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Flora & Fauna icon.png Flora & Fauna is one of the Proficiencies used to acquire the Skills needed to survive in the New World. Additionally the higher a pilgrim's Flora & Fauna the the slower their Any Bait icon.png Any Bait, Fishing Pole icon.png Fishing Poles, and Makeshift Fishing Rod icon.png Makeshift Fishing Rods will wear out, and the higher a pilgrim's Flora & Fauna the more likely planted Bush icon.png Bushes, Fruit Tree icon.png Fruit Trees, Nut Tree icon.png Nut Trees, and Tree icon.png Trees are to sprout. Flora & Fauna can be gained by Studying Inspirationals, doing Passive Flora & Fauna activities, or by chance when Wishing for Wisdom on a Wonderful Whimsical Wish icon.png Wonderful Whimsical Wish.

Passive Flora & Fauna Activities:

Activity Gain
Feeding a Domesticated Animal a treat. 4
Cracking a Any Poultry Egg icon.png Any Poultry Egg. 5
Gathering a Honeycomb icon.png Honeycomb from a Bee Skep icon.png Bee Skep. 10
Plucking a Dead Turkey icon.png Dead Turkey or Dead Wild Turkey icon.png Dead Wild Turkey. 15
Curing a Domesticated Animal of Disease icon.png Diseases . 15
Playing with baby Domesticated Animals. 20

Skills which require Flora & Fauna

 Requires Flora & Fauna
Cattle Ranching14,800
Bioluminescent Applications14,000
Nut Orchards11,500
Goat Rearing11,200
Advanced Husbandry10,800
Fine Leathercraft10,500
Sheep Herding8,800
Pig Keeping7,500
Cheese Making7,200
Illicit Pharmacognosy6,700
Plantation Management6,200
Turkey Farming4,250
Long Distance Swimming4,200
Monster Hunting4,000
French Cuisine3,600
Maize Planting3,000
Shellfish Trapping2,900
Frigid Journeys2,700
Humble Abodes2,500
Green Thumb2,400
Butcher's Thrift2,400
Ascent to the Summit2,000
Potato Growing1,850
Beaver Skinning1,750
Slug Hunting1,675
Big Game Hunting1,600
Mushroom Hunting1,475
Nuts & Seeds1,325
Acute Tree Harvesting1,175
Flowers & Berries1,050
Hill Climbing900
Bark Gathering825
French Tickler650
Colonial Tradesmanship600
Indian Tracking500
... further results

Inspirationals that give Flora & Fauna

 Gives Flora & FaunaEff FFuses
Cow Udder3,9250.4513
Pink Peony3,7000.5071
Royal Jelly3,6800.4731
Turkey Liver3,2500.4823
Cracked Bone3,0000.4321
Hornet Nest3,0000.510
Shellback Rattle2,8500.2663
Clawed Talon2,7500.3962
Serpent Charm2,7500.4192
White Daffodil2,7000.5291
Laced Porcupine Spines2,6250.2591
Porcupine Spines2,6250.3581
Bee Team2,6000.4195
Colorful Autumn Leaf2,5000.277
Brilliant Honey-Dew2,5000.277
Sand Dollar2,5000.277
Stalker Charm2,4500.2741
Purple Nightlight2,3400.5275
Caterpillar in a Jar2,3250.3814
Pig Snout2,3000.371
Majestic Tail-Feather of Turkey2,0000.271
Bunny Darko2,0000.2291
Lamb of Tartary1,9000.232
Savage Charm1,7500.2561
Yellow Daffodil1,7000.2451
Delphic Bee1,6800.3591
Cricket Violin1,5000.1251
Wild Oats1,5000.31
Traces of the Lost Colony1,5000.1431
Stringy Sinew1,5000.2631
Animal Crackers1,4500.2083
Deer Hoof1,4000.2021
Rainbow Scales1,3500.2864
Decomposed Bird Skeleton1,3000.3361
Wee Menagerie1,3000.223
Funny Foam1,2500.1971
The Elusive Last Bone1,2500.1851
Toe of Toad1,2000.2042
Green Man's Mask1,2000.2873
Rattle Rattler1,2000.241
Cricket Team1,2000.1855
Hunting Trophy1,2000.1786
Omen of Sloth1,00011
Sticky Tongue1,0000.1821
Lumberwood Bonsai1,0000.1338
Fishing Trophy1,0000.1286
Aspen Masque1,0000.2351
Red Firefly9900.5384
Frog Mask9500.381
Dried Long Ear9500.2421
Hand Turkey9250.2312
Bug in a Blanket9150.3681
Les Fleurs du Mal9000.145
Cougar Claw9000.1371
Squirrel Stash8800.2311
Wild Columbine8300.2011
Jackalope Antlers8000.2251
Mineralogical Survey8000.121
Acorn Indian8000.23
Yellow Lightningbug7800.3683
Earthworm Python7800.1741
Twig N' Berries7450.2372
Spring Beauty7350.1831
Dead Rat7000.3331
Dead Wartbite Cricket7000.3041
Sunny Sunflower7000.121
Turks Cap6800.1731
Green Man's Leavings6500.2255
Leafy Leftovers6500.3393
Perfect Autumn Leaf6500.1181
Cactus Cat6500.213
Flaming Pinecone6350.2474
Fungus Amungus6250.2684
Trout Lily6250.1551
Aged Driftwood6000.1261
A Taste of Autumn5750.1612
Shell Fragments5700.2431
Green Glowworm5600.3372
Abandoned Cobweb5500.1581
Stuffed Rabbit5500.1363
Eagle Feather5100.1771
Wild Garlic5000.2451
Fickle Frozen Frost Flower4500.2751
A Taste of The New World4500.2053
Salamander Tail4500.3331
Smooth Stone4400.1861
Partially Deformed Caterpillar4200.3781
Red Peony4000.0871
Toe of Frog4000.2042
Oyster Shell4000.08121
Beautiful Seashell4000.08121
Horseshoe Crab4000.1341
Broken Bough3750.1341
Forked Tongue3700.1461
Wartbite-Cricket Mask3500.1011
Captivating Flame3500.2223
Stray Chestnut3500.2041
Star Jelly3500.4641
Dried Starfish3100.1561
Crow Feather3100.1751
Grass Whistle3000.1323
Lumberwood Figurine2750.1292
Fish Skeleton2500.4351
Petite Petal2500.3821
Rock Maracas2500.1562
Bat Fang2400.221
Frosted Web2000.06451
Maple Mustache Masque2000.1991
Rocking Horse2000.22215
Meat Shreds1500.2521
Woven Reeds1400.131
Wood Choppings500.07631