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WARNING: Players who faint during a Blood Moon will PERMANENTLY DIE, so don't do ANYTHING that will cause you to faint during a Blood Moon!


While Salem is in a state of perpetual Autumn, this does not make it immune to shifts in the weather.

There are three different seasons in Salem, two natural and one summonable. Each season will have several effects on the environment and switches from week to week.



  • Butterflies only spawn during an Everbloom.
  • Harvesting crops during an Everbloom yields 1.5 times the amount obtained during a Cold Snap.
  • Fruit Orchards will only yield fruit during an Everbloom.


Cold Snap


Blood Moon

The third season is the Blood Moon. Witches may cast their spells to plunge Salem into the horrors of the Blood Moon season. The Blood Moon will fade after a day, and can be followed by either a Cold Snap or an Everbloom. Praying in the Providence Church may reduce the time the Blood Moon lasts.

  • Being online at the moment a Blood Moon begins adds 2 madness levels worth of Insanity! Rate at which you accumulate Insanity is also much higher.
  • Fainting outdoors during a Blood Moon will cause your character to PERMANENTLY DIE.
  • Bleed effects are now magnified.
  • Sifting gives Blood Shards instead of Gems.
  • Arcane Amethyst can be found when chipping boulders.

Players are encouraged to do passive tasks or simply not play during a Blood Moon if they are not prepared to lose their character.

NOTE: Even if a KO inside a Mine won't permanently kill you during a Blood Moon, be aware that getting KO from a Bat can potentially KO you again after you respawn, causing permanent death.