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Destroy icon.png Destroy
Skill(s) required:
Object(s) required: None


Destroy icon.png Destroy is the action used to break structures. Destroying structures drains drains Phlegm. Structures take % damage while being Destroyed, once the structure reaches 100% damage it will break. The % damage done is related to your remaining Phlegm and that structure's Soak Value, so your rate of destruction slows down as your Phlegm is drained. Attempting to Destroy icon.png Destroy Claimed stuctures is a Crime and will leave Scent icon.png Scents and summonable Evidence Vandalism.png Evidence of Waste. Being inside a Building when is it Destroyed will cause you to become instantly Knocked Out.

Can Be Destroyed:

Destroy-able Leaves Behind
Bee Skep icon.png Bee Skep Honeycomb icon.png Honeycomb
Bush icon.png Bushes Woodblock icon.png Woodblocks
Frozen Mammoth icon.png Frozen Mammoths Frozen Mammoth Flesh icon.png Frozen Mammoth Fleshs
Hollow Stump icon.png Hollow Stumps Woodblock icon.png Woodblocks
Thorn Bush icon.png Thorn Bushs
Tree Stump icon.png Tree Stumps
Wrecked Wagon icon.png Wrecked Wagons

High Soak Structures

High Soak Structures are structures which require a minimum amount of Phlegm in order to fully Destroy icon.png Destroy it. Having less Phlegm, or falling under that base amount due to drain, will cause the structure to take less and less damage until the damage falls off completely. With the exception of Wall this minimum value is 1000 Phlegm. However, these high Soak Structures can be Destroyed using Greek Fire icon.png Greek Fire. Using Salvage icon.png Salvage, when it is possible, will ignore Soak.

Alternate Methods of Destroying

Certain stuctures require an alternate method to Destroy them due to the high investment in building or maintaining them.

Structure Method
Gardening Pot icon.png Gardening Pot Pests
High Soak Structures Greek Fire icon.png Greek Fire
Skeleton icon.png Skeleton Desecration
Till Field icon.png Tilled Field Coarse Salt icon.png Coarse Salt
Tombstone icon.png Tombstone Grave Robbing
Turkey Coop icon.png Turkey Coop Smelling Salts icon.png Smelling Salts

Game Menu
Adventure (V) ⇒Destroy (Y)