Sharpened Stick

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Sharpened Stick icon.png Sharpened Stick
Skill(s) required:
Object(s) required:
Weight: 0.28
Required by: Objects
Difficulty: 0 to 10
Proficiency Type:
When Slotted:
1 Blunt Power
1 Impact Power
3 Piercing Power


A Sharpened Stick icon.png Sharpened Stick can be used to pry open an Oyster icon.png Oyster or Smoked Oyster icon.png Smoked Oyster by selecting the Sharpened Stick and righting-clicking it on the Oyster. Whittling a Sharpened Stick on a Whittler's Bench icon.png Whittler's Bench removes a small amount of Insanity

Game Menu
Craft (C) ⇒Processing & Materials (P) ⇒Sharpened Stick (R)