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Rope icon.png Rope
Skill(s) required:
Object(s) required:
Weight: 0.30


A Rope icon.png Rope can be equipped to the left or right hand slot and is used to Climb and wrangle Domesticated Animals.

Wrangling Animals

Wrangling a Domesticated Animal allows you to lead them around, bring them into Buildings, and Fast Travel with them. To wrangle a Domesticated Animal select a Rope icon.png Rope and right-click it onto the baby or adult Domesticated Animal you wish to wrangle. This will cause you to walk over to them. Once you reach that animal you can move your Rope directly into either of your hand slots. You can test if it worked by walking away and checking that they follow. To release the animal, move your Rope out of your hand slot and into your Inventory. Using 2x Ropes, one in each hand, will allow you to wrangle two different animals at the same time. The Wrangling Skill is NOT required to wrangle Domesticated Animals.

Shoo!ing Animals

Domesticated Animals which are NOT being lead can be right-clicked to Shoo! them. This will cause them to walk a little bit away from you. This can be useful when needing to clear a path through your animals.


Throughout the New World there are areas where the elevation jumps sharply, creating a cliff. Standing beneath a cliff and clicking the top will cause you to Climb up, and standing at the top of a cliff and clicking the bottom will cause you to climb down. Selecting your Climbing Mode determines the speed you climb, how likely you are to fall, how much Blood damage you will take if you do fall, and how high you can free climb without equipping a Rope icon.png Rope. Increasing Mines & Mountains icon.png Mines & Mountains will also reduce your risk of falling and the damage you take when you do fall.

Skill Climbing Mode Speed Risk Fall Damage Rope Required At
Inherent Rights icon.png Inherent Rights Afraid of Heights icon.png Afraid of Heights Default Default Default 2 meters
Hiking icon.png Hiking Afraid of Heights icon.png Afraid of Heights Default Default Default 3 meters
Hill Climbing icon.png Hill Climbing Slow and Steady icon.png Slow and Steady 2 x faster 2 x more 2 x more 4 meters
Mountaineering icon.png Mountaineering Rough and Tumble icon.png Rough and Tumble 3 x faster 5 x more 3 x more 6 meters
Ascent to the Summit icon.png Ascent to the Summit Geronimo! icon.png Geronimo! 4 x faster 10 x more 4 x more 8 meters

NOTE: Climbing speed, risk, and damage are relative to the Afraid of Heights Climbing Mode.

Game Menu
Craft (C) ⇒Tools (T) ⇒Miscellaneous Tools (M) ⇒Rope (R)