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Dairymaid icon.png Dairymaid
"Allows for milk extraction and cooking dairy-releated recipes."
Skill(s) required:
Proficiencies required:
11500 Flora & Fauna icon.png Flora & Fauna
4000 Law & Lore icon.png Law & Lore
5500 Sugar & Spice icon.png Sugar & Spice
Skills Unlocked:
Crafts Unlocked:
Builds Unlocked:
Others Unlocked:

In-Game Text

"Milk the cow which standeth still"

- Proverb

It is not by nature that Pilgrims learn the art of husbandry, but rather through toil and experience. Thus those who spend enough time in the company of cattle learn the finer points of willing milk from the teat and using the nurturing substance in everyday life! Dairy Maid allows for milk extraction and cooking dairy-releated recipes.


With the Dairymaid Skill unlocked Milk icon.png Milk can be collected from Heifers (female Cow icon.png Cows) or Does (female Goat icon.png Goats). How often a Cow or Goat can be Milked is determined by its Productivity Stat--the higher the Productivity the more Milk you will be able to collect. When Milking Cows or Goats, make sure you have an empty Vessel or one already already containing Milk is in your Inventory. Disease icon.png Diseased Cows and Goats can NOT be Milked.

Domesticated Animal Skills

Skill Benefit
Turkey Farming icon.png Turkey Farming Helps in the Raising of Turkey icon.png Turkeys.
Veterinarian icon.png Veterinarian Needed to treat animal Disease icon.png Disease.
Pig Keeping icon.png Pig Keeping Helps in the Raising of Pig icon.png Pigs.
Sheep Herding icon.png Sheep Herding Helps in the Raising of Sheep icon.png Sheep.
Wrangling icon.png Wrangling More options to Wrangle animals.
Goat Rearing icon.png Goat Rearing Helps in the Raising of Goat icon.png Goats.
Dairymaid icon.png Dairymaid. Gives option to Milk icon.png Milk animals.
Cattle Ranching icon.png Cattle Ranching Helps in the Raising of Cow icon.png Cows
Advanced Husbandry icon.png Advanced Husbandry Opens up advanced ways to take care of animals.