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Salvage icon.png Salvage
Skill(s) required:
Object(s) required: None


Salvage icon.png Salvage is an action similar to Destroy icon.png Destroy in that it removes built structures. However, where-as using Destroy all the materials used in that structure's construction are lost, with Salvage there is roughly a 50% chance of any material being returned to you. NOTE: This doesn't mean you get 50% of the construction materials, but rather each material which was built in has a 50% chance of being returned meaning it is possible to get less, OR more, than 50% of the materials. You only Salvage structures you know how to build yourself and which are not Claimed by another pilgrim unless you have Waste Permissions. Attempting to Salvage Claimed structures without permissions will leave Ransacking Scents. Salvaging structures ignores their Soak Value and being inside a Building when is it Destroyed will cause you to become instantly Knocked Out.

Game Menu
Adventure (V) ⇒Salvaging (Y)