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Pilgrims have four main stats called Humours in Salem, each affected and depleted by various activities.

Phlegm Blood Yellow Bile Black Bile
Health Stamina Strength Intelligence
Raising Will... Raising Will... Raising Will... Raising Will...
Allow you to Drink more, do physical actives for longer. Allow you to take more damage. Allow you to carry more, deal more damage. Allow you to learn more, build more.

Each Humour is represented by three numbers in the format 5.0/5.0/5.0, visible by hovering the cursor over your Humour meter. These numbers are Current Humour / Expected Humour / and Maximum Humour. Humours are typically restored by by eating Food, but your that healing is typically delayed slightly. What you can predict your Humour will be once this delay is over is your Expected Humour. A Humour's Maximum value can be increased with Gluttony. If any of your Current Humour values ever reach 0 you will become Knocked Out.

Affects All Biles:

Action Can It Knock You Out? Notes
Being in a Building when it is Destroy icon.png Destroyed. YES 100% chance to Knock Out
Being in a Building when it is Salvage icon.png Salvaged. YES 100% chance to Knock Out
Being under a Cave-Ins. YES
Being Whipped No Reduces Maximum Humours permanently.
Darkness icon.png Darkness YES
Drinking Honey icon.png Honey No Increases Maximum Biles temporarily.
Eating Rotten Fruit icon.png Rotten Fruit YES
Eating Spoiled Food icon.png Spoiled Food YES
Falling due to a Mine-Down. YES
'Shroom Poisoning icon.png 'Shroom Poisoning No Reduces Maximum Biles temporarily.


Phlegm is essentially your Stamina - raising it will allow you to do nearly all physical activities for longer as well increases your maximum Quaffed & Quenched icon.png Quaffed & Quenched.

Reduces Phlegm:

Action Can It Knock You Out? Action Can It Knock You Out?
Chipping Boulder icon.png Boulders No Climbing No
Chopping No Crafting No
Destroy icon.png Destroy No Dig icon.png Dig No
Forage icon.png Forage No Jump icon.png Jump No
Leap At icon.png Leap At No Leg Sweep icon.png Leg Sweep No
Lift icon.png Lift YES Mine icon.png Mine No
Play YES Quetzalcoatl Poison icon.png Quetzalcoatl Poison YES
Run icon.png Run No Sipping Willowbark Tonic icon.png Willowbark Tonic YES
Sift Rubble icon.png Sift Rubble No Sprint icon.png Sprint No
Swim icon.png Swim YES Till Field icon.png Till Field No
Timber Rattler Poison icon.png Timber Rattler Poison YES Wander icon.png Wander No

Additionally most structures which can be right-clicked and an action selected, drain Phlegm while you are doing that action.

Restores Phlegm:

High Soak Structures

High Soak Structures are structures which require a minimum amount of Phlegm in order to fully Destroy icon.png Destroy it. Having less Phlegm, or falling under that base amount due to drain, will cause the structure to take less and less damage until the damage falls off completely. With the exception of Wall this minimum value is 1000 Phlegm. However, these high Soak Structures can be Destroyed using Greek Fire icon.png Greek Fire. Using Salvage icon.png Salvage, when it is possible, will ignore Soak.


Blood is essentially your health - raising it will allow you to withstand more damage.

Reduces Blood:

Action Can It Knock You Out? Action Can It Knock You Out?
Aggressive Defense Structures No Banding an Ill-Tempered Lobster icon.png Ill-Tempered Lobsters YES
Being Shot ??? Bleed icon.png Bleed YES
Checking a Bee Skep icon.png Bee Skep YES Creature Attacks YES
Max Disease icon.png Disease YES Falling YES
Finding a Needle icon.png Needle YES Hit by Catapult icon.png Catapult YES
Hit with Falling Tree icon.png Tree YES Hit by Long Range Mortar icon.png Long Range Mortar YES
Lift icon.png Lifting a Thorn Bush icon.png Thorn Bush YES Lit Boomstick icon.png Lit Boomstick YES
Opening a Grenade Chest icon.png Grenade Chest YES Picking Thorn icon.png Thorns YES
Picking a Prickly Pear Cactus icon.png Prickly Pear Cactus YES Player Attacks YES
Ravenous Flame icon.png Ravenous Flame YES Snapping a Tinder Drill icon.png Tinder Drill YES
Standing under a Cave-In YES Using a Leech icon.png Leech YES
Wearing a Crown of Thorns icon.png Crown of Thorns YES

Restores Blood:

Yellow Bile

Yellow Bile is essentially your strength - raising it will allow you to Carry More, Forage icon.png Forage longer, and do more damage when Attacking.

