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Wrangling icon.png Wrangling
"Players may now Wrangle each other (and animals)."
Skill(s) required:
Proficiencies required:
5100 Cloak & Dagger icon.png Cloak & Dagger
8100 Flora & Fauna icon.png Flora & Fauna
6249 Thread & Needle icon.png Thread & Needle
Skills Unlocked:
Crafts Unlocked:
Builds Unlocked:
Others Unlocked:

In-Game Text


Fight or Flight. The decision that is made before all encounters. In the lands of Salem flight is all too common, and as such the expert wrangler has learned to utilize a lasso for such occurrences.

Wrangling Animals

Wrangling a Domesticated Animal allows you to lead them around, bring them into Buildings, and Fast Travel with them. To wrangle a Domesticated Animal select a Rope icon.png Rope and right-click it onto the baby or adult Domesticated Animal you wish to wrangle. This will cause you to walk over to them. Once you reach that animal you can move your Rope directly into either of your hand slots. You can test if it worked by walking away and checking that they follow. To release the animal, move your Rope out of your hand slot and into your Inventory. Using 2x Ropes, one in each hand, will allow you to wrangle two different animals at the same time. The Wrangling Skill is NOT required to wrangle Domesticated Animals.

Shoo!ing Animals

Domesticated Animals which are NOT being lead can be right-clicked to Shoo! them. This will cause them to walk a little bit away from you. This can be useful when needing to clear a path through your animals.

Domesticated Animal Skills

Skill Benefit
Turkey Farming icon.png Turkey Farming Helps in the Raising of Turkey icon.png Turkeys.
Veterinarian icon.png Veterinarian Needed to treat animal Disease icon.png Disease.
Unknown Item icon.png Horse Riding Ability to ride Horse icon.png Horses.
Pig Keeping icon.png Pig Keeping Helps in the Raising of Pig icon.png Pigs.
Sheep Herding icon.png Sheep Herding Helps in the Raising of Sheep icon.png Sheep.
Wrangling icon.png Wrangling More options to Wrangle animals.
Goat Rearing icon.png Goat Rearing Helps in the Raising of Goat icon.png Goats.
Unknown Item icon.png Dressage Advanced ways to take care of Horse icon.png Horses.
Dairymaid icon.png Dairymaid. Gives option to Milk icon.png Milk animals.
Cattle Ranching icon.png Cattle Ranching Helps in the Raising of Cow icon.png Cows
Advanced Husbandry icon.png Advanced Husbandry Opens up advanced ways to take care of animals.
Unknown Item icon.png ??? Even more advanced ways to take care of Horse icon.png Horses.