Leap At

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Leap At icon.png Leap At
Skill(s) required:
Object(s) required: None


Leap At icon.png Leap At is a Concussive Attack with a range of about 4 tiles, which if it connects will cause you and your opponent to become Stunned icon.png Stunned with the time of the Stun being different depending on where your opponent is hit - the closer you are to hitting your opponents back, the longer their Stun will be and the shorter theirs. Hitting an opponent on the side will cause you both to be Stunned for an equal amount of time, and hitting them on the front will cause you to be Stunned longer than your opponent Using Leap At consumes both Phlegm and Yellow Bile and does Blood damage based on your current Yellow Bile and your Common Combat Power Artifact Bonus. Using Leap At will give you a small amount of Imbalance icon.png Imbalance. Common Combat Defense Artifacts will reduce the damage you take from the Leap At Attack.

Game Menu
Combat (T) ⇒Attacks (T) ⇒Leap At (E)