Fine Leather

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Fine Leather icon.png Fine Leather
Skill(s) required:
Object(s) required:
Weight: unknown
Alternative Acquisition:
Object(s) Required:
Difficulty: 40 to 20
Proficiency Type:
When Slotted:
10 Blunt Defence
10 Impact Defence
20 Piercing Defence


Crafted with Fine Leathercraft or very rarely from Tanning Leather icon.png Leather.

How to Make Fine Leather

  1. Place a Raw Hide on a Drying Frame icon.png Drying Frame. It'll become a Dried Hide icon.png Dried Hide after 8 hours. (Note: Dried Squirrel Pelt icon.png Dried Squirrel Pelts can't be used to make Leather.)
  2. Select a Lime icon.png Lime from your inventory and right-click it onto a Bucket filled with Potable Water icon.png Potable Water to make Milk of Lime icon.png Milk of Lime.
  3. Craft a Limed Hide icon.png Limed Hide from the craft menu.
  4. Rose-tinted Tanning Fluid icon.png Rose-tinted Tanning Fluid can be made by selecting a Vessel of Otto of Rose icon.png Otto of Rose from your inventory and right-clicking it on a Vessel of Vegetable Oil icon.png Vegetable Oil. .1 liters of Otto of Rose used on a 10 liter Bucket icon.png Bucket of Vegetable Oil will make a 5% concentration of Rose-tinted Tanning Fluid. This concentration can be increased up to 50% by adding more Otto of Rose. The higher the concentration the better the chance of getting Fine Leather when Tanning. A 50% concentration has a 100% chance.
  5. Place up to four Limed Hide icon.png Limed Hides into a Tanning Tub icon.png Tanning Tub.
  6. Select a Vessel filled with Rose-tinted Tanning Fluid icon.png Rose-tinted Tanning Fluid from your inventory and right-click on the Tanning Tub icon.png Tanning Tub. Make sure to add at least 10L of Rose-tinted Tanning Fluid icon.png Rose-tinted Tanning Fluid per Limed Hide icon.png Limed Hide.
  7. Wait.
  8. Each time a Limed Hide icon.png Limed Hide reaches 100% it consumes 10L of Rose-tinted Tanning Fluid icon.png Rose-tinted Tanning Fluid and it is converted into either Leather icon.png Leather or Fine Leather icon.png Fine Leather. There's a chance of the Limed Hide icon.png Limed Hide becoming a Foetid Ooze icon.png Foetid Ooze instead, if that happens the Rose-tinted Tanning Fluid icon.png Rose-tinted Tanning Fluid will not be consumed.

How to Slot Artifacts

Slotting is the process of taking an Artifact and attaching it to an item of Clothing.

1. Inspect your Artifact. Each Artifact has a range of Difficulty, and next to that, two Proficiencies, and Bonuses below that.

  • Difficulty is how hard the Artifact is to Slot. The first number is the Maximum Difficulty and the second the Minimum Difficulty.
  • The Max Difficulty can be lowered towards the Min Difficulty if your characters Proficiencies are high in same ones listed on the Artifact.
  • Bonuses are how each Artifact benefits you when you wear the Clothing that Artifact is Slotted into.

2. Inspect your item of Clothing. Clothing has Slots and a Difficulty as well.

  • The Higher the Thread & Needle icon.png Thread & Needle of the pilgrim who made the clothing the lower its Difficulty. Teasel icon.png Teasel can also be used to lower this Difficulty.
  • The number of Slots is the number of Artifacts which can be added to that Clothing. Some Artifacts like Decorative Lace icon.png Decorative Lace, add additional Slots.

3. Once ready select your Artifact from your inventory and right-click it on the item of Clothing you wish to Slot.

  • This will show you what % chance you have of a successful Slot. It is determined by a combination of both the Artifact and Clothing's Difficulty.

4. Select Slot to attempt to Slot your Artifact.

  • A successful Slotting will see your Artifact attached to the item of Clothing. An unsuccessful Slotting will destroy the Artifact as well as one of the Clothing's Open Slots.
  • There is a chance to remove an Artifact from an item of clothing by making sure you have a pair of scissors, such as Steel Scissors icon.png Steel Scissors, equipped, and turning the Clothing into Rags icon.png Rags. This will destroy the Clothing. The higher the scissors' Keen, the better chance there is to recover the Artifact.