Typo in Turkey Liver.
  • Players may no longer poison turtles to death. It was either this or nerf the turtle rattle. And I liked this better.
  • The Mine Ladder has been redesigned to fit future uses and allow for easier clicking
  • Pulling the tail on a salamander will no longer have him jump from the box he is in to your inventory. He will now stay in his container and the tail will appear in your inventory.
  • Mining Phlegm has been adjusted. Mining sets now provide a greater benefit to phlegm reduction. Also, the deeper you are in a mine the more phlegm that is required to dig. Digging on lower levels should now be a significant investment.
  • Sterling Geode now has +15 Mining as an artifice.
  • Arcane Amethyst is now slottable.
  • Fixed typo with the skill Friendly Wagers
  • All stalls have been reset to 400 silver weekly. In the event NOTHING sells on that stall for the weak AND rent was not manually deposited. 2,500 will be deducted from that stalls reserves.
  • Players may now hang jerseys on walls.
  • Jerseys now have unique ground graphics.
  • Grinding Bonemeal now costs more phlegm.

New Things and Changes to Popham

  • Players have discovered a new Drug known as Ballocks.
  • Players may now forcefully inject drugs in one another. Doing so will be aggravated assault.
  • When Praying to statues a T3 witch now receives a message about how many statues remain before she can bring about the apocalypse.
  • Fixed a bug with cannons and closed up a few creative ways to maneuver them while lit.
  • Cannons now blow through almost all buildings in the game including houses, churches & windmills.
  • Cannons should no longer destroy leantos or Pclaims.
  • A cannonball should continue past an alt when fired.
  • Cannonball now has a new graphic when dropped.
  • The code for how frequently animals check to get sick has been rewritten and gone through an overhaul. The net result is that animals should get sick less often and that sickness should now depend on the green bar far more reliably than it did in the past.
  • Squashed two bugs that allowed for dead animals to become sick after they have died to natural causes.
  • The negative penalty for an animal getting sick when not in a barn during a coldsnap has been reduced.
  • The chance for animals to get sick when they have plenty of food has been decreased overall.
  • The chance for animals to get sick when they are hungry and out of food has been increased.
  • The way animals eat has been entirely re-written. Instead of their metabolism (yellow bar) being a highly volatile and random trait it is now far more straight forward. Animals will now eat once a day (previously an animal could attempt to eat as many as 4 times a day). However, the metabolism of the animal will now directly impact the amount of hay they eat at each visit to the trough. The base hay eaten is 2 hay per day per animal. There is then an additional hay eaten for each 10 points of metabolism the animal has. This should cause players to be able to predict and project the hay consumption of their animals far more reliably than before. In addition to this, animals should be consuming less hay on average.
  • Cows, bulls, and calves no longer prefer 4-Leaf Clovers as treats and will happily eat regular clovers as a treat.
  • Goats no longer demand Indian Corn as a treat and will happily take baby corn as a treat.
  • Sheep no longer demand Wild Oats as a treat and will happily take carrots as a treat.
  • Managing temperament of animals has been rebalanced and re-written. It should be generally easier to keep animals happy than before and animals in the extreme Ornery levels should no longer be so exaggerated in their mannerisms.
  • Obtaining a cheese culture that is not farmer's cheese is now more common.
  • Graphics for Lamb from the Popham Animal vendor has been changed.
  • Graphics for Kid from the Popham Animal vendor has been changed.
  • Graphics for Calf from the Popham Animal vendor has been changed.
  • Fixed a bug with the reductions caused in mutton meat.
  • Added flavor text to Pig Snout.
  • Statues now have a mini-map graphic.
  • Statues now play music when they are rendered on your screen.

  • Please note this is by far our largest patch since launch. There are bound to be quite a few kinks due to some fairly massive systems being adjusted. We have done a backup to RIGHT NOW and may or may not have to revert to this backup if we corrupted the way map tiles are saved. Also please report any oddness with whales as soon as it happens. Given that it is a permadeath mechanic I very much do not want there to be any 'issues' with players being stuck in whales, being unable to exit whales etc. etc.

Minipatch #1

  • Events no longer spawn on either a town, pclaim, or the starting town.
  • Tooltip for Scrimshaw pipe has been fixed.
  • Players should no longer get spammed with their mining bonus when they are mining.
  • Players may now put hats in their wardrobes.
  • fix'd a bug that was causing porcupine spines to be laced with drugs.
  • Whale swimming Animation has been adjusted.

