Bar of Pig Iron

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Bar of Pig Iron icon.png Bar of Pig Iron
Skill(s) required:
Object(s) required:
Weight: 5.00
Required by: Objects


A Bar of Pig Iron icon.png Bar of Pig Iron is received when successfully Smelting Iron Ore icon.png Iron Ore in an Ore Smelter icon.png Ore Smelter. A Bar of Pig Iron counts as a both Unknown Item icon.png Any Iron Bar and a Bar of Any Metal icon.png Bar of Any Metal in recipes. A Bar of Pig Iron can be stored in a Stockbin icon.png Stockbin.

Iron Purity

The Purity of a Bar of Pig Iron icon.png Bar of Pig Iron comes from the Iron Ore Boulder icon.png Iron Ore Boulder the Iron Ore icon.png Iron Ore used to make it, was Chipped from. Iron Ore Boulders' get their Purity from a combination of Mine Level, distance from the ramp, and chance. Iron Purity will transfer directly onto Fish Hook icon.png Fish Hooks, Knife Blade icon.png Knife Blades, or any Wrought Iron Bar icon.png Wrought Iron Bars made from it.


The amount Ore Metal Bars produced in your Ore Smelter icon.png Ore Smelter is based partially on chance but mostly influenced by the Ore/Lime ratio and your Alloying Artifact Bonus. Currently, the best Ore/Lime ratio is 13x Lime icon.png Lime and 12x Any Ore icon.png Any Ore of one type. To smelt place your Lime and Ore in a lit Ore Smelter. After about 40 minutes 1x, or rarely 2x, of your Ores will be replaced with a corresponding Ore Metal Bar and the rest of your Ore will have become Dross icon.png Dross. Each time a Dross is produced there is a chance for it become A Face in the Dross icon.png A Face in the Dross instead. Using a Little Limestone icon.png Little Limestone in place of one of your Limes may also increase the number of Metal Bars that are created.