Hinchliffe Scissors

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Hinchliffe Scissors icon.png Hinchliffe Scissors
Skill(s) required:
Object(s) required:
Weight: 0.22
Alternative Acquisition:
Object(s) Required:


Hinchliffe Scissors icon.png Hinchliffe Scissors is obtained by chance from the Store bought Mystery Tool Box icon.png Mystery Tool Box, or with certainty from the Store bought Tailor's Pack icon.png Tailor's Pack. Hinchliffe Scissors have a 70% Keen and do NOT wear down with use. Hinchliffe Scissors can be carried in a Tool Belt, stored in a Wooden Toolbox icon.png Wooden Toolbox, or hung on a wall.


Having Any Scissors icon.png Any Scissors equipped while making Rags icon.png Rags from Any Clothing icon.png Any Clothing will increase your chance of recovering some or all of the Artifacts Slotted into that Clothing. The higher the Scissors' Keen, the better the chance of recovering your Artifacts. Once a pair of Scissors reaches 100% wear they will break.

Scissors Keen Wears with Use? Notes
Steel Scissors icon.png Steel Scissors 20% Yes
Cougar Snips icon.png Cougar Snips 50% Yes
Hinchliffe Scissors icon.png Hinchliffe Scissors 70% No Store bought.