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Mine icon.png Mine
Skill(s) required:
Object(s) required:


With Any Pickaxe icon.png Any Pickaxe equipped clicking the Mine icon.png Mine action will change your cursor into a pickaxe, which can then be right-clicked on any wall within a Mine Entrance icon.png Mine Entrance to begin Mining. The Phlegm this will drain is dependent on what Mine level you are on and can be lowered by increasing your Mining Artifact Bonus. Once you have finished Mining you will automatically Lift icon.png Lift out the appropriate Ore Boulder icon.png Ore Boulder based on the wall type you just Mined. Unlike other walls, Hard Rubble Wall must be softened before Mining by lighting a Pile of Wood icon.png Pile of Wood at its base and letting it burn down. Each time any wall is Mined there is a chance to cause a Cave-In or spawn Bat icon.png Bats.

Wall Name Boulder Rarity Wall Name Boulder Rarity
Soft Wall.png Soft Rubble Wall Rubble Boulder icon.png Rubble Boulder Very Common Hard Tile.png Hard Rubble Wall Rubble Boulder icon.png Rubble Boulder Uncommon
Copper Ore.png Copper Ore Wall Copper Ore Boulder icon.png Copper Ore Boulder Uncommon Iron Ore.png Iron Ore Wall Iron Ore Boulder icon.png Iron Ore Boulder Common
SilverOre.png Silver Ore Wall Silver Ore Boulder icon.png Silver Ore Boulder Rare


Each time a Wall tile is Mine icon.png Mined there is a chance to trigger a Cave-In. A Cave-In will scatter new Rubble Walls randomly in areas that you have already Mined out around the source of the Cave-In. Being under a Cave-In when it falls will instantly cause you to become Knocked Out and will damage nearby Structures. The chance of a Cave-In happening is based off the wall's proximity to other Un-Mined Walls, its proximity to already existing Support Beam and your Mines & Mountains icon.png Mines & Mountains Proficiency. While very rare it is technically still possible to get a Cave-In while mining under the radius of a Support Beam. An impending Cave-In will be evident by a rumbling sound and dust falling from the ceiling and can be stopped by building a Support Beam directly under the exact spot where the dust is falling.

Support Beam Radius Notes
Mine Support icon.png Mine Support Medium (8 tiles)
Miner's Support Beam icon.png Miner's Support Beam Large (17 tiles) Store bought.


WARNING! Triggering a Mine-down may cause a huge amount of Humour Damage.

Mining a Softened Hard Rubble Wall has a chance to cause a Mine-Down, with this chance being increased the older that Mine level is. A Mine-Down will instantly create a new Mine Entrance icon.png Mine Entrance leading down another level, and clear away a 13x13 hexagonal space around your Mine Entrance. For this reason it is advised to Mine nearby Ore Walls before Mining nearby Hard Rubble Walls. Triggering a Mine-down may cause you to take a large amount of damage to one, or more of your Humours, however if you are Knocked Out from this damage you will not loss any Proficiencies, but you WILL drop your Inventory. This damage can be lowered slightly by increasing your Mines & Mountains icon.png Mines & Mountains Proficiency. Additionally a Mine-Down may cause you to drop to the next Mine level as well. The new Mine level will likely initially contain a large number of Bat icon.png Bats which will eventually despawn if you wait long enough.


Mine Levels

A Mine can be up to 8 levels deep, with each level requiring more Phlegm to Mine on. The first & level are considered safe however Mining anywhere, NOT just Hard Rubble Walls, on Level 8 might randomly result in a Mine-Down to the 9th level, which is known as Unknown Item icon.png Dreamworld. The exact nature of Dreamworld is shrouded in mystery, but what is know is that Dreamworld connects all other Mines that have reached this 9th level. Caution is advised and one should think carefully before Mining down to Dreamworld.

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