Nut Tree

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Nut Tree icon.png Nut Tree
Skill(s) required:
Size: Varies (1x1)
Object(s) required: None
Needs lighting?: No
Liftable?: No
Repaired with: Can't be Repaired
Required by:
Required by: None

Nut Trees

Nut Tree icon.png Nut Trees are Tree icon.png Trees which can be picked to produce the corresponding Any Nuts icon.png Any Nuts. Nut Trees can be found in the wild, or, with the Skill Nut Orchards learned, a Nut can be planted in a Gardening Pot icon.png Gardening Pot to produced a Nut Tree. Right-clicking on a Nut Tree and selecting "Pick Nuts" will give you the corresponding Nut. Right-clicking a Nut Tree and selecting "Pick Branches" will give your Branch icon.png Branches and by chance, a Broken Bough icon.png Broken Bough instead. There is no limit to how many Branches can be collected from any one Tree, you will simply Pick until you reach your max Encumbrance, run out of Phlegm, or click away. With Any Axe icon.png Any Axe equipped, right-clicking on a Nut Tree and selecting "Chop" will Chop down the Nut Tree to produce a Log icon.png Log. Logs shatter into Woodblock icon.png Woodblocks when falling DIRECTLY onto structures. If you stand directly under a falling Log you will take Blood Damage. When Chopping down a Tree there is a chance to receive a Cross-Shaped Wood Splinter icon.png Cross-Shaped Wood Splinter or to find an Abandoned Bird's Nest icon.png Abandoned Bird's Nest below you. When a Tree is Chopped down it leaves a Tree Stump icon.png Tree Stump behind. Nut Trees will eventually regrow their resources in 23 to 60 hours.

WARNING: Nut Trees Chopped down in the Darkness icon.png Darkness have a chance to spawn a Lumberlord icon.png Lumberlord in its place.
CAUTION: Nut Trees planted on the Greenwood icon.png Greenwood Biome have a chance to become a Hangman Tree icon.png Hangman Tree when the Seasons change.
The captivating Chestnut.

Chestnut Tree

The humongous Hickory.

Hickory Tree

The Bush that count as a tree.

Myrtle Oak Tree

Gives Gives Gives
Rares Rares Rares
The stout Spruce.

Spruce Tree

The wayward Walnut.

Walnut Tree

Gives Gives
Rares Rares