Minipatch #2

  • Fixed a bug that was creating a different stomach for each player swallowed by the whale. Multiple players swallowed by a whale will now all appear in the same stomach.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing a whales migration pattern to get messed up after eating multiple players.
  • Whale now makes a sound effect while swimming.
  • Whale now makes a sound effect when he gobbles a player.
  • All Valentine Day Presents should now be pushed to all players who have bought something on the store.

Minipatch #3

  • The contents of the Whale intestines now persist through server restarts.
  • Windmills now make a minor creaking noise as they turn.
  • Firearms requires more C&D and S&E.
  • UI window for Fish Trap now reads Shellfish Trap.
  • Classic Sofas and Nightstands can be carried in and out of houses (to allow you to switch between them). THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT THEY WILL NOT DECAY OUTSIDE. DO not leave your furniture outside or it will become ruined!
  • Players may no longer log out in whales.
  • There now exists a Table in Boston that operates like a Nighstand but cannot be carried.
  • Laced Porcupine spines can now be administered directly to yourself.

Minipatch #4

  • New Food Recipe: Fish Tacos
  • New Food Recipe: Pumpkinbutter
  • Breaded fish fillets are now a frying pan recipe and require 2 parts corn oil in place of sugar.
  • Farmers Omelette no longer requires an argopelter egg.
  • Potato Salad now requires bell peppers instead of onions.
  • Stew has been moved from Domesticated Meats to Potato Food Group.
  • the amount of steaks you get form domesticated animals has been nerfed significantly to accomodate the new balance changes to domesticated meats.
  • New Food Recipe: Slow Roast.
  • New Food Recipe: Scary Stroganoff
  • New Food Recipe: Meatballs
  • Curious Curry has been rebalanced.
  • Frontier Stew has been rebalanced.
  • Tasty Taco has been rebalanced.
*Salem V.1.2.1*: Cold Shoulder Aug 29, 2016

New Major Mechanic: Temperature

  • Each Season brings a new global temperature to the world of Salem.
  • The Temperature inside a house is always nice and cozy.
  • All clothing in Salem now has a Thermal factor. The higher the Thermal Stat, the more insulation it provides from Hypothermia.
  • New Debuff: Hypothermia. Early Hypothermia barely slows the player. The amount the player is slowed increases the more severe the debuff gets. Once the player’s body temperature drops approx 7 degrees he will no longer be able to regenerate humors. Once a player’s body temperature drops 15 degrees he will begin to stop periodically and shiver/shake to raise his temperature. Once a player’s temperature drops 30 degrees he will become frozen until thawed.
  • Players may now craft Wool Blankets. Wool blankets will increase body temperature of a player when they cuddle up in them.
  • Players may now build Igloos. Igloos provide an ability to get warm in the snow.
  • Drinking Broth will counter the effects of hypothermia.
  • Alchemists may now craft a Thermoscope to check the temperature.

Snow Exploration

  • Players may now find shards of ice in the snow.
  • There is a new Exploration Event in the Snow Biome.
  • Players may now craft two new capes.
  • Players may now collect snow and create snowballs.
  • Snowballs now spawn less frequently in the snow.

Login Fix! (And there was much rejoicing)

  • Players may now log on into a bed without the dreaded error message causing them to dump their inventory.
  • Players may now log into a tile occupied by a gate (open or closed) without causing their inventory to dump.
  • Players may now log onto a tile occupied by a leanto without causing their inventory to dump.
  • Players may now log onto a tile with a Claimstone without causing their inventory to dump.

Additional Hydration Benefits

  • Turkey hearts now give more blood.
  • Argopelter Hearts now give more blood.
  • Bear Hearts now give more blood.
  • Consuming Blood as a drink now regenerates your blood as a % base.
  • Consuming Water as a drink now regenerates your phlegm as a % base.
  • New Drink: Glacier Water. Glacier water now regenerates your Phlegm as a % base.
  • Whey now regenerates your yellow bile as a % base.
  • New Drink: Broth. Players may now make different types of broth. Different types of broth now regenerate a percentage of your black bile when drinking them depending on broth type.

A Few Other New Things

  • New Skill: Shellfish Trapping
  • New Skill: Basic Sculptures. Players may now craft chess pieces.
  • New Psychotic Episode.
  • New Exploration Event added for Oak Savannahs.
  • Players may now make a Berry Sack
  • Players may now make my Nutsack.
  • Cutting up Turkeys and Cutting up Argopelters now makes a sound.
  • Players may now craft a new Headdress.

