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Sprint icon.png Sprint
Skill(s) required:
Object(s) required: None


Sprint icon.png Sprint is the fastest Movement Activity, but drains 10 Phlegm per second while it is toggled on.

Activity Movements

Activity Movements are Movement Actions which change your Movement speed. Toggling on an Activity Movement will drain Phlegm until it is toggled off again, which will revert your speed back to a Walk. An Activity Movement will automatically turn off if your Phlegm gets too low.

Action Speed vs Walk Phlegm Drain
Walk Base None
Run icon.png Run Faster High
Sprint icon.png Sprint Much Faster Very High

Other Speed Modifying Actions

Certain Affects or items will modify your Activity Movement speed.

Action Speed vs Walk Drain? Can Be Knocked Out From?
Lift icon.png Lift Slower Yellow Bile Yes
Pull Slower None No
Forage icon.png Forage Slower Yellow Bile and Phlegm. No
Fracture icon.png Fracture Slower None No
Hypothermia icon.png Hypothermia Speed decreases with Body Temperature. None Can become Frozen.
Over-encumbered Speed decreases as Over-Encumbrance increases. Yellow Bile Yes
Sneak icon.png Sneak Slower None No
Furfervor icon.png Furfervor Faster None No
Furfervor Withdrawals icon.png Furfervor Withdrawals Slower None No
Swim icon.png Swim Slower Phlegm Yes
Tiny Pocketwatch icon.png Tiny Pocketwatch Faster None No
Wander icon.png Wander Faster Blood and Phlegm. No

Game Menu
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