Potent Swarm Dart

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Potent Swarm Dart icon.png Potent Swarm Dart
Skill(s) required:
Object(s) required:
Weight: unknown


A Potent Swarm Dart icon.png Potent Swarm Dart is a made when using a Queen Stinger icon.png Queen Stinger as the Poison Item in the Blowdart icon.png Blowdart recipe. A Potent Swarm Dart can be carried in a Gadget Belt.


With the Blowdarts Skill learned and a loaded Blowtube icon.png Blowtube equipped, pilgrims can use the Shoot icon.png Shoot Combat Move. To load a Blowtube, select a Blowdart icon.png Blowdart and right-click it on your Blowtube. Hitting an opponent with a Blowdart has different effects depending on the Blowdart you used. To Shoot, click the Shoot Attack and then click the cursor in the direction you wish to Shoot, however, if the target has moved, you will miss, so aim well. Shots do not travel over solid objects.

Blowdart Poison Item Effect
Swarm Dart icon.png Swarm Dart Bee Stinger icon.png Bee Stinger 10% Yellow Bile damage.
Potent Swarm Dart icon.png Potent Swarm Dart Queen Stinger icon.png Queen Stinger 50% Yellow Bile damage.
Venom Dart icon.png Venom Dart Etterfang icon.png Etterfang Target is Timber Rattler Poison icon.png Timber Rattler Poisoned.
Potent Venom Dart icon.png Potent Venom Dart Serpent Fang icon.png Serpent Fang Target is Quetzalcoatl Poison icon.png Quetzalcoatl Poisoned.
WARNING! Crafting a Blowdart is an act of Poisoncraft and will leave Summonable Evidence that may result being sent to the Stocks or worse!