New Menu Added: Furniture

  • Tables and Chairs, Simple Stove, Cupboard, Potion Rack, Bookshelf and Piggy Bank can now be found under Furniture.

Tree Rebalancing

  • Myrtle Acorn Bushes now spawn more Myrtle Acorns
  • Chestnut Trees now spawn more Chestnuts when harvestable
  • Pine Cones now have 2 Pine nuts under each pine scale.
  • Number of Pine Scales from a pine cone have been decreased.
  • Number of pine cones from spruce trees has been increaed.
  • Number of Walnuts has been increased.
  • Number of Hickory Nuts has been increased.

More Balance Changes

  • The Animal Pooping rate has increased.
  • Dried fish have been reworked.
  • Players inside whales now gain insanity at a faster rate
  • Players may now eat and regenerate humors through a rattler poison.
  • Players may now eat and regenerate humors through a Quetzalcoatl poison.
  • Players may now tickle each other indefinitely without having to break.
  • Tickling a player to death adds insanity for all players involved.
  • Taxidermy, Jute, Brick, Cliffside, Fyneemerage, Spring Flower, Purple Petal, & Padded wallpaper. All now require paper to craft.
  • Challenge Authorities may now be destroyed with Mortars.
  • Hit Boxes for baby livestock animals has been dramatically reduced.
  • Hit Boxes for larger adult animals has been slightly reduced.
  • Rat Team Use up to 5 charges from 3.

BugFixes Galore

  • Eminent Domain on a Claimstone will now cause any player bound to that claimstone to have their inventory pop on the ground.
  • It is no longer possible for players to carry Ambergris boulders out of whales.
  • Fixed a bug that was allowing trees to fruit in certain circumstances without being pollinated.
  • Boiled and Baked Potatoes now appropriately lower the potato foodgroup.
  • Fixed the tooltip display on snowballs and tumbleweeds to no longer display alchemy AFTER inspirational values.
  • When a player is abruptly halted from tickling, the receiver of the tickling should stop laughing sooner.
  • Barkpacks should not longer graphically switch to mannequins.
  • Huckleberry and crowberry now require Shrub Orchard like their cranberry/blackberry counterparts.
  • Cooked suckling pigs now count as part of the domesticated meats foodgroup.
  • Crab Cakes now reduce Shellfish Food instead of Seafood.
  • Loyal Lollies now correctly restore Berry Food.
  • The Tooltips in Corn Oil have been reworked so that they are more clear on which corn oil is required. "Corn Oil" now refers to the Generic oil, while recipes using Yellow Corn Oil will specifically call for it now.

Marp’s Been Busy

  • Marp added many unique ground textures, especially for clothes.

*Salem V.1.3*: Flags, Fish & Furniture Nov 20, 2016

Flagpoles Display your loyalties with pride! Salemites may now construct a Flagpole and craft 10 new flags for it. There are actually 30 flags in the game, but it did not seem fitting that most of the fun and silly flags be craftable so those will be used for gifts, events, prizes, and more.

  • Dyes required to craft flags will be added to a town NPC shortly after patch.


  • Players may now make Fish Tanks.
  • All fish in the game now have a unique ground graphic when dropped.
  • All fish may now be placed in your fish tank and will have a unique graphic inside the tanks as well.

Top 10 Store Prizes

  • Top 10 Store Prizes are now live and will be delivered to postmaster later tonight.

Polish & Bugfixes

  • Fixed bug where Albino animals were not displaying correctly on Popham. There is a less than 1% chance animals will be Albino. Previously 50% of those were being 'invisible'.
  • Fix'd a bug with the Ore Smelters. Bar yields are more generous now for alloy bonus users.
  • Fix'd a typo with Harvest Pack
  • Push is now different distances depending on the yellow bile used to push. (Starting with pushers over 100 yellow bile)
  • Berryjuice and Beetlejuice can now be refreshed before they expire.
  • Opening a survey now plays a sound.
  • Tiny Pocketwatch is no longer an inspirational.
  • Tiny Pocketwatch now plays a sound effect when used.
  • Graphics and text is still sub-optimal but improved.
  • Pear trees have had their graphics changed to be more visible when fruiting
  • Snozzberry has had their graphics changed to be more visible when fruiting.

