The Story of Cain & Abel

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The Story of Cain & Abel icon.png The Story of Cain & Abel
"The Story of Cain & Abel grants the ability to murder other Pilgrims."
Skill(s) required:
Proficiencies required:
37500 Cloak & Dagger icon.png Cloak & Dagger
2000 Law & Lore icon.png Law & Lore
11200 Sparks & Embers icon.png Sparks & Embers
Skills Unlocked:
Crafts Unlocked:
Builds Unlocked:
Others Unlocked:

In-Game Text

"And the LORD said unto Cain, Where is Abel they brother? And he said, I know not: Am I my brother's keeper?"

-Genesis 4:9, King James' Bible

The Good Lord has seen fit to record in the annals of his Good Book many a sin committed by man for his flock to read and heed, and for the betterment of their immortal souls. Unto those whose concems lie in the present rather than in the hereafter. The Story of Cain & Abel grants the ability to murder other Pilgrims.

Committing Murder

WARNING! Committing an act of Murder will leave Summonable Evidence that may result being sent to the Stocks or worse!

Murder is an act of Crime where one pilgrim permanently kills another who is Innocent in the eyes of God and King. Murder will leave a Scent icon.png Scent and Summonable Evidence which will remain for 16 days. Murder is generally committed by landing a Killing Blow icon.png Killing Blow onto another pilgrim while they are Knocked Out, however during a Blood Moon icon.png Blood Moon Knocking Out any pilgrim while outside will also Murder then, leaving Evidence Murder.png Murder Scents.

A Killing Blow icon.png Killing Blow is a combat move which can Murder another pilgrim if it is landed under certain circumstances. Technically landing a Killing Blow on another pilgrim who has extremely low Blood will Permanently Kill them, however a Killing Blow is very low damage and has a 10 second wind-up which can easily be cancelled by outside forces, so the most effective means of landing a Killing Blow is to preform it on a pilgrim who is already Knocked Out. Once started, you cannot cancel a Killing Blow, it can only be cancelled by outside forces. Killing a pilgrim will leave Evidence Murder.png Murder Scents.

WARNING! Attempting a Killing Blow adds a huge amount of Insanity, even if the move is interrupted.

Protecting Against Murder


As getting Knocked Out carries the possibility of having your Face Beat or even being Permanently Killed, the best defense is to not be Knocked Out - fighting back may be your only option. Once the Self-Defense Skill has been learned, you will able to fight back. Learning additionally Attack Moves may provide you will more options when fighting.


If you have been Knocked Out by an attacker, once the Yellow Belly Skill has been learned, you may right-click on your attacker and select "Offer Ransom" to offer 60% of the Silver Pieces icon.png Silver Pieces stored in your Bank Account. Your attacker has the option to Accept or Decline your offer, if Accepted, your money will be withdrawn and you will be sent back to your Homestead.

Permanent Death

Permanent Death, also known as "Perma Death" or "Being Murdered", is the end of a pilgrim's life - and that particular character can never be played again, although there are ways to Inherit that character's Stats and Claims. Way to Permanently Die include:

Once Permanently Dead items on your Corpse icon.png Corpse can be stolen from you by those who have learned the Larceny Skill choosing to right-click on you and choosing "L3wt", and your Scalp icon.png Scalp taken by those who have learned the ??? Skill by right-clicking on you and choosing "Scalp". Eventually your Corpse will decompose into a Skeleton icon.png Skeleton and can be Buried.

Criminal Acts

In order to commit most Crimes Criminal Acts icon.png Criminal Acts must be toggled on. Toggling it off prevents you from committing most Crimes. Certain Criminal Acts drain Black Bile when they are being committed. Your Criminality Artifact Bonus may be able to reduce this drain.

Acts of Crime

Crime Description Skill Required Evidence Left Scent Permanence Summonable?
Aggravated Assault The act of grievously injuring another pilgrim. The Rights of Englishmen icon.png The Rights of Englishmen Evidence Beatdown.png Evidence of Aggravated Assault 3 days Yes
Assault The act of initiating combat with another pilgrim. The Rights of Englishmen icon.png The Rights of Englishmen Scent icon.png Scents only 1 day No
Battery The act of Knocking Out another pilgrim. The Rights of Englishmen icon.png The Rights of Englishmen Scent icon.png Scents only 3 days No
Debasement The act of crafting forged Silver Pieces. Debasement icon.png Debasement Evidence Forgery.png Evidence of Forgery 5 months Yes
Murder The act of murdering another pilgrim. The Story of Cain & Abel icon.png The Story of Cain & Abel Evidence Murder.png Evidence of Murder 20 days Yes
Poisoncraft The act of crafting poisoned items. Blowdarts icon.png Blowdarts Evidence Poisencraft.png Evidence of Poisoncraft 5 months Yes
Ransacking The act of rifling through protected property. Trespassing icon.png Trespassing Scent icon.png Scents only 1 day No
Revenge The act of murdering a criminal. Revenge icon.png Revenge Evidence Revenge.png Evidence of Revenge 9 days Yes
Theft The act of taking protected items. Larceny icon.png Larceny Evidence Theft.png Evidence of Larceny 9 days Yes
Trespassing The act of entering protected property. Inherent Rights icon.png Inherent Rights Scent icon.png Scents only 1 day No
Vandalism The act of destroying protected structures. Waste icon.png Waste Evidence Vandalism.png Evidence of Waste 11 days Yes
Witchcraft The act of Witchcraft is shrouded in mystery and secrecy. Witchcraft icon.png Witchcraft Evidence Witchcraft.png Evidence of Witchcraft 7 days Yes