Bar of Copper

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Bar of Copper icon.png Bar of Copper
Skill(s) required:
Object(s) required:
Weight: unknown


A Bar of Copper icon.png Bar of Copper is received when successfully Smelting Copper Ore icon.png Copper Ore in an Ore Smelter icon.png Ore Smelter. A Bar of Copper can be stored in a Stockbin icon.png Stockbin.


The amount Ore Metal Bars produced in your Ore Smelter icon.png Ore Smelter is based partially on chance but mostly influenced by the Ore/Lime ratio and your Alloying Artifact Bonus. Currently, the best Ore/Lime ratio is 13x Lime icon.png Lime and 12x Any Ore icon.png Any Ore of one type. To smelt place your Lime and Ore in a lit Ore Smelter. After about 40 minutes 1x, or rarely 2x, of your Ores will be replaced with a corresponding Ore Metal Bar and the rest of your Ore will have become Dross icon.png Dross. Each time a Dross is produced there is a chance for it become A Face in the Dross icon.png A Face in the Dross instead. Using a Little Limestone icon.png Little Limestone in place of one of your Limes may also increase the number of Metal Bars that are created.