Store Changes

  • Sofa and Nightstand will be shortly moved into the Mystery Furniture Pack. Mystery Furniture Crate has been added in their place with 7 total things in it. Classic Sofa and Nightstands being 2 of those 7 options.

Mini Update #1

  • Players may now craft Flag of Cross of Burgundy
  • Flagpoles may no longer be built in houses.
  • Flagpoles now require wooden handles instead of wood blocks.
  • Clothing Recipes have been altered many now requires dyes.
  • Store Bought Furniture can now be brought up and down stairs.
  • Refreshing Beetlejuice appears to have consequences. This change has been rolled back until I can further evaluate it (reason for last crash).

Mini Update #2

  • Fisherman Clothing now requires more Isinglass to make.
  • Icons for Map Desk and Dresser have been replaced from their placeholder status.
  • Players may now craft the Flag of Germany
  • Stockpiles may now take Hides
  • Stockpiles may now take Leather

Mini Update #3

  • New Skill: Flags & Banners is required for the production of Flags.
  • Mapdesk Inventory icon graphic has been improved.
  • Walk on the wild side buffed
  • Moths are much less attracted to wool blankets now.
  • Salted Radish Buffed
  • Snake in the grass now takes intermediate cooking.
  • Recipes for Garden Veg, Wild Salad, Tendergrass Rump, Snake in the Grass, and Dragonbreath Salad have been changed.
  • Vegetables and Cabbage are now seperated foodgroups.
*Salem V.1.3.1*: Holiday Cheer Dec 17, 2016

New Things

  • Players may now craft Fur Pants.
  • Players may now craft a reindeer mask
  • Players may now craft Wreaths.
  • New Fancy Chair added to Mystery Furniture Pack.

Hypothermia Changes

  • When the season changes to an everbloom a loaded ice block player is thawed out of his ice and his Hypothermia buff is removed.
  • New Help window will pop up explaining the effects of hypothermia and how to counter them the first time a character encounters the hypothermia debuff. This will then also be available in the character help screen in Paginae windows.

Bug & Quality of Life Fixes

  • When a house with Scents is destroyed the scents should be displayed in the ouside world.
  • Fields now round (up) on their upkeep percentages to be more accurate if they are going to require more than the minimum amount of humus or seeds.
  • Typo fixed in the Plague Handling skill.
  • Equipping fishing bait and removing fishing bait now makes the slotting sound.
  • Blindfold now takes red dye instead of cranberries.
  • Windchimes moved from the "Collections" Paginae Menu to the "Decoratives" Paginae Menu item.

Santa Marp

  • Used Christmas Magic to put snow in Town that doesn't carry the same freezing effects of snow on high mountains.
  • New Decorations added at the request of Santa Marp.
  • New Toys and Gifts added at the request of Santa Marp.
  • Implemented Artist Competition Reward that was long over-due for Marp's Art Contest.

*Salem V.1.3.2*: DarkenBoom Dec 20, 2016

In Reason of a used bug in case of Darkenbear Eyes JC had to employ Hagatha. At the moment it is not possible to create new Homonculus and the Pentagram was removed. Some Witchcraft spells are now changed or not possible until the requirements will be replaced.

New Flags

  • New Craftable Flag: Deerskull
  • New Craftable Flag: Grand Duchy of Lithuania
  • New Craftable Flag: Ming Dynasty
  • New Craftable Flag: Portugal
  • New Craftable Flag: Sweden

New Foods

  • New Candy: Candied Kale Chips. Can be found everywhere candy is normally found. Restores Cabbage Food Group.
  • New Craftable Food: Saurkraut

Minor Tweaks

  • Additional Toy added for Santa Marp.
  • New Help Menu Icon Art for Hypothermia, Town, Terraforming, Farming, and Combat to better suit the grahpic style of the other help Paginae icons.
  • Players who have received and Eye for an Eye now graphically display their hook hand.
  • The Hook hand still disables the use of any tools, weapons, and use of the right hand but no longer gives a speed reduction.

