Abandoned Bird's Nest

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Abandoned Bird's Nest icon.png Abandoned Bird's Nest
Skill(s) required:
Object(s) required:
Weight: 0.12

Flavor Text

Muscles aching from hard days of harder labor, waiting and longing for the rain.


An Abandoned Bird's Nest icon.png Abandoned Bird's Nest can be found by chance on the ground near you when Chopping down any Tree icon.png Tree. Right-clicking on an Abandoned Bird's Nest and selecting "Rummage" will tear it open so you can see what is inside.

Rummaging Finds

An Abandoned Bird's Nest will take on the Purity of the Tree it came from and will transfer that Purity onto all the items found inside it when Rummaged.

Item Rarity
Autumn Grass icon.png Autumn Grass Common
Branch icon.png Branch Common
Common Earthworm icon.png Common Earthworm Uncommon
Decomposed Bird Skeleton icon.png Decomposed Bird Skeleton Uncommon
Decorative Lace icon.png Decorative Lace Rare
Hay icon.png Hay Common
Milkweed Roots icon.png Milkweed Roots Common
Sparrow Eggs icon.png Sparrow Eggs Common
Willow Switch icon.png Willow Switch Rare