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Backpacks, when equipped to the Backpacks slot, create another Inventory, separate from your main Inventory. When closed, recipes and actions will not look in your Backpack so this is a great way to keep variable crafting items safe, or manage materials when Paving. Items placed in a Backpack have their weight reduced but will still prevent you from Fast Travelling, and, unlike Pockets, item inside WILL be lost if you are Knocked Out.

Backpack Spaces Weight Reduction Notes
Barkpack icon.png Barkpack 16 30%
Backpack icon.png Backpack 20 50%
Redcoat's Backpack icon.png Redcoat's Backpack 20 65% Legacy
Bugpack icon.png Bugpack 24 65% Developers
Pumpkin Pack icon.png Pumpkin Pack 24 65%
Fine Leather Backpack icon.png Fine Leather Backpack 28 65%

Backpack Transports

Backpack Transports are Transport Vehicles which can also be Equipped and transported in the Backpacks slot. To equip an empty Backpack Transport right-click on it and select "Pick Up". For Sleds you may need to make sure you are not currently Pulling it by right-clicking it and selecting "Stop". To unequip a Backpack Transport ctrl+left-click its icon in the Backpacks slot.

Vehicle Cargo Room Use
Canoe icon.png Canoe 1 Over water
Frontier Sled icon.png Frontier Sled 2 Over land
Sturdy Sled icon.png Sturdy Sled 4 Over land