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Providence is the starting town where one can hire Wilderness Guides to establish a homestead, once. Many call the city Boston as that is the name it used to go by.

Merchant Stalls are available near the chruch to buy and sell items to acquire Silver Pieces.

A special Merchant Stall near the docks buys and sells different "Seasonal" items every month.

A special Merchant Stall across the river to the North sells temporary Horses for the intrepid explorer.

The town also contains several Merchant NPCs who will sell you various things such as thread or death.

Providence also contains a Bank where you can pick up the silver you bought in the store from Salvatore Solomon or deposit it for a fee, a Post Office where you can pick up the items you bought in the store from Postmaster Conny Doright, and a Graveyard where the Hall of Fame is located.

Trading barrels can be used to trade items between players.

Silver Pieces can only be traded between players by putting them inside containers (for example, the Barrels)

Town Square

Providence Town Square.jpg

1: Providence Statue 2: Removed3: Post Office 4: Bank 5: Merchant Stalls 6: Priest in front of Church 7: Community Well
8: Benjamin Bryberry 9: Town Crier 10: Douglas 11: Majestic Myrtle Oak  

Main Street

Providence Main Street.jpg

1: Judge 2: Stocks 3: John Carver's Checkerboard        

Merchant's Square

Merchant Square.jpg

1: Clothing Shop 2: Franklin's Fine Furnishings 3: Flint Gunderson's Friendly Firearms 4: Food Stuffs 5: Farm Shop 6: Tool Shop 7: Merchant Stalls

Mercantile District

Mercantile District.jpg

1: His Majesty's Stall 2: Player Stalls          

Swan Point Cemetery

Swan Point.jpg

1: Mr. Puggles 2: Stocks 3: Estate Planner 4: Swan Point Cemetery 5: Statue of Binks 6: Statue of Khaz 7:Path to Statue of Darwoth;

The Alley

The Alley.jpg

1: Snake Oil Salesman            


The Waterfront.jpg

1: Wilderness Guide            

Dock Club

Dock Club.jpg

1: Entrance 2: Arena 3: Loser's Island 4: Audience Seating      


The Outskirts.jpg

1: Horse Stable 2: To Limer's Front 3: His Majesty's Cranberry Garden 4: His Majesty's Blackberry Garden      

Other Area's of Intrest