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Lift icon.png Lift
Skill(s) required:
Object(s) required: None


Lift icon.png Lifting an object will cause you to carry it above your head. This will slowly drain Yellow Bile and Phlegm and CAN cause you to become Knocked Out if you are not careful. Not all objects can be Lifted, while some can only be Lifted when Empty, generally each structure or object's page should tell you if it can be Lifted or not. Certain actions such as removing structures baked in a Kiln icon.png Kiln. Dig icon.png Digging a Bush icon.png Bush, or grabbing an item out of a Vehicle will cause you to automatically Lift that item.

Key Commands:

Command Effect
Left-Click Carry your object to your click's location.
Right-Click Place the object down, or into a Vehicle.
Ctrl + Right-Click on object above your head. See ghost of what your object will look like before it is placed.
Shift + Scroll Wheel while in object ghost mode. Rotate object up to 8 times.
Shift + ctrl + Scroll Wheel while in object ghost mode. Rotate object in finer increments.
Ctrl + Z Attach object to tile grid.
Ctrl + Mouse Movement Finer movement than grid.

Game Menu
Adventure (V) ⇒Lift (L)