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Lock icon.png Lock
Skill(s) required:
Object(s) required:
Weight: 0.50


This recipe will make 3x Lock icon.png Locks.

Locks and Keys

In order to use any Master copy of key icon.png Key, it must be Attuned to a specific Lock icon.png Lock AND a specific person. Keys, once attuned, are personal and can only be used by one pilgrim, meaning that stolen Keys or found Keys cannot be used. Keys are automatically Attuned to their creator when they are made. Hovering over any Key will show the Key's name. If the name of the Key is Green it is usable by you; if it's Red it is not usable by you. Right-clicking on any Key allows you to rename it. Up to 8x Keys can be stored in a Keyring icon.png Keyring which can be equipped to the Keyring slot and will NOT be lost if you are Knocked Out. So long as the appropriate Key is in your inventory or Keyring, you may open locked structures simply by clicking on it. CAUTION: Once Gates are opened, they will remain open until you specifically close them or attach the Store Bought Spring icon.png Spring.

Attuning a Key to a Lock

  1. Using an Anvil icon.png Anvil craft a Lock icon.png Lock.
  2. Using an Anvil craft a Master copy of key icon.png Key.
  3. Select your Key and right-click it on your Lock. You can Attune the same Key to multiple Locks.
  4. Select your Lock and right-click it on the structure you wish to lock.

Changing a Lock

  1. Using an Anvil icon.png Anvil craft a new Lock icon.png Lock.
  2. Select your New Key or Master Copy of Key icon.png Master Copy of Key and right-click it on your New Lock.
  3. Make sure you have a properly Attuned Key or Master Copy of Key to your existing Lock in your Inventory.
  4. Select the New Lock and right-click it on the structure Locked by the Old Lock.

Lockable Structures

Structure Structure Structure Structure
Barn icon.png Barn Brick Townhouse icon.png Brick Townhouse Carpenter Chest icon.png Carpenter Chest Chest icon.png Chest
Countryside Cupboard icon.png Countryside Cupboard Crypt icon.png Crypt Cupboard icon.png Cupboard Farmer's House icon.png Farmer's House
Gate Metal Chest icon.png Metal Chest Pilgrim's Hovel icon.png Pilgrim's Hovel Shed icon.png Shed
Small Dresser icon.png Small Dresser Town Church icon.png Town Church Townhouse icon.png Townhouse Windmill icon.png Windmill

Game Menu
Craft (C) ⇒Tools (T) ⇒Miscellaneous Tools (M) ⇒Keys & Locks (K) ⇒Lock (L)