Updates in 2017

Update Name Date Details Link
*Salem V.1.4*: Craving some Changes Nov 06, 2017

Major New System: Cravings

Over time players will begin craving a food. When a craving strikes a small dropdown near your gluttony forks will appear with an image of the food that you crave to eat. Players may choose to ignore cravings without penalty. However, if you choose to eat a piece of food which shares the same food group as what you crave then you will instantly gain a single humor point in a random humour. If you choose to eat the exact food that you crave, then you will instead gain 1 to EACH humour. As players advance in the world of Salem they will find that not only does their pallette begin to diversify on the types of foods that they begin to crave, but also that the time between cravings extends as well. This system is not intended as a replacement for the existing gluttony system, but it is our hopes that these small meaningful mini-goals can both assist a new player in providing some direction while also providing a nice supplement and alternate way of advancement to seasoned veterans as well.

Major New System: Trade Orders

His Majesty has recently had a need for some obscure items more commonly found in the new world. Being the master of supply and demand that he is he has decided to task the collection of these items on Salemites and promises unlimited power, neverending wealth, and plenty of luck to all who assist him. The first 10 tasks given will yield small amounts of silver and will be a test to insure that he is only working with the most dedicated of the bunch. Once a player completes the entry tasks then a Trade Order from his Majesty is then randomized ranging in both difficulty and scaled appropriately by how many Majesty IOU's a player may get. Trade orders can be traded amongst each other, may be filled with items and turned in by any player, and can be pulled down twice a day regardless of if you have completed the last one. His Majesty stall will begin filling with rewards but any items found on his stall may only be redeemable via the IOU's generated through this system.

  • New Exploration Event: A traveling merchant who frequently herds animals for Darwoth accross great distances has mysteriously disappeared, as such small packs of baby animals can be occasionally found in an autumnal forest.
  • New Clothing Item: Guise of the FurFur
  • New Inspirational: Prince Ruperts Drop.
  • New Structure: Countryside Cupboard Unlocked with Rustic Furniture.
  • New Item: Egg Basket
  • Wingarangs now behave more like Footballs.
  • Stratified Layer now takes any bone instead of bones.
  • Rotten Fruits now weigh slightly less than they did when they were not rotten.
  • Players may no longer carry things on mounts.
  • Big Game has developed an immunity to rattler poison.
  • Monsters have developed an immunity to rattler and Quetzalcoatl poison.
  • Marp now has a god command to reset the best seller list.

Mini Update #1

  • Pushed a fix which should resolve the Marp Birthday Hat Bug.
  • Fixed and issue where you could repeat 1 of the 10 starter trade order quests. This resulted in free 2-5 silver per turn-in every 5 minutes so mild in nature but closed all the same.
  • Salvage speed was still on test-server setting. Slow-down applied. May still be too fast, may be too slow. Open to feedback.

Mini Update #2

  • Materials on secondary cornerposts adjusted up so that they are always more than 50% of an original cornerpost.

Mini Update #3

  • Exploration Events should spawn more frequently than they have been in areas densly populated by objects.
  • Bile drain while standing on an enemy claim has been signficantly reduced. To approximately 1/3rd as point out for the first time on these forums here: [21]
  • Vampire Trade Order no longer gives a Trade Order IOU.
  • King Charles Cape now displays correct tooltip as a loyalty reward.
  • Fixed issue that allowed wingarangs to be thrown without the appropriate skill.
  • Indian Cotton Balls may now be used in crafting.
  • Players may now correctly craft Flag of the Ming Dynasty.
  • New Variable Clothing Recipe added.
  • Popham Whip has been fixed for real this time.
  • Improved Functionality to the Egg Basket
  • Golden Rewards for 2017 have been added and will be distributed shortly after restart

Mini Update #4

  • Mermaid IOU adjusted down from 6 to 5.
  • Turkey Hearts now Accept into Trade Orders.
  • Backpacks now Accept into Trade Orders
  • Curious Cabbage now accepts into trade orders.
  • Smooth Stones now weigh slightly more than regulard stones.
  • Chestnuts and Smooth stones no longer appear in stumps.
  • Mushrooms now appear in stumps.
  • Fireplaces now heat up twice as fast.

Mini Update #5

  • Players may no longer lift objects while mounted.
  • Players may once again destroy claimstones that are out of authority.
  • The server select screen on the tutorial no longer encourages popham as an option and states its winner on the tooltip.
  • Alchemy robes is now accepted in Trade Orders
  • Rattle Rattler is now accepted in Trade Orders
  • Grass Whistle is now accepted in Trade Orders
  • Rock Maracas is now accepted in Trade Orders
  • Alchemy hat is now accepted in Trade Orders.

Mini Update #6

  • Executioners Whip now whips twice again.
  • Starburst Rubellite is now accepted in Trade Orders.

