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This article is Legacy content. Providence used to be the main hub of the new world before February 29th, 2024. It is now only accessible to older players.

Bear icon.png Bear
Switch to New Haven
Where found:
Skill required: Big Game Hunting
Blood (health): 150
Liftable or Inventory?: Liftable
NOTE: Items and quantities depend upon skills known.
Item(s) gained:
Rare item(s):


A Bear icon.png Bear is an aggressive Creature which, during Everbloom icon.png Everblooms, can be most commonly found in the Autumnal icon.png Autumnal and Coniferous icon.png Coniferous biomes as well as being 4x times more likely to spawn on Game Trail icon.png Game Trails. Bear hibernate during a Coldsnap icon.png Coldsnap and therefore cannot be found.

Combat Behavior

Attack Blood Damage Effects
Bite icon.png Bite 3 Fear icon.png FearReel icon.png Reel
Claw icon.png Claw 37 Bleed icon.png BleedFear icon.png FearReel icon.png Reel
Stomp icon.png Stomp 3 Fracture icon.png FractureReel icon.png ReelStunned icon.png Stunned
Roar icon.png Roar 0 Fear icon.png Fear

Bears are aggressive; they will attack any pilgrim who wanders too close. Additionally Bears will occasionally Roar icon.png Roar which will aggro all nearby Creatures and pilgrims. If aggroed by a Bear while riding a Giant Cricket icon.png Giant Cricket this will automatically dismount you. Roar instills a significant amount of Fear icon.png Fear which drains Black Bile. A Bear will also Roar whenever it is not close enough to land other attacks, so when fighting a Bear is it best to stay nearby rather than backing off and allowing a Bear the chance to Roar.

All physical attack from a Bear will add Reel icon.png Reel which causes subsequent attacks to deal additional damage until the Reel wears off. {i|Bite}} is a Bear's main attack. A Bear's secondary attack is its Claw icon.png Claws which will causes attackers to Bleed icon.png Bleed while instilling more Fear. A Bear's Stomp icon.png Stomp will cause all attackers close by to become briefly Stunned icon.png Stunned. Stomp has a channel time where the Bear will stand up on its hind legs before crashing back down, so you can briefly back off to avoid this attack. When a Stomp lands there is a small chance that it will Fracture icon.png Fracture bones. Bears are immune to Venom Dart icon.png Venom Darts.


A Bear carcass will Decay in about 2 days. With the Hideworking Skill learned, Skinning a Bear will yield 1x Raw Bear Skin icon.png Raw Bear Skin. NOTE: It is important to Skin the carcass first, otherwise the Butchering will ruin the Hide.

With all relevant Butchering Skills learned, Butchering a Bear will always yield:

With the Boneworks Skill learned, Deboning a Bear will yield:

There is a chance to get various rare items from Butchering. This chance is much higher with the Viscera & Bits Skill learned.