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Witchcraft icon.png Witchcraft
"The exact nature of Witchcraft is shrouded in mystery."
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Witchcraft was introduced recently to Salem and its mechanics are a bit of a mystery. Developers have warned that public knowledge of Witchcraft mechanics WILL result in the changing of them. Please use discretion on the information added here.


  • The Witchcraft skill in the game now is called Sympathetic Magic, and can only be learned by studying an inspirational in the form of a doll that looks like Elizabeth Maudney. Such dolls were given out in an event, but can also be crafted by anyone who already has the Sympathetic Magic skill.
  • Sympathetic Magic gives the ability to craft several dolls which can be used to curse other players.
  • Dolls can be made and used only be witches.
  • It is possible for one who knows Sympathetic Magic to create a Lizbeth Maudney Doll and thus give the skill to another player.
  • A doll must be 'attuned' to be used, a process which takes about a minute, and requires the witch to be standing near the victim while doing an odd dance.
  • Attuning a doll can drop a Witchcraft Scent, which is summonable.
  • The types of Doll are Elf Doll, Fairy Doll, Hag Doll, and Raggy Doll.
  • The types of Curse are Burn, Drown, Hang, and Dirty. It is unknown exactly what effect each curse has when applied, but there are rumors.
  • There is a priest in Providence that says he will cure those afflicted by curses for a fee of 200 Silver.

It should be noted that John Carver has said it is possible for both Witch and Victim to permadie as a result of curses though exactly how that may happen is yet a mystery. John Carver did state in one post that such events are an 'edge case' so such events are hopefully rare, but as no one has come forward with concrete evidence of the effects of Witchcraft yet, one can only speculate.

In the warnings for the December Patch John Carver announced that witches will become more and more shunned as time goes on and the full mechanic evolves. To Start, there is a HUGE probability that witches may be flagged the 'reverse' of Pilgrims, or otherwise be shunned from the light I.E. darkness drain or other negatives while in the presence of light. Players are encouraged not to journey down the path of Witchcraft if they are not prepared to live a harsher and more isolated life. The dark arts are very demanding.


  • Some spells are cast with the help of a Cauldron in addition to an attuned doll. Blood Damage is done to the online target over time, increasing with time so that the alert player can notice the effects and avoid them.
  • Burning a Doll does up to 1/3 Blood damage to the target.
  • Hanging a Doll does up to 2.5% damage to Inspiration. It is unknown if this is current or total inspiration.
  • Drowning and Dirty effects are yet unknown.