Ravenous Flame

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Ravenous Flame icon.png Ravenous Flame
Skill(s) required:
Object(s) required:
Weight: unknown


When Collecting Charcoal icon.png Charcoal from a Coal Clamp icon.png Coal Clamp with any Madness levels risks a tiny Ravenous Flame icon.png Ravenous Flame appearing in your Inventory. Each second that a Ravenous Flame is in your Inventory it will burn a flammable item such as Any Tinder icon.png Any Tinder, Charcoal, or any item crafted from Wood. As more items are burned the Ravenous Flame will grow larger, speeding up, and once it grows big enough, start to do Blood damage to you. A Ravenous Flame cannot be dropped but rather must be starved, all flammable items must be dropped or otherwise removed from your inventory as fast as possible, once there is nothing for the Ravenous Flame to burn it will disappear.