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First Exploration Events were added in [Patch 1.2]. A sound is played once you spot an object of an event, making it a bit easier to not miss stumbling on to it.

Idea behind the Events

John Carver:
"There are now dozens of new items in the game related to special events you can find in the wilderness. Finding these strange, wondrous, or sometimes spooky structures and discovering what they mean is something we're going to leave up to you! This mechanic will most likely need a lot of balance and tweaking that will require use on a large-scale vs. our test server environment. As it stands at launch each season a random number of exploration events will be seeded throughout the world. On Popham that number will be closer to 100 and on Providence that number will be closer to 1,000. The hope is that on each turn of the season the Pilgrims will feel an incentive to leave their base and get out exploring."

How many events

John Carver: "We will be launching this patch (1.2) with (5) different exploration events but will be making an effort to push a handful of new ones in subsequent patches."

Where and when they spawn

  • Events do not spawn on either a town, pclaim, or the starting town. They appear when the season changes and they will remain on the map until a player has collected the related items.

Known Events


The Obsidian.

You'll need to make a flint axe to chip it, if you don't have an axe/pickaxe on you already.
You receive Obsidian icon.png Obsidians.

Eagle Nest

The Eagle Nest.

You have to cut down the tree with the nest, then you can rummage the nest for Eagle Feather icon.png Eagle Feathers and Eagle Egg icon.png Eagle Eggs. The tree will turn into an Old Log and a Stump.

Wrecked Caravan

Wrecked Caravan

You must destroy the wagons to get Pepper icon.png Pepper and Sugar icon.png Sugar.

Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House

Provides Candies.

Dead Whale

Dead Whale

The whale can be butchered to provide Blubber icon.png blubber and Whale Bone icon.png Whale Bones.



You can collect gold from the pot at the end of the rainbow to receive Golden Egg icon.png Golden Eggs.

Frozen Mammoth

5 Mammoth Flesh and 2 Mammoth Tusks can be collected after using a fire-lighting object onto the Mammoth.

Wishing Well

It looks like an ordinary well but you can right-click silver on it. After a small amount of silver (50-100s), you will receive a Whimsical Wish in your inventory. You can right-click it and wish for wealth, wisdom or luck.

A traveling merchant

A traveling merchant who frequently herds animals for Darwoth accross great distances has mysteriously disappeared, as such small packs of baby animals can be occasionally found in an autumnal forest.

How much ? between 1 and 5 (random Piglet icon.png Piglet Lamb icon.png Lamb Kid icon.png Kid Calf icon.png Calf)
Required: Rope icon.png Rope or Lasso icon.png Lasso for catching animals [pick Rope icon.png Rope or Lasso icon.png Lasso and click RMB + take in your hand]



A Tree with a Hanging Body. Seeing this will increase insanity.