Reduces Yellow Bile:

Action Can It Knock You Out? Action Can It Knock You Out?
Attacking No Eating Columbine Paste icon.png Columbine Paste YES
Crime! icon.png Crime! No Forage icon.png Forage No
Fracture icon.png Fracture No Guard icon.png Guard No
Lift icon.png Lift YES Potent Swarm Dart icon.png Potent Swarm Dart No
Push No Swarm Dart icon.png Swarm Dart No

Restores Yellow Bile:

Black Bile

Black Bile is essentially your intelligence - raising it will allow you to place more Structures, commit more Crime! icon.png Crime!s, and it increases your Max Inspiration Points, allowing you to Study more.

Reduces Black Bile:

Action Can It Knock You Out? Action Can It Knock You Out?
Aggressive Defense Structures YES Build icon.png Build No
Concussion icon.png Concussion No Crime! icon.png Crime! YES
Fear icon.png Fear YES Hit by Long Range Mortar icon.png Long Range Mortar YES
Regain Composure icon.png Regain Composure No Shoot icon.png Shoot No
Sneak icon.png Sneak No Sniffing Smelling Salts icon.png Smelling Salts YES
Studying No

Restores Black Bile:

Knocked Out

When any one of your Humours is reaches zero, you will become Knocked Out, also called being "KOed" or "fainting". Upon being Knocked out your will immediately lose 2 Proficiency levels at random, half of your Inspiration, and any buffs you may have. Any items stored in your Inventory or Backpack are dropped on the ground. Items you are equipped items, Silver Pieces icon.png Silver Pieces, or items in your Pockets or Specialty Belts will not be dropped. As items disappear when left on the ground for a few minutes, unless you are quick to return to the spot you were Knocked Out at, these items will most likely be picked up by someone else or permanently lost. Unless you were Knocked Out while under the Crime! icon.png Crime! debuff you will be teleported back to your Homestead after a minute or two, however during this time you are at the mercy of those around you. Any pilgrim may right-click on you and choose "Send Home" to send you to your Homestead early. Pilgrims who have learned the The Rights of Englishmen Skill may right-click on you and choose to "Beat Face" which will Fracture icon.png Fracture your bones before sending you to your Homestead. The items you didn't drop can be stolen from you by those who have learned the Larceny Skill choosing to right-click on you and choosing "L3wt". Or pilgrims who have learned the The Story of Cain & Abel Skill may attempt a Killing Blow icon.png Killing Blow on you which if it lands will Permanently Kill you. Maliciously interacting with Knocked Out pilgrims is a Crime and will leave Scent icon.png Scents and Evidence icon.png Evidence of your Crime. A few Darkness icon.png Darkness Monsters may also attempt a Killing Blow which will Permanently Kill you.

Action Evidence and Crime
Send Home NOT a Crime
Beating your face. Evidence Beatdown.png Evidence of Aggravated Assault
L3wting your items. Evidence Theft.png Evidence of Larceny
Landing a Killing Blow icon.png Killing Blow. Evidence Murder.png Evidence of Murder

Special Cases

There are a few special cases that don't follow the normal rules for being Knocked Out. Many of these cases will result in Permanent Death.

Being Knocked Out What Happens
after experiencing a Mine-Downs Lose items but NOT Proficiencies or Inspiration.
while outside under a Blood Moon icon.png Blood Moon Permanent Death
while inside a Sperm Whale icon.png Sperm Whale Permanent Death
while in the Stocks Permanent Death
while having Max Disease icon.png Disease Permanent Death
while having the Crime! icon.png Crime! debuff Disables respawning to Homestead for 24 hours.