Mini Update #7

  • Trade Orders now require a minimal amount of playtime in an interval relating to the 12 hour cooldown. This should discourage alt-spam for trade orders.
  • His Majesty stall has had additional stall rewards added.
  • Special Note. The Masonic Necklace system is something that we plan to expand on in the near future. Marp is still refining graphics, and I can assure Salmites that they will be interested in climbing the ranks. Since I don't anticipate the next patch until the 1st week of December at the soonest I felt it reasonable that we at least let you begin advancing down that path sooner than later. Also, it is not a bug that if you fail to upgrade your status you lose the necklace and all progress thus far. Contemplate your upgrades carefully.
*Salem V1.4.1*: Jingle Jumble Dec 11, 2017

New Trade Orders

  • (5) New Trade Orders have been added.

New Content

  • Players may now make Candy Baskets

4th X-mas Event

  • All rewards for this years Christmas event along with the changes to the naughty-nice event are now updated in the code base and ready to drop as the holiday approaches. Watch for Marps normal festive visits. This year Marp demanded that at least one reward be animated.

Bugfixes & Misc.

  • Pinata Poles no longer obstruct players which should make candy more easily picked up.
  • Bugfix: Garlic bread no longer becomes a craving. It has been replaced with Garlic Bread Slices.
  • Weight of Tasty Taco slightly decreased.
  • Bounding Boxes for Barn walls have been reduced. Contemplating letting you build barn walls dynamically for unique barn layouts. No guarantees.
  • Added Two new Developer tools for Marp.

In the Works

  • Masonic uses: Necklaces are live on his Majesty stall and I'm sick that you guys don't have the immediate rewards in place for them. This was a focal/finish point to already launched Trade Orders and I'm intent on making this round out and be complete prior to launching the expedition.
  • Wine is now live on the Test Server. The systems to craft it are now 90% complete. Next week focus will be on polishing up vineyards. Much of my focus is going into trying not be a liar about the (2017) Expedition 2 promise date.
  • Astrology. I couldn't help myself and started working on an astrology system. I'm 50/50 on if I can get this in with expedition content or if it will be a fun thing to throw in shortly after.
  • UI Image Overlays. Simple, thing but still time consuming. Would be a nice technology so that I can draw more dynamic buffs, debuffs, and icons without the need to have custom images made each time and without the need for client changes. Will probably burn some of my time next week on this too because I always like things that make the future development of Salem easier.
  • Combat Revamp. Marp shut me down before I got more than a few hours into it. I still like the direction I was going, and want to entertain using this next expedition as an opportunity to mix combat up a bit. I dislike the idea of tampering with the competitive nature of an expedition but do think that with a few adjustments we could have more engaging combat and a system that allows me to add a new weapon or ability every few months to keep things fresh and establish a meta if you will that changes every so often.
  • HuggleSquirts. Those of you with bots made me mad. And I found a way to both punish you, and lessen the need for botting by diminishing the tedious nature of many base-tasks through the help of HuggleSquirts. I then realized that this could be a really big thing and Marp talked me into it being a possibility for a future expedition instead of letting it destroy my into a hole for weeks/months on end trying to implement it. Take this as the reminder that I reserve the right to bring back SalemMan your friendly bot banner. Knock off the automated tasks on the good faith that I am bringing you some level of integrated automation some day.
*Salem V1.4.2*: Santa's Struggles Dec 17, 2017

Santa Has been Captured!

Our story begins with a lovely gentleman by the name of St. Nick. A man who would visit you each X-mas and bring you presents was preparing for his annual ritual, but something was different this year. He was responding to a letter he received from a small boy who apparently had a single dying wish and the doctors said he wouldn't make it to X-mas so Santa was arriving to his place a week early. Unfortunately, this child turned out to be none other than His Majesty and his wish was that Santa not mess up his latest plans to dominate the market during X-mas.

For his Majesty has developed a New X-mas Wallpaper and placed it on the stalls. It is a marvelous wallpaper, one that he he feels should command a lovely price and he was very concerned upon hearing Santa's plans that all the hustle and bustle of presents and sleds this year would distract from his wallpaper. So he was left with no choice but to Enslave Santa forcing him to work off a tremendous debt before releasing him.

Will you give the captured Santa your IOU's to help him be debt-free with his Majesty and make bail in time for the holidays? Or will Santa be doomed? Only time will tell.

