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"Nice things from the Devs."
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The mysterious and anachronistic Refereeman handed out Gaming Token icon.png Gaming Tokens and all pilgrims who had learned the Friendly Wagers Skill could use these tokens to bet on one of two teams. The winning team was decided by whichever team was bet on by most pilgrims who had learned the Lucky Skill. All pilgrims were given participation jerseys, but pilgrims who bet on winning team were given that team's jersey.

Participation Jerseys:

Winning Jerseys:

Valentine's Day

Valentine Candies icon.png Valentine Candies were given to all pilgrims on Valentine's Day. Unlike other Candies, Valentine Candies reduced rather than restored Foods. Additionally their Food Group and its Reduce amount was random.

There were 5 different Valentine's Candies:

In the 2020 Valentine's Day events featured a poetry contest. Winners received a Book icon.png Book of Poetry and the Flag of Valentine's Day icon.png Flag of Valentine's Day.


Saint Patrick Day

Lucky Pants icon.png Lucky Pants, Lucky Shirt icon.png Lucky Shirts, and Saint Patrick's Hat icon.png Saint Patrick's Hat have been given out.



Easter Eggs have frequently been hidden in Hollow Stump icon.png Hollow Stumps during Easter events, and if you are lucky, with the exception of the Red Easter Egg icon.png Red Easter Egg, these eggs can rarely still be found. Additionally from time to time {i|Fertile Turkey Hen}}s or Golden Goose icon.png Golden Gooses may be found in Providence.

Easter Egg Use
Blue Easter Egg icon.png Blue Easter Egg Crack Open to recieve 1L of Raw Egg Yolks icon.png Raw Egg Yolks.
Green Easter Egg icon.png Green Easter Egg Restores the Poultry icon.png Poultry by 70% with a 80% chance.
Orange Easter Egg icon.png Orange Easter Egg +100 Affluence.
Pink Easter Egg icon.png Pink Easter Egg Crack Open to reveal Candies icon.png Candies.
Red Easter Egg icon.png Red Easter Egg Fertile Turkey Hen}}.

Marp Tarpton's Birthday

On April 22nd Happy 1st Birthday Marp Tarpton! icon.png Happy 1st Birthday Marp Tarpton! hats were given out - this is the only day these hats can be worn.


Independence Day

USA Cape icon.png USA Capes and Flag of Betsy Ross icon.png Flag of Betsy Rosss were given out to a lucky few.


Bake Sale

In September of 2014, the Developers held a Bake Sale, trading Foods for Carver Pie Dough icon.png Carver Pie Dough and Meow Pie Dough icon.png Meow Pie Dough which could be baked in a Bread Oven icon.png Bread Oven to get a Carver Pie icon.png Carver Pie and Meow Pie icon.png Meow Pie. Right-clicking either a Carver Pie or Meow Pie and selecting "Slice" would give you various goodies such a rare Foods, Clothing, and Inspirationals.



Elizabeth Maudney being confronted by John Carver.
Maudney Ballot and Maudney's Voting Receipt.
The 'kitty', Mittens.

On the weekend of October 31st, 2014, there were a series of Developer run events which introduced in some unique items and new mechanics.

Several weeks before Halloween, Elizabeth Maudney was accused of Witchcraft and put under guard near the docks of Providence. Maudney seemed harmless enough, being mainly concerned about the pies she left in the oven before being taken and the fate of her kitty, Mittens, now home alone. However during the trail a series of strange events rocked Providence; a strange blight seemed to spread on the ground from the Maudney's feet, Copper Ore Boulder icon.png Copper Ore Boulders were vomited from the earth itself, and a plague of Rabbit icon.png Rabbits, which transformed into Darkness twisted March Hare icon.png March Hares when Attacked, descended upon Providence.

