Any Axe

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Any Axe icon.png Any Axe
Skill(s) required:
Object(s) required:
Weight: θ


With the Lore of The Lumberwoods Skill learned, and Any Axe icon.png Any Axe equipped, right-clicking a Tree icon.png Tree and selecting "Chop" will allow you to fell that Tree to make a Log icon.png Log. The higher tier the Axe, the faster it Chops. In a pinch an Axe can be used to Chip from a Boulder icon.png Boulders, but it's better to use Any Pickaxe icon.png Any Pickaxe if one is available.

Axe Speed Notes
Flint Axe icon.png Flint Axe Slow
Metal Axe icon.png Metal Axe Moderate
Steel Axe icon.png Steel Axe Fast
Executioner's Axe icon.png Executioner's Axe Fastest
Halberd icon.png Halberd Slow Counts as a Polearm
Golden Halberd icon.png Golden Halberd Slow Counts as a Polearm
WARNING! Using an Axe with any Madness levels runs the risk of it permanently becoming an unusable Questionably Effective Axe icon.png Questionably Effective Axe.