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The Trade Order system was introduced to the game with patch V.1.4 on Nov 06, 2017.


His Majesty has recently had a need for some obscure items more commonly found in the new world. Being the master of supply and demand that he is he has decided to task the collection of these items on Salemites and promises unlimited power, neverending wealth, and plenty of luck to all who assist him. The first 10 tasks given will yield small amounts of silver and will be a test to insure that he is only working with the most dedicated of the bunch. Once a player completes the entry tasks then a Trade Order from his Majesty is then randomized ranging in both difficulty and scaled appropriately by how many Majesty IOU's a player may get. Trade orders can be traded amongst each other, may be filled with items and turned in by any player, and can be pulled down twice a day regardless of if you have completed the last one. His Majesty stall will begin filling with rewards but any items found on his stall may only be redeemable via the IOU's generated through this system. - by John Carver (Nov 06, 2017)


To receive an order, you need to right-click on the NPC standing next to the order stand in Providence:


You will then receive a parchment that contains the description of the order (this example shows the first test trade order):


The rewards you can receive by exchanging your IOU's are currently the following:


Order types

The parchment has a different shape depending on the order type. Orders can be short (easy), medium or long (hard) depending on the amount of materials required to fulfill them.

Trade Order types







Test Trade Orders

There are 11 test trade orders the player needs to complete to unlock orders that give IOUs. Test trade orders are rewarded by a small amount of silver. They are handed out in this order:

20 berries
8 reeds
4 broken boughs
6 granite
5 strawmen
12 squirrels
20 nuts
12 flowers
1 seaweed mask
2 leeches
1 crucifix, 1 sharpened stick, 4 wild garlics

Examples of Trade Orders

If you wish to contribute with screenshots/information about trade orders, please post on this forum thread [1].

