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Big Game

Big Game require the Big Game Hunting icon.png Big Game Hunting Skill to attack and butcher.


Bugs require the Bug Hunting icon.png Bug Hunting Skill to attack.

Domesticated Animals

Domesticated Animals are Creatures which can be raised. Domesticated Animals require the Pig Keeping icon.png Pig Keeping Skill to attack.


Kritters are Creatures that cannot be attacked, but it, or its resources, can be gathered into your Inventory in some way.

Legacy Creatures

Legacy Creatures are Creatures which have either been removed from the game or hinted at existing by the Developers.


Monsters are the strongest class of Creatures and are generally only found in the Darkness icon.png Darkness. Monsters require the Monster Hunting icon.png Monster Hunting Skill to attack and butcher.


Mounts are Creatures which can be ridden to significantly increase your Movement speed. To ride a Mount, right-click it and select "Ride 'em Cowboy!!". To dismount, ctrl-click the ground. Mounts cannot be attacked, killed, or Butchered, nor can you attack or use Lift icon.png Lift from a Mount. Damage taken while mounted will dismount the rider. Actions such as Forage icon.png Forage and Wander icon.png Wander will not drain your Humours while mounted. Mounts will despawn if left unattended or if the server resets. NOTE: If you are disconnected while riding a Mount, you may have to wait 10 - 15 minutes for it to deswpawn before you can log back in without losing your Inventory.

Small Game include:

Small Game require the Small Game Hunting icon.png Small Game Hunting Skill to attack and butcher.


Whales are a unique Creature type which cannot be attack but can be entered instead.