After the trail the citizens of Salem were asked to vote on whether or not Elizabeth Maudney was guilty, each recieving a Unknown Item icon.png Maudney Ballot and Maudney's Voting Receipt icon.png Maudney's Voting Receipt once they had voted. Once the ballots had been tallied, it was it was determined that Maudney was, indeed, a Witch. The citizens of Salem then gathered on the cliffs of Providence town where John Carver confronted the accused. In a dramatic moment, Lizbeth's kitty, Mittens, was revealed to really be Wishpoosh icon.png Wishpoosh. Confriming the sentence of Death, Maudney was then executed by John Carver himself, after the town executioner, Mr. Puggles got stage fright.

After Lizbeth Maudney was executed in accordance with the law, mementos of the occasion were handed out to those who voted. Those with 'guilty' receipts received mementos from a Judge, while those who voted 'innocent' received mementos from a not-at-all suspicious looking man wearing a red goat mask.

Innocent Momentos Guily Momentos
Guise of Baphomet icon.png Guise of Baphomet Ashes of Maudney icon.png Ashes of Maudney
Lizbeth Maudney Doll icon.png Lizbeth Maudney Doll Parliament Wig icon.png Parliament Wig

A Bones Bag icon.png Bones Bag was received when giving a Soulcake icon.png Soulcake to Mr. Bones during the 2021 Halloween Events. Unwrapping a Bones Bag would give you either a Big Autumn Wall Hanging icon.png Big Autumn Wall Hanging, Mummy Mask icon.png Mummy Mask, Pumpkin Cape icon.png Pumpkin Cape, Skull Mask icon.png Skull Mask, Skull Mug icon.png Skull Mug, Vampire Necklace icon.png Vampire Necklace, or a Witch Nose icon.png Witch Nose. Additionally some Halloweens Candy Basket icon.png Candy Baskets, Witch Hat icon.png Witch Hats have been given out and the Guise of Baphomet icon.png Guise of Baphomet and Ghostpaper icon.png Ghostpaper have been made available in the His Majesty's Stall.


Darkness Friday

A myerstious vendor Stall was opened in the Providence Harbor. It sold a variety of rare goods such as Iron Pyrite icon.png Iron Pyrite. A {{i|Tall Tophat}]s was given out to the first in line, and a Flag of Salem icon.png Flag of Salem was given to all those who participated.


Cozy Blanket icon.png Cozy Blankets and Flag of Thanksgiving icon.png Flag of Thanksgivings have been given out during past Thanksgiving events.



Xmas Gifts

Year Cookie Normal Present Gifts Nice Present Gifts Naughty Present Gifts
2014 2014 Xmas Cookie icon.png 2014 Xmas Cookie 2014 Xmas Present icon.png 2014 Xmas Present 2014 Nice Present icon.png 2014 Nice Present 2014 Naughty Present icon.png 2014 Naughty Present Large Lump of Coal icon.png Large Lump of Coal
2015 2015 Xmas Cookie icon.png 2015 Xmas Cookie 2015 Xmas Present icon.png 2015 Xmas Present 2015 Nice Present icon.png 2015 Nice Present 2015 Naughty Present icon.png 2015 Naughty Present Soap on a Rope icon.png Soap on a Rope
2016 2016 Xmas Cookie icon.png 2016 Xmas Cookie 2016 Xmas Present icon.png 2016 Xmas Present 2016 Nice Present icon.png 2016 Nice Present 2016 Naughty Present icon.png 2016 Naughty Present
2017 2017 Xmas Cookie icon.png 2017 Xmas Cookie 2017 Nice Present icon.png 2017 Nice Present 2017 Naughty Present icon.png 2017 Naughty Present
2018 2018 Xmas Cookie icon.png 2018 Xmas Cookie
2021 2021 Xmas Present icon.png 2021 Xmas Present

During Xmas festivities Snowball icon.png Snowballs can be found in Providence, some of which when gathered may out to be Marp's Snowball icon.png Marp's Snowballs, and Flag of Christmas icon.png Flag of Christmass may be purchased in town. In 2017 Christmas Sweater icon.png Christmas Sweaters were handed our and Yule Log icon.png Yule Logs could be obtained by chance when Chopping wood. Some pilgrims were able to craft Winter Wicked Man icon.png Winter Wicked Man mask.