Berrymash Laxative

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Berrymash Laxative icon.png Berrymash Laxative
Skill(s) required:
Object(s) required:
Weight: 0.50


Right-clicking Berrymash Laxative icon.png Berrymash Laxative and selecting "Imbibe" will produce a laxitive effect that will drain a small amount of Black Bile and hasten the speed you recover from 'Shroom Poisoning.

'Shroom Poisoning

If a Poisonous Mushroom is consumed, or Food made with a Poisonous Mushroom, you will be stricken with 'Shroom Poisoning icon.png 'Shroom Poisoning causing your max Humours to be temporarily reduced. The more Poisonous Mushrooms are eaten the longer the debuff will last and the more your Humours will be reduced. 'Shroom Poisoning will slowly go away on its own but the recovery rate can be greatly sped up by Imbibing Berrymash Laxative icon.png Berrymash Laxative. While you are under the laxative effect you will slowly lose a small amount of Black Bile as well as cause a period of Flatulence. Although Poisonous Mushrooms even when boiled, will often still sometimes give 'Shroom Poisoning, you can reduce the chance and severity of 'Shroom Poisoning, by boiling them in a Cauldron icon.png Cauldron, Clay Pot icon.png Clay Pot, Copper Pot icon.png Copper Pot before consuming or using in recipes.

Poisonous Mushrooms

Mushroom Poisonous? Boiled Notes
Lavender Blewit icon.png Lavender Blewit No
Lobster Mushroom icon.png Lobster Mushroom No
Spooky Redcap icon.png Spooky Redcap No
Sugar Caps icon.png Sugar Caps No
Waning Toadstool icon.png Waning Toadstool YES Boiled Waning Toadstool icon.png Boiled Waning Toadstool Do not eat even Boiled.
Waxing Toadstool icon.png Waxing Toadstool YES Boiled Waxing Toadstool icon.png Boiled Waxing Toadstool
Witch's Hat icon.png Witch's Hat YES Boiled Witch's Hat icon.png Boiled Witch's Hat
Yellow Morel icon.png Yellow Morel YES Boiled Yellow Morel icon.png Boiled Yellow Morel

Game Menu
Craft (C) ⇒Potions & Medicine (O) ⇒Berrymash Laxative (B)