Majestic Acorn

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Majestic Acorn icon.png Majestic Acorn
Where found:
Weight: 0.15
Required by: Objects
Difficulty: 10 to 0
Proficiency Type:
When Slotted:
3 Common Combat Defence
8 Feasting
1 Productivity
4 Rummaging

Flavor Text

Special in the ordinary is the very definition of extraordinary.


A Majestic Acorn icon.png Majestic Acorn is uncommonly received when Picking Acorns from a Myrtle oak tree icon.png Myrtle Oak Tree or when Rummaging though a Squirrel Stash icon.png Squirrel Stash. A Roasted Majestic Acorn icon.png Roasted Majestic Acorn is obtained when using a Majestic Acorn with the Roasted Nuts icon.png Roasted Nuts recipe. A Majestic Acorn can be stored in a NutSack icon.png NutSack. A Majestic Acorn is a Top 10 Artifact for Rummaging.