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Leech icon.png Leech
Where found:
Weight: 0.10
Required by: Objects


Leech icon.png Leeches can be found in the Swamp icon.png Swamp Biome. When equipped to the Torso slot a Leech will periodically drain .2 Blood every 10 seconds. If you have Maroon Fever icon.png Maroon Fever each time a Leech drains Blood there is a chance to cure the Disease icon.png Disease. For advanced cases of Maroon Fever you may need to drain a significant amount of Blood. As a Leech consumes more Blood they will also get bigger. Right-clicking an engorged Leech and selecting "Drain" will give you .1 to . 5 liters of Blood of Pilgrim icon.png Blood of Pilgrim depending on how big it got. An empty Vessel, or one already containing Blood of Pilgrim must be in your Inventory when Draining a Leech, otherwise the Blood will be lost. A Leech can be stored in a Physician's Bag icon.png Physician's Bag.

Disease Treatment

Once a Disease icon.png Disease is Diagnosed, it can be treated with the appropriate medication. It may take more than one dose of the medication to cure the Disease, especially if the Disease has progressed particular far, or the wrong cure has been taken. CAUTION: Taking any cure will do .2 damage to the corresponding Humour. While small it is possible to become Knocked Out in this way.

Disease Main Symptom Cure How to Apply Humour Damaged
Big Pox icon.png Big Pox Coughing Willowbark Tonic icon.png Willowbark Tonic Sip. Phlegm
Frontier Flux icon.png Frontier Flux Vomiting Columbine Paste icon.png Columbine Paste Right-click and select "Eat". Yellow Bile
Land Legs icon.png Land Legs Dizziness Smelling Salts icon.png Smelling Salts Right-click and select "Sniff". Black Bile
Maroon Fever icon.png Maroon Fever Headache Leech icon.png Leech Equip to Torso slot and let it drain Blood. Blood