Order Name Order Image Requirements Type Given IOU's
Peasant Traditions
Pumpkin icon.png Pumpkin x8, Butcher Knife icon.png Butcher Knife x1 Alt text  ?
Fine Beaver Teeth icon.png Fine Beaver Teeth x1 Alt text 1
Horseshoe Crab icon.png Horseshoe Crab x4 Alt text 1
Rotten Fruit
Rotten Fruit icon.png Rotten Fruit x10 Alt text 1
Snake Oil
Dead Timber Rattler icon.png Dead Timber Rattler x1 Alt text 1
Sun Tan
Brain icon.png Brain x5 Alt text 1
Potato Eyes
Potato Eyes.png
Fibre icon.png Fibre x2, Brown Potato icon.png Brown Potato x1, Yellow Potato icon.png Yellow Potato x1 Alt text  ???
Food Pyramid
Curious Cabbage icon.png Curious Cabbage x2, Curious Potato icon.png Curious Potato x3, Curious Indian Corn icon.png Curious Indian Corn x1 Alt text 4
Night Light
Windborne Kite icon.png Windborne Kite x1, Amber Coarse-Grain Thread icon.png Amber Coarse-Grain Thread x3, Salamander icon.png Salamander x1 Alt text 3
Pectin Bath
Any Pectin icon.png Any Pectin x30 Alt text 2
Mothers Day
Starburst-Cut Rubellite icon.png Starburst-Cut Rubellite x1, Spring Beauty icon.png Spring Beauty x6, Shooting Star icon.png Shooting Star x6, Alt text 4
Secret Prophets
Rattle Rattler icon.png Rattle Rattler x1, Rock Maracas icon.png Rock Maracas x1, Cricket Violin icon.png Cricket Violin x1, Grass Whistle icon.png Grass Whistle x1 Alt text 4
Squirrel Monster
Eagle Feather icon.png Eagle Feather x1, Frosted web icon.png Frosted web x1, Branch icon.png Branch x5 Alt text 4
Ice Breaking
Shard of Ice icon.png Shard of Ice x20 Alt text 3
Fruit Hat
Apple icon.png Apple x2, Pear icon.png Pear x2, Peach icon.png Peach x2, Plum icon.png Plum x2, Cherry icon.png Cherry x2 Alt text 3
Heart Sleeve
Turkey Heart icon.png Turkey Heart x1, Cotton Shirt icon.png Cotton Shirt x1, Serrated Grimthorn icon.png Serrated Grimthorn x4 Alt text 2
Lightning Rods
Bar of Pig Iron icon.png Bar of Pig Iron x12, Alt text 2
Prince Flutter
Hay icon.png Hay x4, Deer Hoof icon.png Deer Hoof x4, Dried Beaver Pelt icon.png Dried Beaver Pelt x1, Seashell buttons icon.png Seashell buttons x1, Alt text 3
Bunny Slippers
Rabbit Skin icon.png Rabbit Skin x2, Dried Long Ear icon.png Dried Long Ear x4, Fluffy Stuffing icon.png Fluffy Stuffing x7 Alt text 3
Spa Day
Spa Day.png
Clay icon.png Clay x5, Smooth Stone icon.png Smooth Stone x5, Coarse Salt icon.png Coarse Salt x1, Waxen Candle icon.png Waxen Candle x1 Alt text 2
Spanish Sabre icon.png Spanish Sabre x1, Skullpin icon.png Skullpin x1, Fish Hook icon.png Fish Hook x1, Knotted Wood Block icon.png Knotted Wood Block x1 Alt text 3
Back to School
Back to School.png
Apple icon.png Apple x1, Book icon.png Book x1, Quill icon.png Quill x1, Backpack icon.png Backpack x1 Alt text 4
Butterfly Glider
Butterfly Glider.png
Any Butterfly icon.png Any Butterfly x125, Wooden Handle icon.png Wooden Handle x1, Fibre icon.png Fibre x8 Alt text 2
Sourdough Starter icon.png Sourdough Starter x10, Turkey Egg icon.png Turkey Egg x20, Molasses icon.png Molasses x5 Alt text  ???
Honey Tax
Honeycomb icon.png Honeycomb x101 Alt text 4
Trick or Treat
Trick or Treat.png
Pirate Captain's Coat icon.png Pirate Captain's Coat x1, Connecticut Field Masque icon.png Connecticut Field Masque x1, Candy Basket icon.png Candy Basket x1 Alt text  ???
Shroom Trip
Shroom Trip.png
Yellow Morel icon.png Yellow Morel x30, Witch's Hat icon.png Witch's Hat x30, Lavender Blewit icon.png Lavender Blewit x30, Sugar Caps icon.png Sugar Caps x30, Lobster Mushroom icon.png Lobster Mushroom x30 Alt text 2
Indoor Beach
Indoor Beach.png
Windchimes icon.png Windchimes x1, Sand Inspirational icon.png Sand Inspirational x25, Woven Reeds icon.png Woven Reeds x10 Alt text 2
Cod Piece
Cod Piece.png
Rope icon.png Rope x1, Cape Codfish icon.png Cape Codfish x1 Alt text 2
Turkey Circus
Turkey Circus.png
Turkey Poult icon.png Turkey Poult x3, Keyring icon.png Keyring x1, Wild Whip icon.png Wild Whip x1 Alt text 3
Pied Piper
Pied Piper.png
Dead Rat icon.png Dead Rat x20, Tobacco Pipe icon.png Tobacco Pipe x1, Shepherds Pie icon.png Shepherds Pie x1 Alt text 4
Painted Feathers icon.png Painted Feathers x2, Bear Skin icon.png Bear Skin x1, Wooden Handle icon.png Wooden Handle x1, Jackalope Antlers icon.png Jackalope Antlers x1, Steer Skull icon.png Steer Skull x1, Silk Cloth icon.png Silk Cloth x5 Alt text  ???
Alchemists Robes icon.png Alchemists Robes x1, Alchemist's Hat icon.png Alchemist's Hat x1, Bar of Pig Iron icon.png Bar of Pig Iron x1 Alt text 11
Golden Egg
Golden Egg icon.png Golden Egg x1, Branch icon.png Branch x50, Fibre icon.png Fibre x5 Alt text 5
Y Men
Knife Blade icon.png Knife Blade x6, Maiden Corset icon.png Maiden Corset x1, Yellow Dye icon.png Yellow Dye x1, Black Dye icon.png Black Dye x1 Alt text 7
Big Buckle
Silver Buckle icon.png Silver Buckle x1, Glass Pane icon.png Glass Pane x4, Silver Bar icon.png Silver Bar x4 Alt text 5
Ink Blots
Baby Squid icon.png Baby Squid x1, Paper icon.png Paper x4 Alt text 5
Bone Art
Fish Skeleton icon.png Fish Skeleton x7, Bone icon.png Bone x4, Bat Wing icon.png Bat Wing x2, Whispering Snake Skull icon.png Whispering Snake Skull x1, Steer Skull icon.png Steer Skull x1 Alt text 10
Rainbow Scales icon.png Rainbow Scales x5, Shell Bikini icon.png Shell Bikini x1, Seaweed icon.png Seaweed x10, Mermaid's Purse icon.png Mermaid's Purse x1 Alt text 5
Big Cheese
Big Cheese.png
Spring icon.png Spring x1, Dry Board icon.png Dry Board x4, Unknown Item icon.png Wheel of Cheddar x1 Alt text  ???
Two Brains
Two Brains.png
Brain icon.png Brain x2, Alt text 1
Two Ferns
Two Ferns.png
Fern icon.png Fern x2, Unburnt Clay Pot icon.png Unburnt Clay Pot x2 Alt text 1
Lucky Coin
Lucky Coin.png
Rusty Coin icon.png Rusty Coin x20, Alt text  ?
Bee Torture
Bee Torture.png
Drone Bee icon.png Drone Bee x3, Alt text 1
Tobacco Demand
Tobacco Demand.PNG
Dried Broad-Leaf Tobacco icon.png Dried Broad-Leaf Tobacco x1, Dried Bright-Leaf Tobacco icon.png Dried Bright-Leaf Tobacco x1, Dried Shade-Leaf Tobacco icon.png Dried Shade-Leaf Tobacco x1, Dried Gold-Leaf Tobacco icon.png Dried Gold-Leaf Tobacco x1, Cob Pipe icon.png Cob Pipe x1, Alt text 5