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Providence icon.png Providence
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Providence is the main hub in the New World. Here you can buy, sell, and trade items, |pick up Store bought items, hire a Wilderness Guide, or participate in community events.

Fast Travel

Traveling to Home icon.png ... Home allows you to Travel to your Homestead whether that be a Stake Claim icon.png Stake Claim or Leanto icon.png Leanto. ... to Providence icon.png ... to Providence allows you to Travel to Providence. If you Travel from Providence or your Homestead you can Travel with a full Inventory, however you can still Travel from anywhere so long as your Inventory and Backpack are empty. You may still have items in your Pockets.

Traveling to ... Home or ... to Providence takes 25 seconds.

NOTE: You will NOT be able to Fast Travel while under the affects of the Crime! icon.png Crime! debuff, or from a Town Claim that is under the affects of a Trial by Fire icon.png Trial by Fire.

Exploring Providence

Town Square

Providence Town Square.png

1. Town Crier 2. Community Fireplace 3. His Majesty's Stall 4. Vendor Stalls
5. Community Well 6. Bank teller Salvatore Solomon 7. Postmaster Conny Doright 8. Luigi the Laudable and Clarkson the Curious
9. Providence Church 10. Barnes' Books 11. Majestic Myrtle Oak 12. Douglas the violinist

Merchants' District

Merchant Square.png

1. Torvold's Iron Works 2. McArtor's Farming Needs 3. Gramsey's Cooking Needs 4. Vendor Stalls
5. Gunderson's Guns 6. Franklin's Fine Furnishings 7. Goodbuttons' Sewing Needs

Main Street

Providence Main Street.png

1. Little Mikey Hopkins the Witch Hunter 2. The Den 3. Snake Oil Salesman 4. Ol'Mcfishsticks the Fisherman
5. John Carver's Checkerboard 6. Judge and Stocks



1. Oswald the Violinist 2. Player Stalls 3. Notary 4. Judge and Stocks
5. John Carver's Checkerboard

Swan Point Cemetery

Swan Point.png

1.Luigi the Laudable and Clarkson the Curious 2. Mr. Puggles the Executioner 3. Mr. Morgan the Estate Planner 4. Statues
5. Path to the Time Keeper


Dock Club.png

1. Dock Club 2. Dances with Drums 3. Audience Seating 4. Loser's Holding Pen
5. John Carver's Throne

Agricultural District


1. His Majesty's Blackberry Patch 2. His Majesty's Cranberry Patch 3. Not Working 4. Wilderness Guide To Limer's Front
5. Wilderness Guide To Crashed UFO 6. Community Barn

Peoples of Providence

Conny Doright - Postmaster

Right-clicking on Conny Doright will show you if you have anything in the Providence Post Office such as items purchased from the Salem Store or gifts from the Developers.

Little Mikey Hopkins - Witch Hunter

Mr. Morgan - Estate Planner

Right-clicking on Mr. Morgan and selecting "Plan Estate" will give you the option to pay a fee to allow your next of kin to Inherit 30% of your current Humours and Proficences in the event of your death. This service will cost more Silver Pieces icon.png Silver Pieces the higher your Humours and Proficences are.

NOTE: When Planning your Estate with Mr. Morgan only your CURRENT Humours and Proficences will be recorded recorded meaning that if either increase, unless you have Planned your Estate again, these gains will NOT be Inherited.

Optionally, the Salem Store bought Last Will & Testament icon.png Last Will & Testament will allow you to Inherit 40% of your Humours and Proficences and is updated automatically and without additional cost.

Mr. Puggles - Executioner


With 150x Silver Pieces icon.png Silver Pieces on your persons, right-clicking Mr. Puggles and selecting "end this mortal coil" will permanently kill you. This is the easiest and most convenient way of deleting a character.

If you have a Scalp icon.png Scalp you can share it with Mr. Puggles by selecting the Scalp and right-clicking in on Mr. Puggles. If the Scalp is high enough to make the Top 10 you will receive an Executioner's Mask icon.png Executioner's Mask. If the Scalp makes it to Number 1, you will receive an Executioner's Axe icon.png Executioner's Axe. Turning in a Scalp of any pilgrim who learned The Story of Cain & Abel skill will give you a South Sea Company Stock Certificate icon.png South Sea Company Stock Certificate, worth $2.50 USD in the Salem Store. Right-clicking Mr. Puggles and selecting "view obituaries" will allow you the Top 10 highest Scalps that have been shared with him.

NOTE: Checking Mr. Puggles' Leaderboard adds a tiny bit of Insanity.

Salvatore Solomon - Bank Teller

Right-clicking on Salvatore Solomon will show your current balance at the Providence Bank, and allows you to enter an amount to deposit or withdraw. Salvatore Solomon will tax you a healthy 15% of all Silver Pieces icon.png Silver Pieces deposited into the Providence Bank. Silver Pieces bought from the Salem Store will be automatically deposited into the Providence Bank and are NOT subject to tax.


If you have been Knocked Out by an attacker, once the Yellow Belly Skill has been learned, you may right-click on your attacker and select "Offer Ransom" to offer 60% of the Silver Pieces icon.png Silver Pieces stored in your Bank Account. Your attacker has the option to Accept or Decline your offer, if Accepted, your money will be withdrawn and you will be sent back to your Homestead.


Dances with Drums, Douglas, ans Oswald can all be coaxed to play, or stop playing, for a few Silver Pieces icon.png Silver Pieces.

Time Keeper

Right-clicking on The Time Keeper and selecting "Check the Time" will allow you to view the Top 10 pilgrims that have lived the longest in the New World. Pilgrims in the Top 10 will have their hair turned white to show their age. All time while logged in and online is counted towards a pilgrim's age.

Town Crier

The Town Crier occasionally announces information from the Developers.

Places of Note

Dock Club

The Developers occasionally host fights and events here. Combat is not only allowed, but encouraged, in the Dock Club, as such Scent icon.png Scents for Assault and Battery don't drop within the boundaries of the Dock Club. Larceny is still possible so here and will leave Scents, however Murder is not allowed in the Dock Club.

Hall of Fame

The Swan Point Cemetery contains several statues dedicated to those who had the highest stats at the end of the old Plymouth, Roanoke, and Jamestown servers before the founding of Providence:

  • Statue one is dedicated to Binks of Roanoke - The first Salem player to reach 1,000 Humours. A man who could strike fear into an entire faction.
  • Statue two is dedicated to Khaz of Plymouth - The Great Wizard of the original and longest running Beta Server. He saw many battles. But did he cast many spells?
  • Statue three is dedicated to Darwoth of Jamestown - It was a trying colony, a testing colony. Yet one man destroyed city after city with ease. Even those he founded.

Providence Church

Un-Diseased pilgrims having at least 10 from Affluence Bonus Artifacts are permitted to enter the Providence Church. Here you will find a Mannequin icon.png Mannequin for quickly exchanging Clothing and Bench icon.png Benches. When praying (sitting) on a Bench you will slowly lose Black Bile and gain Faith & Wisdom icon.png Faith and Wisdom at about 1 point per second. Rumor has it that praying on Benches in the Providence Church may reduce the length of a Blood Moon icon.png Blood Moon.

Standing in the front of the Providence Church in is the local priest. Right-clicking on him and selecting "Cure Curse" and then "Cleanse Body" will theoretically remove any curses which afflict you for a nominal fee of 200x Silver Pieces icon.png Silver Pieces.