New Trade Orders

  • (3) New Trade Orders have been added.

New Content

  • Players may now make Physician Bags
  • The first skill of Astrology is now live. "Lunar Emulation" may be performed by even the most novice of players.
  • Players can now find a festive Yule Log for a period of time similar to Easter Eggs.
  • New Wall Type: Barn Stalls. Complete with barn Stall Gate. This wall-type can only be built in barns and is slightly stronger than split rails and weeker than stone hedge. All existing Barn Stall segments in existing barns can be salvaged to build your own barn configurations now. Should barns still come with the preconfigured set up when completed for free walls to salvage or re-arrange? Or should I just let them be blank slates upon completion?
  • Wrapping paper has been re-added to His Majesty's stall.

Bugfixes & Misc.

  • BUGFIX: The long-standing bug of animals not showing sickness correctly should be corrected. It should now be far more obvious to tell when an animal is sick.
  • Cows and Bulls no longer make sounds while idlan standing around.
  • Animals that are now sick will voice their concerns and discomfort on a regular and annoying basis.
  • Lambs now have a sickness Animation.
  • Players may no longer milk sick cows and goats.
  • Players may now attempt to milk bulls. With the right community demand I will implement a substance to obtain from this action.
  • The Carpenters of Salem have improved their trade and as such newly constructed barns will have a new graphic for he interior walls. I have decided to leave 'legacy' barns with the old dull walls.
  • In anticipation for a new expedition the Statue of Darwoth from Popham's victory has finally been erected at the graveyard.

In the Works

  • Masonic uses: There was a simple "art" challenge this week that still prohibits the final implementation of the Masonic necklaces. Not the best excuse, but gave me time and energy to focus on other things.
  • Expedition Progress: Vineyard are still under construction. Complications with how the vines will grow have been resolved. This is progressing slower than I want.
  • Astrology. Progress, but still worried about it encroaching on the seasons design space.
  • UI Image Overlays. No Progress this week but this remains on my to-do.
  • Combat Revamp. Still Post-Expedition II
  • Dreamworld Round-Out - Some work went into 'polishing' the system and concepts of Dreamworld a bit to be more integrated into gameplay.. A huge undertaking that I should really stay away from until the expedition is done.
  • HuggleSquirts. Still Post-Expedition II
*Salem V1.4.3*: Santa Escapes! Dec 24, 2017
  • Santa was freed just in time! The same Naughty/Nice Buff system is in place from previous years. His Sleigh is now ready to be constructed, and the man outside the Den has instead lied about Berry Jubilee this year as he secretly wants Butter instead!
  • I'll be popping on over the next day or so and if the Sleigh is completed before X-mas ends I'll be pushing an extra Nice Present to all the boys and girls! This year's present is even Animated! Santa will be delivering Xmas Cookies sometime around the holidays as well! Merry X-mas!
*Salem V1.4.4*: Pressing On Dec 27, 2017

New Exploration Event

  • The Greenwood now has its own unique exploration event! Go and check it out its one of my favorites!

New Trade Orders

  • His Majesty has a new Trade Order!

Salvage Change

  • Players may now only salvage things they know how to build.

Witchcraft Changes

  • Level 7 Incantations now require twice the materials.
  • Sapping Authority from claimstones and town bells now requires that the player be offline for 2 additional days and must be done in the subsequent season after a bloodmoon.

Oil Press Changes

  • The Expedition came with a basket press. And as such it required me to dabble in oilpress code. This may have some unintended complications with your presses. One of which is it may seem like you lost some of your items. But you did not. Just 'scrollwheel' them out. They are still there just might not be visible.
  • Existing Presses are now known as oil presses.
  • Oil Presses now repair with stone.
  • Oil presses blueprints have been changed slightly.
  • Oil Press Inventory has been changed.
  • Oil Press is now slower.
  • Oil Presses now have a unique sound effect when used.
  • Oil Presses now use the Stir Animation. Players encouraged to bug Marp if they want a unique animation.

Bugfixes & Misc.

  • BUGFIX: Trying to char an unattuned doll will instead have it engulfed in flames.
  • BUGFIX: Rattler Poison is now effective on players again.
  • Yule Logs have an additional use.
  • Serums can now be added to Physician Bags
  • Suppositories can now be added to Physician Bags.
  • Curious Potato now acts as a potato restore.

In the Works

  • Launching the Expedition. Then we will focus on what is next.

Old Roadmaps