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While Salem is in a state of perpetual Autumn, this does not make it immune to shifts in the weather, which are generally called Seasons.


The are three different Seasons in the New World, two natural and one summonable. Natural Seasons switch roughly week to week and have different effects on the animal and plants around you. Pilgrims with access to the Alchemy skill can build a Thermoscope icon.png Thermoscope to check the exact Temperature.

Season Type
Everbloom icon.png Everbloom Natural
Coldsnap icon.png Coldsnap Natural
Blood Moon icon.png Blood Moon Summonable

Animal Changes

Plant Changes

Other Changes

Blood Moon

WARNING: Pilgrims who are Knocked Out while Outside during a Blood Moon will Permanently Die!

The third season is the Blood Moon, rumored to be caused by Witchcraft casting their spells and plunging Salem into the horrors of the Blood Moon. The Blood Moon will fade after about a day, and can be followed by either a Coldsnap or an Everbloom. Praying on the Bench icon.png Benches in the Providence Church is rumored to reduce the time the Blood Moon lasts. Any pilgrims who are Knocked Out while outside, IE not inside a Building, during a Blood Moon will Permanently Die. It is advised that unless you are prepared to die, you should not to do do anything which may cause you to faint during a Blood Moon. Additionally Knocking Out another pilgrim while outside during a Blood Moon will leave Evidence Murder.png Murder Scents. NOTE: While being Knocked Out during a Blood Moon while inside a Mine Entrance icon.png Mine Entrance will NOT Permanently Kill you, be aware that getting Knocked Out from a Bat icon.png Bat can potentially cause you to be easily Knocked Out again after you respawn, then causing Permanent Death.